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+1 space dad

Hello, DF! I'm TF, new meat here, and I bring you Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane from the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender (sounds familiar? yep, remake from the 80s anime). He's a trained astroexplorer in the process of defending the universe in a lion shaped mecha, so aliens and space are pretty much home, and of course his augment is pilot. Shiro's known for being a great leader, the golden boy that everyone follows, but he's also dealing with some shit after having been held prisoner and experimented on by the bad alien empire. Look at that shiny metal arm that comes with memory loss and trauma...

Shiro is taken from the end of season 2 so if you want me to avoid spoilers, please let me know! Same if you don't want to deal with his PTSD in tags. You can find me through PMs or at [ profile] totallyfangirl. I'll take advantage of that fresh cr meme and hit it in a minute. Looking forward to playing with everyone!
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Welcome to the game!
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Welcome to the Fleet, Shiro should fit right in!
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Hey, nice to meet you! I'm Babs, and I just have Asuna from Sword Art Online. I know enough about Shiro to know what a cutiepie he is. Welcome to the game!
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That one's a long story... But they do. Just not her, technically.
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I've been waiting for Voltron peeps to turn up! Welcome to the game. I promise not to stalk you too obviously I'm KJ and I play Nami here, along with Katie (an OC) and Makie (a gloomy ex-samurai from Blade of the Immortal.)

Hope you enjoy it here!
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I mean yes, hello and welcome!

I have Livewire and a giant, four-armed alien battle princess named Looma here, and I am fine the second one being used as a source of confusion for Shiro.

Since, you know, same voice actress as another alien princess that he's way more familiar with, has pointy ears, and ALSO has a short first name that ends in an A.

VERY DIFFERENT princesses though, and Looma usually sounds a lot angrier and/or sterner than Allura ever does >.>
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It is a very significant personalit contrast too |D

Hippie Space Princess vs "punch them until they stop moving" princess
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THIS IS TRUE but that's also Looma's opening method of diplomacy so.

also if it were here Lance would have been decked a long time ago, lbr
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Heck YES Voltron!!! Sup, I'm TF and I play Sokka here from AtLA, Crowley from Good Omens and Fenris from Dragon Age. Welcome to the game!
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Yes, he will give all the Lance flashbacks, sorry not sorry buddy.
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[personal profile] alwayscomeback 2017-03-18 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] kingofbadlifechoices 2017-03-17 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Bless that username <3

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You got a cool metal arm after memory loss too?! Isn't it like "the best thing" eva?!

Also, tell your boy Lance to give me my sunglasses back.

Also, also hi! I'm Zig-zag here and I play this dork Vash! Can't wait to play in game together!

Triple also - I also love that user name
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They really should. More so because:

The Three Older Men Who Have Memory Loss And Woke Up With A Bad Ass Metal Arm Who Will Sit Around Staring And Probably Not Really Mention Their Metal Arms Coupled With Memory Loss Issues If In A Room Together

Rolls right off the tounge, doesn't it?
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They should put it on pins/badges as well. Probably could sell them.

Let's get in on this trade mark.
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WELCOME TO THE FLEET! :> I see Shiro is on the Blameless as well! My name is Liz and I play Lunafreya from FFXV. She's the communications officer on the Blameless, so I'm excited to see how these two interact!
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It's wonderful to meet you as well! Haha, no worries! Umbra, the dog in question, is actually going to be joining the Blameless very soon once Luna successfully finishes her trials and obtains him! :D
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[personal profile] luxoraculi 2017-03-18 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
PRYNA AND UMBRA ARE LITERALLY THE BEST DOGS EVER ;_; Umbra will defs be glad to have so many new friends to meet and greet!!