Jan. 3rd, 2017

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A note to Leliana's CR that she's going to take a bit of a nap this week and come back with new memories as she'll be updated to the DA:I DLC - Tresspasser so she'll be aware of some more things in canon that the others don't know \o/ yay knowing the future AND she will be known as Divine Victoria so that'll be fun. (she'll just omit that part in her posts in the future :| Don't you dare say it Riona
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The Marsiva and the fleet are still in range of the December System for another week, but those keeping a watchful eye to the skies will notice something unusual deep within the nebula clouds.

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Good evening, Fleet! This is Alice, mun of Beverly and Misty, and I'd like to put out some feelers for you all about a proposed room for the Iskaulit. Kenkai - Riona's mun - and I have been discussing putting together a black box theater for the fleet, since both Beverly and Riona are super into theaters and plays. But we want this to be open to any characters who'd like to help, whether it's through being actors, writers, musicians, stagehands, painters - all the different roles that go into putting on plays. And of course it'd be open for other things as well, concerts and dance performances and the like. We'll put up an IC post soon too but for now this is to gauge interest - and to know who Beverly and Riona ought to be pestering!

So just comment here if your character would be interested in helping out with something like this! Thanks!