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+1 discipline-minded starship captain

The easiest way to introduce Signy Mallory to you is to tell you that her own (now former) commanding officer called her “a bloody-handed tyrant” and she agreed with him. She once ordered one unit of her ship to fire on another because “Norway has its standards”.

I’m Snow (feel free to add me on plurk if you haven’t: [ profile] snowishness) and I play Kai Gracen here already. I’m bringing you my second character. Signy comes from CJ Cherryh’s Alliance-Union Universe . She’s the Captain of the Norway (and a thorn in Union’s side). Her crew pretty much adores her, but as far as everyone else is concerned they must be crazy to do so.

She’s used to her word being the law of her ship and any civilian encounters she has, so it’s going to be grand fun for anyone on the ship she ends up on, in addition to the adjusting that she herself is going to have to do. Signy looks 36 other than the silver-gray hair, but she’s actually 49 with some sci-fi aging decrease.
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Ooooh I like her, she looks interesting.
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I'm sure she will!!