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Hi everyone! This is Kaze, the Okita Souji player, bringing you a new character who is about 5000% less likely to lie, but 10,000% more likely to stab. But it's not really his fault, he's a dumb sword. Case in point:

This is Doudanuki Masakuni, a sword spirit ala that fighting harem browser game Touken Ranbu. He looks, sounds, and seems human, but he's actually a 600+ year old sword spirit that's been brought to life by a spiritual sage to fight a time war against other corrupted sword spirits that try to rewrite history and destroy the world from the year 2205. Yeeeaaaah....The plot of this game is hella weird. TL;DR: it's like Pokemon but with hot guys.

Doudanuki is a war sword, so he enjoys fighting, sparring, yelling, and training with the occasional side job of figuring out how to be human. He's. Not very good at his side job yet.

I've been having a blast here so far, but if anyone wants to hit me up for plotting with this new guy, you can find me at [plurk.com profile] wagashi.
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I hope that's how it got created. People were just sitting around thinking, "how can we capitalize on Pokemon? I've got it! Make them hot guys!"
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Hello there, I am new, but I feel we should have these two meet at some point just because mobile game recognizes mobile game.