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Hello, friends, Shurimon here, player of Tina Belcher. Pretty soon Tina is going to be getting a sponsor drop of notebooks and pens, and she'll do one of the things she loves best... write erotic fanfiction. Only this time she has a new subject to mine for ideas, the Drift Fleet.

However, I know this can be an uncomfortable thing OOCly, so to that end, I've created an opt out post on her journal. All comments are screened for privacy, and I am 100% OK if you'd like to opt out of having friend fiction written about your characters entirely. Tina never writes anything more graphic than butt touching, but she's written more general (read: self-insert) fanfic with no erotic content, too.

Thanks a bunch!
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Consider Kitty and Mon-El game on for all your Tina and Castle writing needs.
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Please write about Shiro's sexy butt, Tina.
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I will never opt out of friend fiction! :D
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OMG butt touching yes.
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I just want to voice my full support for this. Bless you.
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Opting into EVERYTHING
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Khadgar and Ezri are available for this! Even though Khadgar dresses in just a way that his butt will be hard to see, she'll have to use that glorious imagination thing.