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Hiya! I'm Debs, and I was here about a year ago with a space idol named Nagisa Motomiya! Well, I'm back with another space idol named Freyja Wion from Macross Delta.

She's a very cheerful, bright girl that likes to sing and dance! And she has her own personal moodring on her head in the form of a heart-shaped rune. She's basically an alien but not really, too? Thanks Protoculture. Macross is all about weird sci-fi singing science. She's gonna be outfitted with a Counselor augment so that'll be fun, too. I'm really looking forward to playing with everyone!

You can catch me at [ profile] kyuupin if you'd like, too.
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Hi everyone! My name is Kaze and I'm a first time player here. I'm bringing you Okita Souji, the first unit captain of the Shinsengumi from the anime version of Peace Maker Kurogane. Souji is a very fun-loving, kind, caring individual who loves to joke and tease his friends and eat candy and take care of children. See Exhibit A:

But sometimes he's also this really cold, merciless, blood-lust filled guy who goes around being Stabby McStabbkins on people who just happen to be on the opposite side of history from him. And then he coughs up a lung and dies (eventually). See Exhibit B:

Isn't history fun, kids?

Anyway, you can add me at [ profile] wagashi, or hit me up via Journal PM. I'm still setting up his journal at the moment, but his basic information is all there. I look forward to playing with everyone!
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No really this guy is a literal pain in some guy's head in canon. But yes. HELLO ALL, Dolly here bringing you the one, the only: Handsome Jack from the Borderlands series. Specifically, Tales from the Borderlands, Episode 3. Which means that instead of an insane, murdering, psychopathic CEO who kept his daughter imprisoned and pumped from of lethal alien minerals, he is only an AI of an insane, murdering, psychopathic CEO who kept his daughter imprisoned and pumped from of lethal alien minerals!

Totally an improvement, I know.

Especially since he's going to be living in the Fleet's network as a Communications Officer which will totally not backfire in any way shape or form.

But yes since Jack sometimes has inspired ideas like killing people and then shoving robotic skeletons inside their bodies so he can wear them as a meat suit, I do have an opt-out/permissions post for him just in case! He probably won't be doing so much of that in the fleet on account of not having any robotic skeletons to shove inside bodies so he can wear them, but just in case.

If you wanna reach me just hit up [ profile] owlits :>b
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Hi all! This is Haunt (player of Kitty Pryde) bringing in Mon-El from Supergirl! He has powers similar, but not identical, to Kara's which are also affected by having the right suns around. He is still working on knowing Earth things so expect some confusion over terms that get bandied about on the fleet. Teach him well. He's friendly and likes to drink and I feel like this is a terrible intro but it's also 1am so this is what you get!

Add me on plurk if you haven't yet. [ profile] hauntedreality Also HauntedReality on AIM and hauntedreality#1618 on Discord.
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Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm new! I'm bringing you all this little mage boy who, if you haven't seen the Warcraft film, is actually kind of the same Khadgar as from the game WoW! Except he hasn't been cursed with old age, he was going to be the next Guardian, aaaaaaaaaaaand give him a book and he's gone. He'll be coming in from just after killing Medivh but before he finds out what happened with Llane and Garona.

He's definitely a little nerd, loves learning new things but he can get kind of stubborn. If you want to get a hold of me for anything, feel free to hit me up on plurk ([ profile] lenneths_wings)
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Hey, guys! My name's Autumn, and I'm bringing Jade back to Drift Fleet because I miss RP and you guys a lot. :c She's a silly Homestuck CRAU'ed from Asgard and who's keeping her previous memories from here! I'm around on plurk at [ profile] bokononist if anyone wants to do any sort of plotting or goofing around, but mostly I am just excited to be back!
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Hi, this is Kiwi, who plays CRAU Espio the Chameleon. Here's a quick intro for my second character before I fall asleep.

I'm bringing in Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder. He's a friendly, fairly relaxed person with a bit of a stubborn streak. You probably wouldn't want to pick a fight with him, because he can definitely fight back, but he's not about to go instigating any trouble... unless you piss off his split personality, but at this canon point that's unlikely.

Aoba's from after the Noiz Drama CD, so he's very much post-canon. While he's still facing a few problems, things are mostly pretty okay. There's a few unsolved mysteries and details about himself that he's unaware of (courtesy of not being from the true route) but he's fine with that. He's not going to be fine in Space (he could barely handle being on a plane!) but he'll try to make the best of it! Chances are he'll seek out someone to help him with his German while he's here, at the very least.

As a heads up, Aoba has mind control powers, and he can enter people's minds and poke around inside them. As a general rule, he won't do it without a very good reason, but awkwardly his mind control voice also happens to be his phone voice, so people may well find his voice strangely attractive and/or compelling when he broadcasts. He doesn't do it on purpose!

If you like, you can get hold of me on [ profile] snailyjayne.
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Rebecca here, player of Felix Harrowgate, adding a space wizard to my roster of an actual wizard.

This is Major Kaidan Alenko of a little game series called Mass Effect, and he'll be joining the fleet just in time for N7 day. For the uninitiated, Kaidan's a Marine in service of the Systems Alliance, which is military/navy for the entire Earth in the 22nd century. He's also a biotic, which is, jokes about space magic aside, basically a form of advanced telekinesis made possible in part by a cranial implant. He's one of the first of his kind and is very powerful, but it also comes with the comparatively minor side effects of migraines and occasional static shocks. Expect him to be making friends with his ship's doctor.

Kaidan is as likely to be uptight and opinionated as he is easy-going and kind. He's an awkward, introspective, loyal, generally nice person that can also kill you with his brain. Not that he will lightly. Kaidan has an almost herculean level of self-control on both his powers and his emotions.

For those who know him, he'll be coming to the fleet just prior to the Priority:Earth final mission and he'll have the Security augment so he can continue doing what he does best.
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Hello all!

I'm Snow and I'm brand new to Drift Fleet. I arrive with an urban fantasy protagonist, Kai Gracen from the Kai Gracen book series. His full name is Chimera because that's a totally normal thing to name a child if the child is a mix of sidhe and unsidhe and really more of a science experiment than a child.

A few important things about Kai:
- he hates elfin. yes, he knows he's one of them, but he still hates them
- he thinks of himself as a monster. not because of the elfin thing, but because of the sidhe/unsidhe thing.
- he's decidedly non-magical. in fact he's basically allergic to magic. there's iron dust in his blood and it means he reacts very badly to magic being cast on him or in his presence
- he has purple eyes and pointy ears
- he smells like cinnamon and oranges
- he has the security skillset which is great because he likes guns

Anyway, I look forward to throwing him into the game. He'll be stuck on the Marsiva for a bit, so I'll probably do an intro post from there.

I'm on plurk at [ profile] snowishness, so feel free to friend me there!
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Hello, all, this is Lysoke with a new second character and a second Dragon Age brat because I have a problem.

This is Lark Mahariel (Dalish Elf origin),and the Hero of Ferelden in her timeline. She's aggressive, stubborn and doesn't trust easily, but she's ultimately interested in doing the right thing and once you're on her good side, she's a good body guard friend to have! She's also a rogue so don't mind if she steals your stuff.

Lark is the new communications officer for the Paisley and probably won't have a traditional intro post since her Test Drive stuff is now canon, but I'll be tagging her around to get her started.

As always, you can find me through PM or on plurk at [ profile] Lysoke!
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Anyway yes, hi hello everyone! My name is Styx and I'm totally new to this game ;w; I have been peeking at Drift Fleet for a while now though, so I'm pretty excited to join this fun cast of characters! It's nice to meet everyone and I do look forward to threading with you all!

AS FOR MY CHARACTER, meet Kuroba Kaito, who is 100% more of a loser/nerd than he'd like you to think. He's a bratty and jokey high school magician by day, and an infamously suave phantom thief by night. He comes from Detective Conan (and Magic Kaito) fame.

This version of him is yoinked with some CRAU history from Kyriakos! You can read up the details of his CRAU stuff on his app if you'd like. Despite the CRAU he is definitely still, at his core, the same character he was in canon-- he's just seen a ton more Bad Stuff and has Wisened Up to a slightly more mature young man than he is in canon.

. . . only slightly.

ANYWAY, as I said, I look forward to threading with you all /o/ My rp plurk is [ profile] rogueclass. Feel free to add me and hit me up o7!
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Hi all! I'm Rachel, brand new to Drift Fleet, and I'm bringing in Jeyne Westerling from A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm relying completely on the book canon and she is coming in from her final appearance in "A Feast for Crows". She was returning to Crag, leaving the Riverlands after Robb's death, before being brought into the game. An infinitely better situation in her opinion. If there are any questions or concerns regarding Jeyne and the mixing of show and book canon, let me know.

I'm always up for plotting and the like. You can reach me through pm or my plurk: [ profile] la_fille_en_histoire.

I'm really excited to play with everyone. I should have Jeyne's intro up today.
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(Look who's not thrilled to be back.)

Hello, I'm Sylvia Viridian, and I am officially bringing back in Yuan Ka-Fai from Tales of Symphonia! He's been in the Fleet before, and was in Paradisa long ago, but he's not going to remember either of those things. His canon point is one year after the first game, which is one year before the second.

Yuan is a grumpy lightning mage/swordsman, and technically an angel, though he's not actually holy - just a half-elf with extra magic and wings. And halted aging/super strength/enhanced senses. I am capping his powers very, very slightly in order to force him to eat and sleep occasionally. Not nearly as much as a human would need to, but enough to get him complaining about the quality of the food, because that's always good fun. He comes from a JRPG world full of racism and tragedy, where he was a part of the organization that controlled the world, and also running a rebellion against said organization in an effort to save the world, right up until it got saved by an idiot hero instead. Now he's been standing guard over a magic sapling for a year, because the magical spirit inhabiting it looks like his long-dead fiancee and his best friend abandoned the planet to go live on a comet with a bunch of soulless angels.

It's complicated.

Half-elves in his canon have magic senses, and as such I've got a permissions post for him over here so you can tell me what, if anything, he can sense about your character. He is coming in with a Communications augment.

Contact me on Plurk at [ profile] Renegade_one or on AIM as sylviaviridian! Feel free to friend me on Plurk too even if you don't have anything in particular to say.
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Hi there! I’m Kira, and I'm super excited to be here. Nice to meet you all – feel free to hit me up on my plurk, [ profile] velvetoreo, for whatever reason; whether it’s to plot or just to chat, it’s all good.

I’m bringing with me Aoko Nakamori from Magic Kaito (and its sister series, Detective Conan.) For those canon familiar who may be wondering, I play her primarily from the manga, with some details fleshed out by the MK1412 anime. However! This version of Aoko went through Some Stuff over in her primary CRAU, Kyriakos, and there's a permissions post for her right here that highlights most of the important details. In summary, her story arc involves a whole lot of amnesia, oodles of trauma, many dramatic training montages, endless stupid romcom, and a haircut. Good times for all. Between all of that, she was forced to grow up from being deuteragonist love interest with naïve ideals on justice, to a young woman who understands what (and who) she wants to fight for.

Generally speaking Aoko's super earnest, with a—somewhat burned by experience, admittedly—heart of gold, and hobbies that include: cooking, picking fights with Evil Things much bigger than she is, ice skating, having all of her dates interrupted by wolves and-or velociraptors, video games, the proper (and improper) use of grappling hooks, and picking on her loved ones.

I might not be able to intro until the weekend (timezones), but I'm looking forward to playing with everyone!

+1 closer

Oct. 12th, 2016 02:16 am
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Hey guys! This is Kate, player of Arthur from Inception and Juno MacGuff, bringing in another character. His name is Harvey Specter, and he's from a drama called Suits, which is about a hotshot lawyer (Harvey) who hires an associate knowing that he has no law degree, and them trying to hide the secret. It's really good and hilarious; I really recommend it! Harvey is, most of all, an arrogant asshole. He likes to talk a big talk, and he enjoys winning above all else. He also has a horrible temper, and a tendency not to let other people in. He does have a strict moral code, though, and is a pretty loyal, caring guy once he starts caring about you.

Harvey's from just before the Season 3 finale, and he's personnel. I'm going for a sort of conflict management thing with that. I'll also be using the 'similar but not the same' rule about 4th-walling people, since Harvey knows a lot of pop culture.

Also, if you don't already have me added, feel free to add me on plurk at [ profile] everlark

And I think that's it! Can't wait to get going!
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Hii! My name is Leah and I'm here with Matt Murdock from the Netflix Daredevil series! I've been in Drift Fleet before, (though not for very long) and I'm excited to be back. Anyone who'd like to is totally welcome to friend me at CaptainStark on Plurk!

Matt's current position is Legal Counselor (Personnel Support/Civilian Augment), at least while no one knows about his vigilante night job and his superhuman senses. Though obviously if you're a 616 character who knows him, that's totally cool to bring up with him. He IS able to detect lying and other weird details due to his heightened senses, so if you have any questions about that, just send me a Plurk or a PM.

Otherwise, that's really it! I look forward to playing with everyone :)
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In my tradition of apping tsunderes, this is Saffy with yet another slightly immortal pissed off dude. This is Kanda from D.Gray-man, a.k.a. Where Kingdom Hearts Went Wrong. He's Allen's friend, sort of. They tried to kill each other when they first met but that's kind of part for the course when it comes to Kanda. There was a little stabbing. They kissed and made up.

-- Actually, they didn't. The sheer force of Kanda's stubbornness brought him across time and space to yell at Allen for being nice to him once.

There's nothing really to note except he's lab support, so I imagine he won't be doing much of anything useful in the medical lab of his new ship next Saturday. His idea of first aid is literally pouring his blood on people's wounds because it heals them (painfully). Someone please tell him that's an unsafe health practice.


Sep. 23rd, 2016 09:00 am
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Hello, Drift Fleet! My name is Jocelyn and I'm new to this game! I'm bringing in Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti from iZombie and I'm excited to have some fun with him :)

Ravi is a big old nerd and as such may recognize some people (HELLO STAR WARS CAST IN PARTICULAR), but fear not! He is going to be very careful about not breaking the fourth wall, because he's a decent guy. He'll just scream loudly on the inside and try to act cool. (He will probably not be very cool.) Feel free to hit me up with any concerns about Ravi recognizing a character - we can always work something out!

He spent a short stint in another game (CFUD) where he mostly sat around at a hospital trying to keep his gorilla nursing staff in line. He is obviously going to be very enthused about his cooking augment (no he's not).

You can contact me on plurk at [ profile] canuckleheaded for anything, and I look forward to playing with you all :)


Sep. 23rd, 2016 10:03 am
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Hi everyone! :D

I'm Dunadaness and I'm new and very excited to be here! *shyly offers everyone cookies.*

I'm bringing you the DC Comics character Gemini de Mille. She's stretchy, shapeshifty and definitely a bad girl! Although she's been assigned a Security Augment she'll probably be a bit lazy at her job to say the least and will amuse herself by creating some discord. Her permissions and bio are linked there.

I am always open for threading and plotting and am way nicer than my muse. So feel free to drop me a PM and we can plot!


Sep. 22nd, 2016 04:47 pm
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hello drift fleet i bring you an extremely accurate version of russian history--

i mean. this is eli, bringing in a second character: anya from fox's animated film, anastasia! she's a sassy amnesiac searching for home, love & family while she's not busy escaping zombie rasputin & the forces of evil. as one does.

she has a pilot augment, and i'm excited to play her here!! as always, you can add me at [ profile] becoming if you'd like to plot c: