Jan. 22nd, 2017


Jan. 22nd, 2017 07:56 am
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Hey guys!

Just a quick heads up as everyone gets their fun repairs taken care of! My family that lives overseas and I haven't seen in nearly two years are visiting me from Jan 31st to Feb 27th!

While I'll be around and will continue with my back tags; to avoid the temptation of starting new threads Vash will be taking a nap. He'll just be toppling over while working on trying to get the Three Twins up and running again! He's obviously just trying to get out of work; the slacker. So of course he also won't be showing up for his shifts at The Space Bar

But if you do need me I'll still be around plurk and ect! Don't be afraid to reach out!
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Hello everyone! Activity check is going to start on 1/29, so please make sure that your characters' activity requirements are listed next to their names on the January AC spreadsheet.

As a reminder, Upgrades are completely optional, but we'll be processing any and all orders at the end of the month. We recently add a bunch of new upgrades, so be sure to check them out!