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Heist Results + New Upgrades!

The party's still rocking, all partygoers oblivious to anything heist-like occurring in the depths of the asteroid's complex! But what will the fleeters find? What's the ultimate result? It's time to find out!

On the heist mingle post, there are now two new toplevels for the final destination and the great escape! Feel free to use those!

The Laboratory
Those taking part in the heist were able to reach the final destination: the underground laboratory. Here, there are many, many computer terminals. Some are filled with information about what's happening in the system - trade routes, political details, some insight into some shadier dealings and goings-on. Other computer terminals have more intriguing info: files on Atroma. These files include speculation about the technology used, in-depth research into AI and computer logistics, and what looks to be investment information. On top of that, some files contain mentions of the Hosts and the Marsiva... It might be prudent to take some of this with you, if you can. Communications augments who went on the heist will of course have much better luck getting into any locked or encrypted files. Copy what you can!

ICly, players are free to get the data. OOCly, we will be answering questions in the comments below! Take the opportunity to do as much digging as you can, before time is up! (We will give it a few days, don't worry!) Any questions that we can't answer just yet will be explained as a data file that was corrupted during transfer or decryption.

But wait, there's more! Out of all of the computer terminals, two of them stand out way more than the others, containing two very important prizes for the heisters to grab:

More Upgrades!
That's right - more upgrades will be available after this! In the interest of not overloading you with information, we will make a new post in the OOC comm shortly, when the upgrades go live, with more information. For now, here is a breakdown of what the Fleet will be getting:
  • Civilian specialization upgrades
  • Lounges for ships
  • The option to merge quarters with another character
  • More windows on ships
  • Upgrades for the Iskaulit, including upgrades for player-made establishments as well as potentially new establishments to "unlock"

The information for these updates can be grabbed from a specific terminal, and once taken back to the Fleet, they will go into the network for purchase, effective immediately.

The AI Unit
This is what the Interceptor Fleet caught wind of. This is what ties Orfwin Dreadhorse to Atroma more than anything. This... is the ultimate prize of the heist.

A massive computer terminal in the back houses this behemoth of an AI program, and it is ripe for the taking. The Interceptors have two drives to copy the AI onto: one for themselves, one for the Fleet to keep. So, plug those drives in, and get going!

No seriously, get going, because once the on-board security system recognizes the unauthorized access (about ¾ of the way through the transfer), there will be alarms. And guards on the way. Oh boy...

The Escape Route
Once those transfers are done, it's time to run like your lives depend on it!! Going back the way you came would be far too risky, given the maze-like nature... but luckily, there's another secret tunnel in the back! Go, go, go!

This tunnel will take all of the heist participants back to the mansion! From there, everyone is welcome to slip back into the party and pretend like nothing serious just happened, or just head right back to their ships. Congratulations - it looks like, at least for now, the heist was a major success! Take your spoils and be proud!!

... There will be more information to come in the next few days. STAY TUNED, DEAR FLEET!

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