Feb. 25th, 2017

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hey everyone, this is Adi here introducing Nancy Wheeler from the tv-show Stranger Things. Nancy is a 17-year-old A+ students who also excels in various other things such as guns and hunting creepy monsters.

She's coming from the very last episode of season 1 and will be somewhat alarmed, to say the least. But just as long as there's no demogorgon in space, things should be cool.

She has a HMD post in her journal and you can always contact me on [plurk.com profile] ladylike
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Handwaved CR Meme!

(Taken from the last time We did this and the time before that!)

Our characters live in close quarters, and it's impossible to thread out the minutiae of each and every day-to-day interaction! That's what this meme is for: helping establish some of the less "exciting" details of what our characters are up to and what acquaintances they might have!


  • People on the SS Paisley with Stefan will often see him baking ma'amoul (date-filled shortbread cookies) OR chocolate chip cookies in what could only be described as "stress baking."
  • People on the SS Vanquish who know Clay's routine may have picked up on the fact that he doesn't sleep in his pilot's seat as much as he used to. Probably due to a disapproving boyfriend.

There will be headers for each ship for general ship-related things, but use them as jumping off points! Don't feel restricted to your own ship (for example, Stefan spends a lot of time on the Huntress, even though he's the Paisley's captain). Make your own top-levels, build some handwaved CR, and let's smush our characters together!

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