Mar. 17th, 2017

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Hello, DF! I'm TF, new meat here, and I bring you Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane from the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender (sounds familiar? yep, remake from the 80s anime). He's a trained astroexplorer in the process of defending the universe in a lion shaped mecha, so aliens and space are pretty much home, and of course his augment is pilot. Shiro's known for being a great leader, the golden boy that everyone follows, but he's also dealing with some shit after having been held prisoner and experimented on by the bad alien empire. Look at that shiny metal arm that comes with memory loss and trauma...

Shiro is taken from the end of season 2 so if you want me to avoid spoilers, please let me know! Same if you don't want to deal with his PTSD in tags. You can find me through PMs or at [ profile] totallyfangirl. I'll take advantage of that fresh cr meme and hit it in a minute. Looking forward to playing with everyone!
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

Takahsi Shirogane → SS Blameless
Fie Claussell → SS Wonderduck


Pavel Chekov = SS Wonderduck → SS Tourist

Kai Gracen → SS Caprine (First Mate) (applied)


Current Crew Roster
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It's been a couple weeks since arriving to Mafik. Several passengers have been hard at work, trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious illness that's been hurting the local population. Well, after days of research, it looks like your efforts are about to pay off…

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Just a note that Ravi is going to Atroma-induced-coma-land! I'm off to volunteer at a spay and neuter clinic in Jaltemba Bay over the next week and a bit, and as such won't be around!

(And here is my convenient excuse for Ravi not contributing more to helping to find a cure for the disease, whoo-hoo!)

Someone can find him slumped over some bit of equipment in the lab that his cooking augment renders useless to him. Sorry crew! He'll be put-out that he missed out on all the fun (fun?), but them's the breaks!

I'll pick at old threads until I fly out, sorry for your inbox spam!
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Hey guys, it's Babs again, player of Asuna, bringing you character numero dos. This time it's one Fie Claussell from a jrpg known as The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Because every great epic needs a long ass title.

The quick rundown on her for those not familiar (likely most of you), she's a (now) sixteen year old child soldier/mercenary who's snarky, sneaky, and very attached to those she cares for. She enjoys gardening and napping and dislikes schoolwork. Fie comes from the end of the second game, and she's got the security augment. Looking forward to all the potential cr. c: