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a pirate's life for me

Hello, all! Kate here, player of Arthur from Inception, and today I bring you (Captain) Jack Sparrow! Greatest pirate in the Caribbean (according to him.) He's greedy, dishonest, and crafty, but he does have spots of goodness. No doubt he will be causing all sorts of problems. He's coming in toward the end of the first movie, before his battle with Barbossa (and before he steals a coin, so he's not undead). He's coming in with his compass, and he'll no doubt be upset that he doesn't have his pistol. He kept it all this time and Atroma took it away!!

I have a permissions post here for................. Jack stealing stuff............... So if you'd like Jack to steal something of your character's, let me know! It's very possible for them to get it back, or lose it forever, whatever you want!

As always, I'm at [ profile] everlark for chatting and plotting! Feel free to add me!

ALSO a note: Whichever ship he ends up on, Jack's going to claim to be captain. He won't ever do the paperwork for it, so whoever's captain now will still be the lone captain. He'll just... refer to himself as the captain and be a thorn in your side. Forgive me.
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Khadgar's not sure he likes this turn of events.
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good thing Khadgar doesn't do that sort of thing or care to

At least something will get Jack not to pester Khadgar much XD
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oh my gosh

i need these two to meet
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/points at you
/points at this guy

YEP. This can only be beautiful. In that trainwreck sort of way.
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Jack Sparrow!!

I used to play Beckett...kinda makes me want to pick him up again...