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Sep. 17th, 2017 08:03 pm
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Hey guys, long story short this ended up being very bad timing for me to attempt a return to rp-land, so I'm going to withdraw for the moment and try to come back when life settles down....thanks so much to everyone who welcomed me and played with Parker <3 it's been a blast and I'm sorry to go, but hopefully it won't be for long ;; 

stay awesome <3 
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Hello Drifters! Apologies for the late intro, but I'm new to the game and looking forward to diving in!

My name is Koree, and I'll be bringing in Serah Farron from the FFXIII franchise. She's actually just been assigned to the Red Fish (so hello ship mates, however long or short term that proves to be for?). Her canon point is the tail end of the Lightning DLC (Requiem), so she comes with a heavy spoiler warning for the first two games. If anyone would like to avoid said spoilers, please let me know and I'll try my best!

I'm available via PM if anyone needs to reach me. Cheers!
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Ever since the Fleet began raising warnings about some vague, red-tinted, death-themed, horrible planetwide event that would befall the poor planet of Lyuku, natives have been a little touchier than usual. Most are skeptical, but a still significant number of them are not. While some of the wealthier families have the option to board a spaceship and go somewhere else for a while - and a few are doing just that, thanks - most people hearing about this Prophetic Dream of the End are just plain scared and not sure where to go or what to do.

Experts study the planet closer, to make sure they didn't overlook anything they should know. Astronomers look to the skies, checking and double-checking and re-checking every last detail for any hint of danger. Unfortunately... they find it, having just barely moved within a range they're capable of reading. It's coming in fast. And it isn't stopping.

On the night of the 16th, the usual bustling night-life on Lyuku pauses for the first time in ten thousand years. The merrymakers fall silent, the music grinds to a cacophonous halt, and everyone looks upward. There is a rapidly-moving shooting star across the sky, but the problem is that it shouldn’t be there. No one said anything about a comet passing this close. Consult all the palms and tea leaves you want, but the spirits are silent about this.

After a few hours, the authorities send out an announcement over all channels, playing on every communicator able to pick up the signal and the yelling in the streets:
People of Lyuku, and visitors from elsewhere-- everyone who revels in the Prince’s warmth and life, who lives and explores this beautiful planet… All of us are in danger. A large object from outside our solar system has been caught in our planet’s gravity and it is on a direct collision course with our world.

There is hope as long as we stick together. Gather your belongings and your loved ones and follow the directions of your local authorities at the landing areas. We will need to prepare the Eynewa Space Station, but we are able to accommodate everyone, and sustain them until we find refuge. Supplies and hands are needed. Evacuation begins now.

And on less official channels:
Oh my god. We’re going to fucking die here. Oh my fucking god. … fuck.

For all their technology, foresight, and fortune-telling-- they somehow missed the celestial object now hurtling toward their planet at a billion miles per hour. The only course available to the residents of Lyuku is to leave their planet behind.

→ September 16th: A giant meteor is spotted within range of Lyuku, and it is headed on a collision course. Evacuation begins immediately. A mingle post will go up shortly.
→ September 22nd: The meteor collides with Lyuku. There will be an IC post for this event.
→ September 28th: Atroma pulls away from the remnants of the Eyuzi system. Drift begins.

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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Serah Farron → SS Red Fish
Dorian Pavus → SS Blue Fish
Matthew Murdock → SS Bishop
Jacqli → SS Caprine
Justice → SS Caprine
Claire "Lightning" Farron → SS Tourist

Jon Snow -x- SS Caprine
Kai Gracen -x- SS Caprine
Signy Mallory -x- SS Wonderduck
Ardyn Izunia -x- SS Red Fish


Cogsworth → SS Wonderduck (captain) (promoted)

Kai Gracen -x- SS Caprine (first mate) (dropped)
Signy Mallory -x- SS Wonderduck (captain) (dropped)

Current Crew Roster
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Your ships now belong to Final Fantasy characters, clearly. This lovely lady is Claire/Éclair "Lightning" Farron from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. She will be taken from the end of the game so she is basically in the best place possible physically and emotionally. I know, I'm nice like that.

This is Riddle, by the way, and if you haven't added me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] tiger_eyes, please feel free to do so!
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Sorry guys but I'm letting Ardyn go home back to Eos. My life has become more busier with my recent promotion and other such things, so....I'm going to have to drop this guy. I'll still have my grumpy, angry Klingon guy Worf, so thanks for playing!


Sep. 12th, 2017 08:28 pm
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AYYYY YO I'm Egg I play Sorey ([personal profile] monolike), Aizawa ([personal profile] expellerhead) and Cloud ([personal profile] moseyin) bringing in my FOURTH!!! Because I hate to sleep apparently!!!!!!!!!!

This is Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil of the MCU/Netflix variety. He's more or less aware-ish of the Avengers due to the Incident in New York, but hasn't interacted with any of them personally. Right now he's from end of season 1 so he doesn't know any of the other Defenders yet, either! HE'S JUST STARTED OUT, A WEE NEW SUPERHERO


+1 mage

Sep. 12th, 2017 10:43 pm
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Hello, everyone! This is Frames (player of Bucky Barnes and Carl Grimes) bringing in a third character!

This is Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age Inquisition. He's a mage from a powerful family, who left his homeland because shit got crazy and joined the Inquisition in the fight against an even crazier darkspawn. He's snarky, full of wit, and has an opinion about almost everything. Coming into the Fleet, he's taken from before his final personal quest The Magister's Birthright. Questions or anything at all can be brought to my attention via this inbox or at [plurk.com profile] skorozima.
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Hello Fleet! I'm Smurf, and I'm a fresh member coming in with Justice.

Justice here is a literal spirit of justice, so that means he has a stick up his ass and he's awkward as hell. He will nag you about doing the right thing and ask questions about everything mortal-related. Have fun with that!

He's coming from a canon point where he's been possessing a literal rotting corpse, but for the sake of not forcing him to possess a new corpse every few weeks, he's leaving behind the corpse and existing without possession in the game. Unfortunately, he's gotten comfortable looking like a corpse, so he still looks pretty dead. Hey, at least no one has to deal with the smell anymore.

A lot of his powers can get info mod-y, so here is a permissions post for you to let me know what you're chill with and what you're not. If you'd like to plot with me, go ahead and friend me at [plurk.com profile] smurfsmuggler. I'm pumped to play with you all!
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Well hello, dear Fleet! It's Maggie, comin' at you with another character!

Meet "Jacqli" from the Ar Tonelico series!! She's a short, song-magic-powered nuke of a person, with a mean streak a mile wide. She's blunt, she doesn't like humans, and she thinks a lot of things are just plain dumb. ... Including clothes. ........ I'm really really sorry to anyone she ends up on a ship with. fsdklfjsl

no i'm not

She's coming from almost the very end of the 2nd game, meaning she's slightly less of a pill?? Slightly. She's also a CRAU from RealityShifted. Only really huge thing to mention in that regard is that she died in that game, and as a consequence, her blood has been replaced with a black substance with glittery-gold particles in it, like stardust in oily void. ... No, I'm not kidding. Make her bleed and find out for yourself! :Db

Looking forward to throwing her at all y'all!! Hit me up on [plurk.com profile] reveris if you wanna plot, or just talk! ♥
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Hi hi hello hi yo what's up yo. I'm Gavin, I played Clint Barton here before and I'm playing him here again now. He remembers most things from last time he was flooted, but he's from a later point in his canon - taken from early in The Secret Empire this time.

On plurk, I'm punandprofit but I don't know how to do the fancy plurk tag thing. Oops. What else? Oh, I posted on the IC side of things.

Go here if you want it.

There. That's that.


Sep. 10th, 2017 07:24 am
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Hey guys!

I'm going to be dropping from the game, which is dropping Kai here as well as Signy Mallory. I've really enjoyed the time and cr I've had in this game, but I think it's time for me to go.

Thanks for making it as fun as you all did.
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Hello, Fleeters! This is Lysoke (and Reiko by proxy) returning with Anders and Adalwolfe Hawke, respectively! Anders and Hawke are from Bioware's Dragon Age 2, although they're both coming in from an Inquisition canon-point and with their Drift Fleet memories from when they were here before a few months back.

For the canon-blind, Anders is a healer with a lot of innocent and not-so-innocent blood on his hands. He's got Very Strong Opinions about some things, but he won't hesitate to help people whenever he can. And for those who aren't canon-blind, but didn't know Anders from before, he no longer has his glowy blue friend with him thanks to previous in-game actions.

Hawke is the Champion of Kirkwall in his world state and a Diplo-charming Hawke, so he's here to solve your problems and kill you with kindness and then make you laugh on the side. His full world state and choices can be found in his journal ([personal profile] wolfehawke).

Reiko ([plurk.com profile] reikofanel) and I ([plurk.com profile] lysoke) can be found on plurk or through PM for any plotting/chatting needs and we can't wait to jump back into things!
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 Hey, Flooters! Mako here with my third character, Snow Villiers from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. So, for those that don't know, Snow used to be a nice guy with an easy smile and poor impulse control. Now, he's taken to listening to My Chemical Romance and hates life. I mean, his reasoning is pretty legit, but after 500 years of not aging and being in pain, I think his stance is pretty logical. For him, anyway.

So, if anyone wants to avoid spoilers for the XIII trilogy, let me know. He does have a permissions post here that has some videos of him in the last game for those of you who don't know.

Um, I can be reached on plurk at [plurk.com profile] makochan for plotting and things. Feel free to add me if you haven't already.
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Hey all! Akai here, apparently the queen of bad life choices, bringing you a 4th, Billy Kaplan AKA Wiccan of Marvel Comics, formerly of the Young Avengers. He's a snarky next-gen superteen, the born-through-sort-of-magic son of the Scarlet Witch.

Fair warning! He's a giant nerd and a walking superhero directory, so his capacity for 4th-walling is high. Generally my rule is to have him avoid letting on about the 4th walling and definitely won't reveal future stuff he might be aware of. Mostly it's easier to just avoid it entirely. ON THE OTHER HAND if you want to explore 4th walling shenanigans, I've made an OPT-IN permissions post.

If you want none of it, don't comment, and I won't ever bring it up. Simple as that! o7

There are certain heroics and details that he DOES know, namely his Marvel Comics cohorts, but he'll only know Avengers database-level intel relevant to his own universe and a few details about some other universes. ('sup, MCU, you're new but kinda familiar.)

anyway CARRY ON BUSINESS AS USUAL thank you for your time
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Last month's upgrades have been processed. The following changes to ships and personal augments will be effective immediately:

click here! )

These upgrades will be listed in each ship's tab on the ship status sheet soon. Let us know if you spot any errors!
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Clint "Hawkeye" Barton → SS Caprine
Adalwolfe Hawke → SS Red Fish
Anders → SS Bishop
Billy Kaplan/Wiccan → SS Blue Fish
Snow Villiers → SS Blue Fish
Alphinaud Leveilleur → SS Goldstone


Marian Hawke = SS Tourist → SS Heron



Current Crew Roster
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Hi guys! Saffy here with a completely unsurprising app. I've been wanting to play this guy for 2 years but I couldn't because I was already playing a similar character... lmao. This is Alphinaud Leveilleur (pronounced Alphy No) from Final Fantasy XIV, a.k.a. the MMO that failed hard and rose again. His twin sister has been here before but I'm not sure anyone remembers her; if so, your character is free to notice that they look exactly alike.

It's worth noting that as a major NPC he plays a very big part of the player character's story; this Alphinaud will be remembering the standard gold farmer male Hyur NPC as his Warrior of Light so no one feels left out. This may change, we'll see!

His canon point is the end of the first expansion, Heavensward. A lot of sadness happens in the story quests, so please let me know if you'd rather not be spoiled. Though until he makes friends I think he won't be talking about what happened much.

Lastly, his augment is Lab Support because he actually does a lot of healing later on in his canon.

As always, you can add me on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] fonfabre for plotting!
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(Or Spring Test Drive for you Southern Hemisphere folks!)

Got someone you want to try out before you app? Well this is the post for it! Feel free to use anything that fits in the setting of Drift Fleet! Want to play bumper shuttles? Want to go wild in a med bay? Play around with the current plot? Have at it!

Threads from the Test-Drive may be made game "canon" but DO NOT count toward AC!

FOR NEW PLAYERS: You DO NOT NEED an invite to participate in the TEST DRIVE! If you decide to APP into the game, ONLY THEN will you need an invite from a current player!

Helpful Info for Ideas!:
  • September's Star System
  • Game Details

    Test drives are posted SEASONALLY, so the next one will be in December!
  • padadin: (249)
    [personal profile] padadin


    or whatever you want to use it for, I'm not the boss of you
    or am I

    You know the deal, let's make some plans for the month! Using the form below, comment with your plans and then go around replying to other people. Make friends. Punch villains. Flirt with a candlestick. The sky is the limit!