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Hi driftfleet. I'm Nao and this here girl is Enid from The Walking Dead.

She's from 7x8 just when things are not going so well (when do they ever?) and the entire main cast decides to take the fight to the enemy rather than wait. She probably won't be happy to be away from her new family right now. Anyway, she's being placed on the SS Vanquish, and I'm excited to start playing with you all soon.
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Hi, Fleet.

Unfortunately, it's time for Sansa Stark to go back home to Westeros. I've really enjoyed playing her here, but my activity has been dragging and I know I'm not giving her and her cr as much attention and dedication as my other two characters. And that hasn't been fair to anyone.

Rather than rush at the last minute for this month's activity check, I'm going to go ahead and rip off the band-aid.

I'll still be around with Peggy and Kate!
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You'll learn to Shuffle again.

New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

Additional Notes:
  • Activity requirements have changed. Some people are turning in three threads, but you only need two as of May 1st. Please don't stress over a third thread you don't need! The specifics are listed on the Activity & Hiatus page.
  • With the recent wave of drops, some ships have fallen to 60 percent capacity or below. As a result, players have expressed interest in fusing ships! We have a permanent submission page here with the process and forms. Ships with six or fewer people are allowed to apply. If you were considering a fusion, but gained a seventh that was shuffled by the mods, then you are still eligible. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Daryl Dixon → SS Bloodsport
Sam Wilson → SS Heron
Enid → SS Vanquish
Cogsworth → SS Paisley

Apollo Justice -x- SS Bloodsport

Rip Hunter = SS Caprine → SS Starstruck

Isabela → SS Heron (First Mate) (applied)
Sam Winchester → SS Bloodsport (First Mate) (applied)
Asuna Yuuki → SS Paisley (First Mate) (applied)


Current Crew Roster
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[personal profile] sylphid2017-05-24 11:06 pm


Due to computer issues and car issues on the same day, I'm going to be scarce until I can get my laptop looked at. Hopefully it'll be this weekend but who knows. Tags will... hopefully happen when I can borrow a computer but until then my girls are on autopilot

This affects Fie Claussell and Asuna Yuuki. I can be reached on plurk if needed.
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[personal profile] padadin2017-05-24 07:47 am

Two things~

1) I'm going into a-- mini hiatus? Slowatus? This week is Comicon so I'll be gone most of the day from Wednesday to Sunday. So tags will be scarce! Still, if you need me for anything, pm/pp me! Those I can always get to. o7

2) The document with the Atroma info is ready! As you can see, it's a googledoc that the mods kindly accepted to host in the game's account. I chose this option so everyone can edit it and we can all add info to it in the future! I tried to organize the information by topic and to delete all the repeated answers, but if you see I skipped something, feel free to correct it (same for typos). Every time characters can learn something it can be added there! Mods told me they'll add it to some info page later so the link will be at hand.
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[personal profile] volitans2017-05-23 04:52 pm

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HELLO FRIENDS my name is Megan, and I have some kinda bird dude from that series of movies about a bunch of superheroes who lead really fucked up lives. He's coming at you post-Civil War, which means everything in his life is totally great, if by totally great you mean actually a fugitive from the law in a hundred-odd countries, thank you Steve Rogers.

Anyway, you can contact me via PM or on plurk at [plurk.com profile] sparklepwny or cosmogyrals#1013 on discord. Can't wait to start playing with you guys!
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May Activity Check & Upgrade Reminder

Hello, Flooters! Activity check is going to start on 5/29, so please make sure that your characters' activity requirements are listed next to their names on the May AC spreadsheet. Activity requirements have changed as of May 1st. For more information, please see the Activity & Hiatus page.

As a reminder, Upgrades are completely optional, but we'll be processing any and all orders at the end of the month. Thank you!
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Hello all. I'm Autumn and I'm bringing this ray of sunshine to the game:

His name's Daryl and he's from The Walking Dead. His canon point is 7x04, where he's dressed in the world's worst sweat suit and being forced to serve the world's biggest a-hole on threat of death (of his friends and family).

At least he'll be happy to get a shower and into one of those jumpsuits the ship provides right after. Bright side! :)
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To the shuffle - to the wall!

New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

Yuuri Katsuki --> SS Twin Roses

Beverly Crusher -X- SS Blue Fish
Yuri Lowell -X- SS Bishop
Kubo -X- SS Starstruck
Cara -X- SS First Breath
Charles Xavier -X- SS Heron
Erik Lehnsherr -X- SS Heron
Aiya/Gray Nightingale -X- Goldstone
Aria Forte -X- SS Bloodsport
Caster/Tamamo-no-Mae -X- SS Vanquish
Shovel Knight -X- SS Twin Roses
Jennifer Keller -X- SS Wonderduck
Richard Castle -X- SS Twin Roses
Alphonse Elric -X- SS Vanquish
Tina Belcher -X- SS Paisley
Sora Ninji -X- SS Huntress
Hank McCoy -X- SS Blameless
Raven Darkholme -X- SS Blameless
Freyja Wion -X- SS Paisley
Red Savarin -X- SS Bishop


Signy Mallory → SS Wonderduck (Captain) (applied)
Lunafreya Nox Flouret → SS Blameless (Captain) (promoted)

Charles Xavier -X- SS Heron (First Mate) (dropped)
Hank McCoy -X- SS Blameless (Captain) (dropped)
Raven Darkholme -X- SS Blameless (First Mate) (dropped)
Alphonse Elric -X- SS Vanquish (First Mate) (dropped)

Current Crew Roster
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[personal profile] pork_bowl2017-05-21 12:30 pm

Newbie in town

Hey, everyone!

I am brand new to this game. My name is Poshu and I am bringing another ice skater to you all. Behold, renowned piggy/silver medalist Yuri Katsuki.

You can reach me at Poshueatspancake#9467 on discord or ping me on Yuri's account. I am super excited to play with everyone so feel free to approach this figure skating dork.
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[personal profile] padadin2017-05-16 12:28 pm

On the Atroma information

Hello fellow fleeters! I'm making this post to talk about the information about Atroma that everyone found during the heist. I know it's usual that, after plots like this, someone makes a post where characters shares findings. But since everyone was in the same room, I thought we could skip that step?

I thought it'd be cool if we handwaved a talk where they all agreed to put the info they found together on a document to share with the rest of the fleet, and put that finish document on a post for IC discussion if the people that didn't go are interested. That way is easier for a quick read and theorizing instead of lots of mini threads with the bits of information from each person. OOCly I don't mind putting it all together on a pastebin after the mods are done answering - ICly it'd probably be the best to say a character with communication augment or computer skills from home made it.

So yeah, let me know if you're all cool with that! Or maybe you have other ideas? I'm all ears! Let's go all resistance on this shit.

eta: WELP THAT HAPPENED go figure. Unless anyone is against, copy for the Iskaulit is a go. Also, forgot to add: if you have any info from the Interceptors, that could be shared too!
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A Drop & Job Change

Hey guys, got two things.

First of all Sora will be heading back to his AU world. It's been a lot of fun playing him and I've enjoyed his CR, but I've been struggling with him for months. And since I'm trying to reduce my overall internet time, I figured it was time to just face the music and send him home. Sorry to all his CR, it was fun playing with you guys!

Allen Walker will be sticking around for now.

Secondly, I'm going to be stepping down as a full-time moderator and going to act as just a mod helper again. It's been an absolute pleasure being a mod and I love this game, but I can't deny that I've been delving too deep into moderation and using it as an excuse not to tackle stuff IRL - which hey, that's not at all healthy. Not only that, but I think its been showing in my overall performance/stress level.

Therefore, Maggie and Saffy will continue to act as head mods. Meanwhile, I'll be stepping back and acting as a mod helper that'll basically take one weekend a month to fix up any coding/HTML, list issues, and/or minor odd jobs that tend to pop up. This might change in the future, but for now I think regulating my time would be best.

Love to you all. You aren't rid of me yet.
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Heist Results + New Upgrades!

The party's still rocking, all partygoers oblivious to anything heist-like occurring in the depths of the asteroid's complex! But what will the fleeters find? What's the ultimate result? It's time to find out!

On the heist mingle post, there are now two new toplevels for the final destination and the great escape! Feel free to use those!

Get the details! )
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Contact Page Update

Hey guys, mod team here with a quick message.

There's been some concerns raised surrounding communications with the mods, specifically regarding issues with other players. We looked it into and agreed there could be more room for clarity, so we updated the Player & Mod Contact Page with more information regarding how to contact us with problems regarding other players.

The additions are as followed:

If you have concerns or issues regarding another player, we may ask for different things depending on the severity of the issue.

  • If it's a player that you just wish to avoid and rather not be put on the same ship, just let us know before the next shuffle. We do not need a reason for why that is, as we feel that's your own business (everyone has someone they don't get along with), though we may ask if you think there's going to be a problem.

  • If it's a more serious transgression such as OOC harassment or godmodding that would require stricter actions, please contact us with as much information and evidence (screencaps, chat logs, etc) as possible, as well as your preferred resolution to this problem. We may choose a different alternative than your suggested resolutions, but we always aim to find the best resolution we can. However, this can only be done if we know as much information as possible.

  • (These are again being reworked, as per player feedback.)

    We hope this helps makes things clearer if you should ever need to contact the mods, as well as help the mod team better discern the best course of action in the future.

    Thank you!
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    (no subject)

    I hate to add on to the drop train, but Jennifer Keller's going to be going home, too. :( This chapter of her journey is coming to an end; I've been feeling burnt out and directionless with the character, and she's lost a lot of significant CR, so I feel like it's best to bow out. Thanks for the good memories and the good CR I've had with her here.

    Also, I'm stepping back to take a breather from the game in general, so Castle [personal profile] thebestseller, Alphonse [personal profile] sonofgold and Tina [personal profile] continuousgroaning are going to be in hypersleep til the end of the month. If there are any ongoing threads you want me to tag, please do let me know, but otherwise I'm only going to be cherrypicking.

    Thanks, everyone!
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    [personal profile] dancingmd2017-05-12 07:00 pm
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    Hello, fleet. I'm incredibly sorry to do this only a day after dropping Misty; I thought maybe I could make it work still with just Beverly but I'm afraid I can't, so this will be the end of my run here at Drift Fleet. Many of you probably know this was my first game (well. first that lasted more than a week at any rate) and I cannot thank you all enough for being so welcoming to me and Beverly both. You're a wonderful, creative bunch and I'm glad I got to play with you.

    For now, though, it's time for Beverly to go back home to the Enterprise.

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    Hello all!

    I'm Ten, new to Drift Fleet and expanding your Tales of Berseria cast with...

    Rokurou is a daemon who enjoys fighting, drinking, fighting, getting into dumb competitions, and fighting. ... That's about it, really. I apologize now to his crew.

    My plurk is [plurk.com profile] scarletsteps and my Discord is Ten#4422 if you wanna hit me up.

    I'm really excited to be here and looking forward to playing with everyone!
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    Steal and Dance the Night Away!

    The Ball is now up! The Heist will come up later today (once the NPCing mods get home cough). The heist is now up too!

    Information about either events can be found on their mingles! A conclusion info post will go up on Sunday May 14, but we emphasize again that as always, this is a very back-tag friendly event.

    If you are participating in the heist with a character that’s interested in stealing stuff besides things relevant to Atroma, comment to this post and we’ll let you know what your character can get!

    And as always, if you have any questions about either event, feel free to leave a question here!
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    Shuffle the Night Away

    New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship passengers!

    EVENT NOTE: The shuffle will take place early in the day ICly while the event planned will take place in the evening/night hours ICly, so characters who just got off the Marsiva have time to prepare for the event.

    If they are worried about money, they will find that Atroma has given them a little extra money in their account, enough to cover formal wear. Because that's not at all suspicious.

    Zelda → SS Paisley
    Victor Nikiforov → SS Heron
    Barry Allen → SS First Breath
    Rokurou Rangetsu → SS Starstruck

    Iris West -x- SS First Breath
    Lance Hunter -x- SS Twin Roses
    Misty Day -x- SS Paisley
    Stefan Salvatore -x- SS Paisley
    Winn Schott -x- SS Tourist
    Alex Russo -x- SS Paisley
    Elena Gilbert -x- SS Starstruck
    Euphemia li Britannia -x- SS Bloodsport
    Cisco Ramon -x- SS Blameless
    Nancy Wheeler -x- SS Heron

    Edna = SS Vanquish → SS Blameless

    Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya → SS Paisley (Captain) (promoted)

    Stefan Salvatore -X- SS Paisley (captain)

    Current Crew Roster
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    see you space such-and-suches

    Hey guys, I really hate to have popped back in for such a short time, but unfortunately it just didn't stick this go around. Thanks for the great two years, and be sure to remember Alex fondly in song, just as she'd want.