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+1 Chiptune Fanfare

Good morning, Floot! I am Ami, and I'm fresh meat. After peeking at the game for a while, I decided I'd put on my floaties and jump into the pool. I bring you...

This guy.

He is Shovel Knight, of his eponymous game available on multiple consoles. He goes from gathering treasure and slaying evil to providing security to whatever ship he is placed in when it's time for the shuffle. He's a kind-hearted, rather diminutive individual (I peg him at just over three feet high on a good day including the horns) who is stalwart in his knighthood and his creed of shovelry: Slash mercilessly and dig tirelessly! So he may come in handy on planet-side ventures.

Anyway, I'm available on my plurk ([ profile] MechaPony) and on Discord (RainbowDonut#5538) should you wish to make plans or just chat. Looking forward to having Shovel's ratings be the most perplexing numbers rollercoaster alive!
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Welcome to the game! That's a nice shovel he has.
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s-senpai... you've finally arrived...
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It's so awesome you apped this guy.