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Lily J. Potter ([personal profile] lovingsacrifice) wrote in [community profile] driftfleet_ooc2017-02-02 04:44 pm
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Hey again Flooters, how you doin?

Hi everyone!

Batty here bringing back Harry Potter's loving mum! She's returning after my break due to moving and life, and she herself has canon updated to the moment of her death.

So have Lily Potter, older, wiser and realizing life is never quite what you think it should be. She's seen and done things her younger self could scarcely imagine and now she's dead. BUT! She died saving her son and honoring the sacrifice her husband made before her.

She's still sweet and kind and a people person, but she's just a bit more somber than she used to be. She grew up.

Can't wait for her to meet and reunite with her crew and friends.

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