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+1 Dr. Gilbert, human and vampire cure

Hello! My name is Kristi and I'm new here. I'm bringing one Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries. She's actually post series finale by a few years. She's recently completed her MD and passed the medical exam so she's a full fledged Dr. Elena Gilbert. She is also human (cured) and the cure for TVD's strain of vampirism. Oh yeah, and she's still the last living doppelganger.

If you've got any questions, suggestions or plotting you want to do (or just chatting) I'm [ profile] rageblackouts or you can always email me:

I'm looking forward to playing with you all and getting Elena involved in all sorts of shenanigans.
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Good to see you in a game I'm at again! I play Kitty Pryde and Mon-El here. Kitty was friends with a few Elenas back in Marina.
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aaah welcome aboard! I'm so excited to finally get to share a game with you. ♥

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Kristi! ♥ It's so, so good to be in a game with you again.

I've got CRAU Chekov here and he has memories aaaall the way back to Polychromatic.
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He remembers Lucy so well--she was his first True Love!

This is extra fantastic because you are now playing someone with the same face as the first girl he had an earnest crush on in Polychromatic. Then to make things more exciting, Chekov's second True Love was Kitty in MarinaNova, who is in this game but without the relevant memories and is deeply in love with someone else.

I'm not sure what any of it means, but I feel that somehow things have come full circle where Chekov's love life is concerned.