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IMPORTANT: Activity Check Rule Revisions

Hey Passengers! Mod team here to talk about the activity requirements with you, and the possibility of tweaking those requirements some, especially in the area of threads. A few days ago, we made a casual discussion plurk regarding this to gauge interest, and this is the post following through on it, to make sure everyone gets a chance to put their two cents in.

As a note, if there are any changes to the AC from this, they will not go into effect until May. April AC will follow the old system.

Why do we need to change AC at all?
First off, we want to make it clear that the game is actually doing quite well! The vast majority of players reach AC okay, and our games activity level is doing well. This isn’t an emergency AC change, the fate of the game does not hinge on this, promise.

The reason we’d want to change AC is purely because of this: when Drift Fleet opened 3 years ago, it was open on the premise that we’re a relaxing game with low AC requirements. Which 3 years ago, 3 threads with 6 comments each from players was considered low AC for an RP.

However, over the course of 3 years, a lot about general DWRP culture has changed. One of the biggest changes has been AC requirements, and there’s been a huge shift towards easier AC requirements in most games. So while DF was once considered to be low AC, nowadays that’s not really true. So we want to tweak things accordingly so we can still continue to call ourselves a low stress, low AC game.

What would be changed?
Post and mingle requirements will stay the same, as there’s no real way to reduce those further. Hiatus rules are also remaining the same.

Top-Level comments on mingles were discussed but will not be changed from being counted as threads at this time. The reason being is we want to encourage players to take incentive post their own network posts and mingles in the comm (thus the lower requirement for AC if someone posts a mingle), and top-levels already get a bit of special treatment as they can count as multiple threads if they get enough responses from multiple characters.

The main thing we are looking into possibly reducing would be the Thread Count option. For this, we’ve come up with a couple suggestions that we’d like to see voted on by the players. The proposed reductions are:

- Reduce the required comments from 6 to 5, so it’d be 3 threads of 5 comments from you (15 comments).

- Reduce the required comments from 6 to 5 and drop a thread requirement, so it’d be 2 threads of 5 comments from you (10 comments).

If we do reduce it to 2 threads, the AC mod (Yuff) may occasionally check in with players that consistently only RP the absolute bare minimum AC (as in, several months of only doing 2 threads with 5 comments and nothing more), and ask for an additional AC the following month. This is already done currently with mingles and posts, and it’ll likely be a rare occurrence.

The other thing we could possibly change is allowing IC Inbox threads to be used for one thread a month. The reason we’d only allow one thread a month to come from IC inboxes is because we still want players to play in the game community itself.

But since this is a rule change that would affect you guys, so we want to hear from you before we make our final decision! Please let us know which option you feel would be best for the game by voting in the poll below.

Poll #18176 DF AC Changes
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 61

What should be the thread requirement?

3 threads with 5 comments each (15 comments)
24 (39.3%)

2 threads with 5 comments each (10 comments)
32 (52.5%)

3 threads with 6 comments each (18 comments, aka don't change)
5 (8.2%)

Should IC inbox threads count for AC? (note: if yes, only 1 could be used per month)

44 (72.1%)

17 (27.9%)

This poll will be open for two weeks until the morning of Wednesday, 4/26, when we announce the final decision (whatever has the clear majority). The new AC rules will go into effect for the the month of May (so April will still be the old AC rules).

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment down below! Thank you!