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upgrades for february!

Along with the latest Shuffle, last month's upgrades have been processed. The following changes to ships and personal augments will be effective immediately:

► Blue Fish → Bathroom IV
► Blue Fish → Security IA
► Blue Fish → Recreation IV A
► First Breath → Security IA
► Goldstone → Bunk IV
► Heron → Kitchen IV
► Huntress → Bathroom IV
► Paisley → Bunk IV
► Starstruck → Recreation IIIA
► Twin Roses → Communication IA
► Twin Roses → Recreation IIIA (No specialization was listed {as it was originally for the Three Twins}, so A has been chosen by default. Please let us know if you want a different one.)
► Twin Roses → Lab Support IA
► Twin Roses → Bunk IV
► Vanquish → Lab Support IA
► Vanquish → Pilot IA
► Vanquish → Shuttles I

► Allen Walker → Aging Upgrade
► Edwin Jarvis → Fire I
► Isabela → Speed I
► Kirito → Speed II
► Raven Darkholme → Strength I
► Richard Castle → Fire II
► Takeshi → Aging Upgrade

These upgrades will be listed in each ship's tab on the ship status sheet soon. Let us know if you spot any errors!
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I think it was Recreation IIIB for the Three Twins/Twin Roses! Ravi wants his video games, haha.
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Yessss, thank you =3=~♥