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Hello! My name is Kristi and I'm new here. I'm bringing one Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries. She's actually post series finale by a few years. She's recently completed her MD and passed the medical exam so she's a full fledged Dr. Elena Gilbert. She is also human (cured) and the cure for TVD's strain of vampirism. Oh yeah, and she's still the last living doppelganger.

If you've got any questions, suggestions or plotting you want to do (or just chatting) I'm [ profile] rageblackouts or you can always email me:

I'm looking forward to playing with you all and getting Elena involved in all sorts of shenanigans.
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Hello, friends, Shurimon here, player of Tina Belcher. Pretty soon Tina is going to be getting a sponsor drop of notebooks and pens, and she'll do one of the things she loves best... write erotic fanfiction. Only this time she has a new subject to mine for ideas, the Drift Fleet.

However, I know this can be an uncomfortable thing OOCly, so to that end, I've created an opt out post on her journal. All comments are screened for privacy, and I am 100% OK if you'd like to opt out of having friend fiction written about your characters entirely. Tina never writes anything more graphic than butt touching, but she's written more general (read: self-insert) fanfic with no erotic content, too.

Thanks a bunch!
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Hey, all! Newbie here! I'm Sailor G, and I'm bringing in this impulsive Paladork to join your spacey reality show. Keith can get pretty intense at times (he has a fire affinity for a reason), but he's really a good guy deep down... just another color-coded bishounen protagonist. He's coming in from the end of S2, so spoilers abound, but the whole season's been available on Netflix (and some other platforms /cough/) since January. Both seasons are short! I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I can be found on plurk at [ profile] duches77, and on DW at [personal profile] sailorgundam06. I look forward to joining you all!

+1 angel

Apr. 3rd, 2017 08:24 am
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Hey Fleet. o/

Kel here -- aka Leonard McCoy -- bringing in my second character. This is Castiel, from Supernatural. He's a doof. Also an angel but mostly a doof. He's coming in beginning of season 10, so things are not the best but when are they ever really?

As always, I can be found on plurk at [ profile] n0teworthy
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It's with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Drift Fleet. It's something I've been thinking about over the past two months, as a variety of factors came into play, both in RP and my life, which have sapped a lot of my motivation to tag and participate to a degree I was satisfied with. My sincerest apologies to Wanda's castmates and all of her CR for her dropping.

Wanda is leaving behind some departing gifts:

- Steve and Peggy will be left two pendants, one was Pietro's and the other was Wanda's, both are lockets that open up to display a holographic photo of young Wanda and Pietro with their two parents
- Winn is being left a rather large bag of chocolate-covered Popcorn that Wanda had been preparing in secret for their next movie night
- Max is being left a fairly assuming metal ring, into it is roughly scratched the word "два" -- seemingly a craft project was working on as an upcoming birthday present for him
- Natasha is being left a series of scarves Wanda had picked up over her travels, each a differing shade of red
- Bucky is being left some hand-made glitter poppers; the colors inside being red, white and blue (perhaps ammunition Wanda was planning on retaliating with)
- Nami is being left Vision's camera that Wanda has held onto, a recent photo stored inside will be of the two of them smiling on their recent Waver venture
- Kitty is being left a few necklaces and rings, Wanda's favorite jewelry pieces she picked up while traveling the stars
- Charles and Erik are being left matching, simple string bracelets with lettered beads -- Charles' reads "Hope" and Erik's reads "ojciec" (the polish word for father)

Nearly two years ago, I app'd Wanda into the Drift Fleet and found an RP home that I truly fell in love with. I've gotten to thread with so many talented players and their wonderful characters. No matter how big or small, every tag, every thread I got to share with y'all has been a gift. I cannot thank everyone enough for treating me and welcoming me so warmly -- especially when I was joining the game at a time of some very important self-discovery. Getting to play Wanda here has been an absolute blessing. Words cannot fully express how truly grateful I am to all of you. Thank you all so much again, and I wish everyone the very, very best in the world.

Stay gold, you beautiful nerds.
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Just to note, Sorey will be in a canon update coma starting today and ending April 16th! He'll be asleep in the captain's quarters, so Arthur Kirkland will be the only engineer working on the Huntress for that length of time.

Mikleo will be joining him a few days later for a canon update as well, just fyi. THANKS FOLKS
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As of the end of the day (4/01), the Marsiva will be leaving the Mahig system, tugging the Fleet right along with her. Traffic along this new route starts out moderate, but the further away from the planet the Marsiva travels, the fewer other ships can be seen. Still, the way is littered with the occasional typical way-station, should anyone feel the need to get out of the ship and stretch their legs.

While drifting. things might get a little... interesting. It seems like fans of the Drift Fleet have been extra chatty lately, and Sponsors from all over want to show you their thanks - with extra special sponsor drops! Though, some of these drops seem pretty strange. Just what exactly are the fans saying about all of you to inspire this...?

Special Delivery! )
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As of this post, the AC check for March is complete! Players with a "✔" or "🌟" for their newest character on the March AC spreadsheet are now eligible to apply for an additional character if they weren't already eligible from a previous month. Newer players with just a "✔" are now eligible to invite other players to join the game.

The following characters did not meet AC and will be swept from the game:
  • Lancer
  • Lily Potter
  • Pietro Maximoff

    If there is an error, please contact us right away so it can be fixed! Otherwise, players who have been swept from game have until June 1st to re-apply without requiring an invite.
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    New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

    Eizen → SS Blameless
    Ignis Scientia → SS First Breath
    John Laurens → SS Bishop
    Jack Sparrow → SS Bishop
    Signy Mallory → SS Wonderduck
    Billy Cranston → SS Red Fish

    Gemini de Mille -X- SS Bishop




    Current Crew Roster


    Mar. 31st, 2017 04:35 pm
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    I've really enjoyed my time on driftfleet and have had some fantastic threads, however Gemini has not fit into the game as well as I had hoped, so consequently I've decided to drop her. Thanks to everyone who has threaded with me you've all been absolutely tremendous! I'll miss you guys <3


    Mar. 29th, 2017 09:18 pm
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    So after many many months (years??) of being out of RP entirely, I joined your game! I'm Saralinda and I am dusting off Jack Sparrow for Drift Fleet. Be patient with me as I relearn all the DW html and get unrusted.

    I am on plurk: [ profile] manicmanic

    So you can plurk me!!

    EDIT: OH FOR THE I CAN'T GET THE HTML RIGHT, SEE?????? SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????? I'm manicmanic on plurk, is all!

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    Hello Drift Fleet! This is the AC warning list for the month of March. If you see your character listed below, please comment to this post by 4/01 and let us know what your status is! Otherwise, these characters will be swept from the game during the next applicable Shuffle.

    click here for the list! )
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    Hey folks!

    I'm Zoki, new to the game. This is Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers---but as he's depowered until his morpher is found, he's really just a very nerdy teenager with precious little attitude. He's an engineering augment, though he'll undoubtedly try in vain to learn the other roles. Sure, he hates the whole being treated as a cosmic plaything business, but this is still an exciting educational opportunity!

    You can read more about him in the application if you'd like, and I can be reached by PM here or at [ profile] kharamagic. Thank you, and I can't wait to get started!
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    HELLO DRIFT FLEET! I'm new to the game, but my name is Mako and I'm bringing you the perfection that is Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV. He's the group planner, cook, driver and megane. (You all can blame Liz, Teru and Linden for this. Mostly Liz though.) He's the scary, quiet one. So, yeah, but look at him with this coffee cup!

    I'm bringing him from the end of Chapter 8, before things get real. If you don't want spoilers, please let me know here on his permissions page and I'll make a note for when we interact. I'm available for plotting on plurk at [ profile] makotos or on Discord at makotosagara#9497.

    I hope to have an IC intro soon up, but I look forward to playing with everyone.
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    The easiest way to introduce Signy Mallory to you is to tell you that her own (now former) commanding officer called her “a bloody-handed tyrant” and she agreed with him. She once ordered one unit of her ship to fire on another because “Norway has its standards”.

    I’m Snow (feel free to add me on plurk if you haven’t: [ profile] snowishness) and I play Kai Gracen here already. I’m bringing you my second character. Signy comes from CJ Cherryh’s Alliance-Union Universe . She’s the Captain of the Norway (and a thorn in Union’s side). Her crew pretty much adores her, but as far as everyone else is concerned they must be crazy to do so.

    She’s used to her word being the law of her ship and any civilian encounters she has, so it’s going to be grand fun for anyone on the ship she ends up on, in addition to the adjusting that she herself is going to have to do. Signy looks 36 other than the silver-gray hair, but she’s actually 49 with some sci-fi aging decrease.
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    YO YO YO, WHAT TIME IS IT? --Time to meet John Laurens, actually, because he's brand new here aaaaand so am I. Sup y'all, I'm Mandy, and I can be found over at plurk [ profile] tyriangalley  right there, and I've got Discord too if that's your fancy.  

    John is from that one musical you guys may have heard of called Hamilton, and he just so happens to be one of said Hamilton's best friends.   He's a lieutenant colonel in the continental army, a staunch abolitionist, really good at fighting and art and shooting stuff, aaaaand he also happens to be kinda dead.  So this'll be a fun shock for him.  Ilana tempted me over here, though really I've been poking around for a while, secret-like.  Anyway.  Hit me up on plurk or here if you wanna say hi! I don't bite. Really.
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    Fanmail / Fan Theory Meme

    Every fandom is full of fans eagerly coming up with theories, opinions, and questions- and the Drift Fleet is no different! In this meme, we get a chance to hear from our delightful fans!

    1. Comment with your character!

    2. Then, pretending to be a fan of the Drift Fleet show- comment around to other characters with fan letters, questions, "headcanons", opinions, etc. You can do this anonymously, with a sock journal, or just your regular journal if you're feeling lazy.

    3. As your character, reply back to any comments you get! These are your fans, treat them well!

    4. You're also free to make toplevel comments focused on different fandom topics (such as "Best Ship", "Favorite 'Headcanons'", "Predictions - etc) and have a conversation between fellow fans! Or among fleetmembers, whatever!

    5. Remember that this is an "IC Meme" (as in, its not game canon but you're still acting as characters), so there should be no discussions about fellow players or other OOC stuff.

    Have fun!
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    Hello friends you now have an edge lord on your fleet, aren't you excited???

    But seriously hello, this is Kiku and I have apped Eizen from Tales of Berseria. A fun game with fun things that happen and Eizen here is just your average pirate can punch people really hard and likes to talk about how he is cursed.

    He is also a malak/seraph (different words for the same thing) so he is one of those annoying invisible people you may or may not be able to see. Speaking of it'd be super awesome if you guys could skip over to this post and fill out the can you see this asshole form for me!

    As usual I'm over at [ profile] valyria if you wanna chat or plot or whatever!
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    Hello, Drift Fleet! My name is Jess, I'm new here and I'm bringing you Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria. She is the Tales protag who will murder, steal and vandalize to get her revenge but absolutely draws the line at underage drinking. Perfect mom friend, amirite.

    If you want you can hit me up at [ profile] etceteras for plotting and whatnot. I am excited to be here and looking forward to playing with everyone!
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    New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

    Lumiére → SS Wonderduck
    Noctis Lucis Caelum → SS Wonderduck
    Ardyn Izunia → SS Red Fish
    Velvet Crowe → SS Red Fish

    Arthur -X- SS Red Fish
    Jack Sparrow -X- SS Wonderduck
    Syeira -X- Red Fish
    Nakamori Aoko -X- SS Wonderduck


    Laura Kinney → SS Red Fish (Captain) (promoted)

    Syeira -X- SS Red Fish (Captain)
    Arthur -X- SS Red Fish (First Mate)

    Current Crew Roster