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-1 existential crisis

ALRIGHT SO it’s been a long run, but Theon’s headed home. I think he’s gone about as far as he can go here, and it’s about time he goes back to the grey area that is “waiting for GRRM to write more so we can figure out if his life gets better or worse”.

He doesn’t have much of importance that he’s leaving behind, but you are all free to fight over his kraken-laden wardrobe. Robb gets his bow because the lil shit needs to improve his aim.

Thanks you guys for making it a great experience. He was a whole lot of fun to play here. I may be back eventually with someone new--or I'll suck it up and just bring him back, lbr.
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Iskaulit Directory

Hey Passengers! Just a quick update to let you know that the SS Iskaulit page has been updated to finally include a directory! Hopefully this will help make it easier for players to learn what the Iskaulit has to offer. The Iskaulit page can be found in the "Extras!" section!

If your character has taken ownership of an establishment previously owned by another character, and it's not listed, please comment to that establishment's comment to let us know!

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Are you ready to SHUFFLE?

New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

Euphemia li Britannia → SS Bloodsport
Moana → SS Paisley
Seymour Krelborn → SS Red Fish
Lance Hunter → SS Twin Roses
Shovel Knight → SS Twin Roses
Chuuya Nakahara → SS Twin Roses

Ravi Chakrabarti -x- SS Twin Roses


Isabela → Pilot = SS Heron


Current Crew Roster
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small mafia man

Hello, hello! I'm new to the fleet! I'm Haru, and I'm bringing you Chuuya Nakahara, from Bungo Stray Dogs!

Chuuya is an ability user who loves wine and hats. He has the ability to manipulate gravity, and can do cool things with it like stand on the ceiling (without his hat falling off!!), make craters with his kicks, float in the air temporarily, and stop bullets from hitting him. If he can touch it, he can do something with it, is how it works in a nutshell! He was in the mafia, meaning he's done a lot of killing, and has seen enough dead bodies to last him a lifetime. He's really confident in himself and his abilities, just don't call him short (please do it anyway ;D). He doesn't like that, even if it's true!

There are posts for both HMD and permissions (working on it) easily accessible on this account if you need it. As for me, you can reach me by PM or plurk at [plurk.com profile] hatsuharu. I have played with many of you before! \o/ Let's have some fun!
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April AC & Upgrade Reminder

Hello Passengers! Activity check is going to start on 4/28, so please make sure that your characters' activity requirements are listed next to their names on the April AC spreadsheet.

As a reminder, Upgrades are completely optional, but we'll be processing any and all orders at the end of the month.
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+1 Chiptune Fanfare

Good morning, Floot! I am Ami, and I'm fresh meat. After peeking at the game for a while, I decided I'd put on my floaties and jump into the pool. I bring you...

This guy.

He is Shovel Knight, of his eponymous game available on multiple consoles. He goes from gathering treasure and slaying evil to providing security to whatever ship he is placed in when it's time for the shuffle. He's a kind-hearted, rather diminutive individual (I peg him at just over three feet high on a good day including the horns) who is stalwart in his knighthood and his creed of shovelry: Slash mercilessly and dig tirelessly! So he may come in handy on planet-side ventures.

Anyway, I'm available on my plurk ([plurk.com profile] MechaPony) and on Discord (RainbowDonut#5538) should you wish to make plans or just chat. Looking forward to having Shovel's ratings be the most perplexing numbers rollercoaster alive!
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+1 pink-haired massacre princess

Hello! It's Haunt, bringing in my third character, Euphemia li Britannia of Code Geass. She is a sweet, young lady who will not immediately remember what was going on in her timeline when she arrives.

SPOILER/WARNING TIME: She was tragically and accidentally mind-controlled to "kill all the Japanese" and she was doing her very best to make that happen by starting a massacre. This is something she would never normally do. The memories are going to spill back in bit by bit through nightmares and gameplay if something brings it to the surface. Fear not, the augment is keeping the command tucked away. (But of course, if this is something you never want your character to know about or you don't want to see bracket info on, just let me know. It's not generally something she's directly chatty about, but I do like to provide internal thought context, so it does pop up occasionally.)

She's a princess. She sometimes meows at cats because of course she does. She is a strong believer in going to school. The hair color is totally natural. And she's going to be confused about all this, but also happy to meet everyone!

Add me at [plurk.com profile] hauntedreality if you haven't already! You can also find me at hauntedreality on AIM and hauntedreality#1618 on Discord.
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+1 agentish of SHIELD

Sup fleeters! Lyan here reporting for duty with another British agent for your collection because clearly those S.H.I.E.L.D. characters are an enduring British stronghold on American soil. Lance Hunter is a pissed off ex-S.A.S ex-mercenary recent (to his canon point) addition (though his mouth sometimes makes it seem like additions) to the team, coming to you from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x14, so - in a very crappy mood, apologies in advance, though, yes, he's always like that. 

His HMD is right through here and as always you can find me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] lyan142. Let's do stuff! :D
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+1 disney pr-- daughter of the chief!

hello, drift fleet! this is eli bringing in a second character: the titular character from disney's moana. for those of you who haven't seen the film, she's an adventurous wayfinder with a passion for the ocean and a love of her people. she'll be coming from right after "how far i'll go", for anyone familiar with the movie! she's also coming into the game with a pilot augment, probably surprising nobody. her hmd is here for any future use!

i'm super excited to play her here, and i look forward to all kinds of cr! if you'd like to plan out anything or even just chat, you can add me at [plurk.com profile] becoming anytime. ♥
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+1 Gentle Murderer

Hello everyone! I'm Blank, a newcomer here at the Fleet! I'm here with Seymour Krelborn from the 1986 movie adaptation of the musical Little Shop of Horrors (there are way too many versions of this canon...) For those who are unfamiliar, Seymour is a kind of timidly worker at a flower shop who accidentally buys a plant one day that feasts on human flesh and forces him to kill for it.

He's genuinely a nice guy, really, it's just really easy to convince him to do things.

... And yeah, even without the murder, he has some emotional problems.

Anyway I'm excited to get to know you all! If you wanna plot, you can friend me at [plurk.com profile] blankblankity
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Here Comes the Shuffle Bunny!

New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

Rip Hunter → SS Caprine

Rey -X- SS Bloodsport
Adalwolfe Hawke -X- SS Twin Roses
Anders -X- SS Twin Roses



Anders -X- SS Twin Roses (first mate)

Current Crew Roster
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April/May System

By the end of the second week, the rumors slowly begin to fade away. No new ones seem to appear, and the old ones are left to linger or be forgotten. But now after a long journey through the depths of space, the Marsiva finally reaches orbit of a new system.

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(no subject)

Hai everyone -- so a huge apology from me for joining the game and then having RL basically explode in my face. My daytime job is in publishing (which I love, don't get me wrong) but I basically wound up having emergency client work through the majority of March that had to be done. The end result was AMAZING (and as soon as I can say what was going on I will. It'll be on my plurk so come find me at [plurk.com profile] londoncalling!) but it also meant my brain was leaking out of my ears. As soon as the stress was over, what always happens? You get deathly ill.

All that said, I am FINALLY feeling better and up to RPing and things so I'll be posting a catch-all what Cersei has been doing for the last month shortly. ♥ again, I'm sorry for being fail as I'm ACTUALLY trying to get back into RPing. I just totally didn't expect emergency client things to happen like they did.

plz don't hate me, I'm so sorry.
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+1 guy who is not rory williams

Hi Drift Fleet! My name is Tad, I’m newly returned cause technically I was here for a hot second a long while ago, and I am bringing one Rip Hunter of DCTV fame! He’s specifically from Legends of Tomorrow, and is a super serious former Time Master who once recruited a team of misfit superheroes and criminals to save history, except, y’know. They kind of end up messing it up just as much.

Good times.

Rip is actually being brought in from after his final scene in the season 2 finale, so if you’re looking to avoid spoilers please let me know! Also, since he’s from ~*~the future~*~ there’s a chance he may recognize the names of prominent historical figures from the world as he knows it. In that vein, I’d like to direct you to his permissions post here to avoid stepping on any toes. The good news, however, is that he’s pretty damn tight-lipped when it comes to telling people about things they shouldn’t know, like the what happens to them in the future.

The easiest way to contact me is via plurk at [plurk.com profile] tadity! I am super thrilled to be here and looking forward to playing with you all.
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Out of Town!

Hey, all... I'm a crazy NYer headed to Seattle tomorrow to work for Sakura-Con. So, I'm going to be super busy starting tomorrow and until at least next Tuesday (so basically an entire week). ^_^ I do staff in an office, so if I have enough time, I'll be glad to poke around and see what I can respond to, but I'll likely be slow.

I also have another convention in PA coming up at the end of the month that I'll be unavailable for pretty much the entire weekend because of the type of staffing I do there... that's a Thursday through Monday deal. I'll post another reminder then.

Keith here will be sort of on autopilot until then.

See you on the flip side!
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IMPORTANT: Activity Check Rule Revisions

Hey Passengers! Mod team here to talk about the activity requirements with you, and the possibility of tweaking those requirements some, especially in the area of threads. A few days ago, we made a casual discussion plurk regarding this to gauge interest, and this is the post following through on it, to make sure everyone gets a chance to put their two cents in.

As a note, if there are any changes to the AC from this, they will not go into effect until May. April AC will follow the old system.

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-2 Thedosian mages

As some of you may have seen us mention on plurk, Reiko and I have decided to bow out of Drift Fleet and RP games as a whole for a long-needed break. This means both Anders here and Adalwolfe Hawke ([personal profile] wolfehawke) will be heading back to the Fun-filled utopia that is Thedas.

We've both been in games a long time and we can easily agree this one is a great game to leave off with, we've had a lot of fun and we want to thank all of you for playing with us and our mages for the last 10/11 months; both of these boys would have been happy staying in the fleet for a lot longer.

They didn't have a whole bunch to their names to leave behind, both Ser-Pounce-A-Lot and Ser-Drools-A-Lot will be leaving the fleet as well, so the items left in the Twin Roses' captain's quarters will be what's left.

Free to a good home:
Handmade Wicked Grace deck
A manifesto guide on the types and necessary care for the various medicinal plants in the Twin Rose's hanger and on the Iskaulit
Hawke's dragon staff and Anders' nature-y staff, both good for magic users or as a walking stick
Various clothes they've picked up
Two quilts
A dragon onezie
A small collection of rocks some of them with googly eyes pasted on them
A small collection of paper umbrellas anyone who frequents Malum might recognize
A big bag of handmade mabari crunch (dog treats)
And a men's ring with a fire opal
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(no subject)

Sometimes, you just need a character who is a troll. Hi guys, this is Timmy bringing in YUUUUUUUUUUURIIII LOWELLLLLLLLLLL, the original Tales murder protag. He did it before it was cool okay. He looks like an edgelord, but he's actually more like your sassy tired mom friend who is trying to make sure you all live until thirty (after that, you're on your own)

I can be found at [personal profile] captainkink or discord with quixotically#8692. His stats are here
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upgrades for march!

Along with the latest Shuffle, last month's upgrades have been processed. The following changes to ships and personal augments will be effective immediately:

click here! )

These upgrades will be listed in each ship's tab on the ship status sheet soon. Let us know if you spot any errors!
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They Shuffled me! They really Shuffled me!

New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

Keith → SS Huntress
Elena Gilbert → SS Starstruck
Castiel → SS Red Fish

Lancer -x- SS Twin Roses
Lily Potter -x- SS Wonderduck
Pietro Maximoff -x- SS Starstruck
Wanda Maximoff -x- SS Starstruck




Current Crew Roster