Apr. 1st, 2017

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As of this post, the AC check for March is complete! Players with a "✔" or "🌟" for their newest character on the March AC spreadsheet are now eligible to apply for an additional character if they weren't already eligible from a previous month. Newer players with just a "✔" are now eligible to invite other players to join the game.

The following characters did not meet AC and will be swept from the game:
  • Lancer
  • Lily Potter
  • Pietro Maximoff

    If there is an error, please contact us right away so it can be fixed! Otherwise, players who have been swept from game have until June 1st to re-apply without requiring an invite.
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    As of the end of the day (4/01), the Marsiva will be leaving the Mahig system, tugging the Fleet right along with her. Traffic along this new route starts out moderate, but the further away from the planet the Marsiva travels, the fewer other ships can be seen. Still, the way is littered with the occasional typical way-station, should anyone feel the need to get out of the ship and stretch their legs.

    While drifting. things might get a little... interesting. It seems like fans of the Drift Fleet have been extra chatty lately, and Sponsors from all over want to show you their thanks - with extra special sponsor drops! Though, some of these drops seem pretty strange. Just what exactly are the fans saying about all of you to inspire this...?

    Special Delivery! )
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    Just to note, Sorey will be in a canon update coma starting today and ending April 16th! He'll be asleep in the captain's quarters, so Arthur Kirkland will be the only engineer working on the Huntress for that length of time.

    Mikleo will be joining him a few days later for a canon update as well, just fyi. THANKS FOLKS