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The easiest way to introduce Signy Mallory to you is to tell you that her own (now former) commanding officer called her “a bloody-handed tyrant” and she agreed with him. She once ordered one unit of her ship to fire on another because “Norway has its standards”.

I’m Snow (feel free to add me on plurk if you haven’t: [ profile] snowishness) and I play Kai Gracen here already. I’m bringing you my second character. Signy comes from CJ Cherryh’s Alliance-Union Universe . She’s the Captain of the Norway (and a thorn in Union’s side). Her crew pretty much adores her, but as far as everyone else is concerned they must be crazy to do so.

She’s used to her word being the law of her ship and any civilian encounters she has, so it’s going to be grand fun for anyone on the ship she ends up on, in addition to the adjusting that she herself is going to have to do. Signy looks 36 other than the silver-gray hair, but she’s actually 49 with some sci-fi aging decrease.
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Hello, DF! I'm TF, new meat here, and I bring you Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane from the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender (sounds familiar? yep, remake from the 80s anime). He's a trained astroexplorer in the process of defending the universe in a lion shaped mecha, so aliens and space are pretty much home, and of course his augment is pilot. Shiro's known for being a great leader, the golden boy that everyone follows, but he's also dealing with some shit after having been held prisoner and experimented on by the bad alien empire. Look at that shiny metal arm that comes with memory loss and trauma...

Shiro is taken from the end of season 2 so if you want me to avoid spoilers, please let me know! Same if you don't want to deal with his PTSD in tags. You can find me through PMs or at [ profile] totallyfangirl. I'll take advantage of that fresh cr meme and hit it in a minute. Looking forward to playing with everyone!
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Hello, all! Kate here, player of Arthur from Inception, and today I bring you (Captain) Jack Sparrow! Greatest pirate in the Caribbean (according to him.) He's greedy, dishonest, and crafty, but he does have spots of goodness. No doubt he will be causing all sorts of problems. He's coming in toward the end of the first movie, before his battle with Barbossa (and before he steals a coin, so he's not undead). He's coming in with his compass, and he'll no doubt be upset that he doesn't have his pistol. He kept it all this time and Atroma took it away!!

I have a permissions post here for................. Jack stealing stuff............... So if you'd like Jack to steal something of your character's, let me know! It's very possible for them to get it back, or lose it forever, whatever you want!

As always, I'm at [ profile] everlark for chatting and plotting! Feel free to add me!

ALSO a note: Whichever ship he ends up on, Jack's going to claim to be captain. He won't ever do the paperwork for it, so whoever's captain now will still be the lone captain. He'll just... refer to himself as the captain and be a thorn in your side. Forgive me.
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Hi everyone!

Batty here bringing back Harry Potter's loving mum! She's returning after my break due to moving and life, and she herself has canon updated to the moment of her death.

So have Lily Potter, older, wiser and realizing life is never quite what you think it should be. She's seen and done things her younger self could scarcely imagine and now she's dead. BUT! She died saving her son and honoring the sacrifice her husband made before her.

She's still sweet and kind and a people person, but she's just a bit more somber than she used to be. She grew up.

Can't wait for her to meet and reunite with her crew and friends.
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Hello everyone ❤ My name is Mei and while I've been here before, I admit I didn't stay for very long. I make my return this time with a character who I've considered for this game for a while (months? years? I don't recall how long I've been threatening to bring her here honestly...) so I hope you're ready.

This is Lancer from the Fate/ series. I know that doesn't tell you much, considering if you Google Lancer + Fate, you get a dumb dog in blue spandex. Lancer's true identity is Elizabeth Báthory, you know, a serial killer. How can a serial killer become a Heroic Spirit? Well, if you're the genius behind the Fate/ franchise, you simply take her from an "innocent" age before she went too crazy with all the murder and while you're at it, you make her a J-pop fanatic who uses modern slang. Because that makes sense.

Either way, this dragon's daughter shouldn't be left alone and she really shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of anything medically inclined. Which is why the lab augment is the best choice for her! Sorry in advance, crew of the Three Twins. At least there's Anders??

Whenever she's not torturing people, she enjoys singing (which is horrible btw), getting praised by everyone she meets (no one wants to compliment her), and being pampered. Keep her satisfied and she's likely not going to cause much trouble......... (ha ha ha hAAAAA)

In short, we're going to have some adventures in babysitting.

Her intro post is up over HERE. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up with them. In the meantime, I'm excited to be here!
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Hi everyone! This is Kaze, the Okita Souji player, bringing you a new character who is about 5000% less likely to lie, but 10,000% more likely to stab. But it's not really his fault, he's a dumb sword. Case in point:

This is Doudanuki Masakuni, a sword spirit ala that fighting harem browser game Touken Ranbu. He looks, sounds, and seems human, but he's actually a 600+ year old sword spirit that's been brought to life by a spiritual sage to fight a time war against other corrupted sword spirits that try to rewrite history and destroy the world from the year 2205. Yeeeaaaah....The plot of this game is hella weird. TL;DR: it's like Pokemon but with hot guys.

Doudanuki is a war sword, so he enjoys fighting, sparring, yelling, and training with the occasional side job of figuring out how to be human. He's. Not very good at his side job yet.

I've been having a blast here so far, but if anyone wants to hit me up for plotting with this new guy, you can find me at [ profile] wagashi.
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Hey there, long time listener first time caller! Saint here bringing in someone I should probably profusely apologize for in advance, Livewire!

 photo Livewire Gif8_zpstjtg5nca.gif
Look how adorable she is, how much trouble could she be?

ANYWAYS, I am specifically bringing her animated version to the party, which I'm still not sure is a good thing or a bad thing for the resident Kara. Since on the one hand, she's like 95% less homicidal maniac, but her troll game is so much stronger and she is super indiscriminate with her brattiness.

It's also a very good idea to keep her away from your electronics, because she will absolutely hitchhike (and without so much as a thank you, that jerk).

You can catch me on Plurk at [ profile] SaintCynicism, or just shoot me a PM if you've got anything you don't wanna say in the comment section.

Her intro post should be up (much) later tonight, as well as some general housekeeping on her profile page (permissions, etc), but for right now I've gotta run. Look forward to playing with you all!

Her permissions post is HERE, in case anyone wants to grant/deny permissions for her to make their lives difficult in advance. Also, she's voiced by the wonderful Lori Petty, and if anyone wants to get an idea of what that means and what her shenanigans entail, here you go.

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Hello everyone! This is Shurimon, player of Jennifer Keller, Richard Castle and Alphonse Elric. I'm sorry to say that I dropped Kaylee- I've largely lost interest in the canon and I haven't really done anything with her in at least a month, so I figured it was for the best.

However... it's time for the charm bomb to explode.

Since I seem incapable of NOT playing 4 characters here, I am instead bringing in Tina Belcher from the cartoon series Bob's Burgers. Her application is here but the basic rundown is that Tina is an awkward and quirky yet adorable 13-year-old girl who loves butts, horses, and zombies and writes erotic fanfiction. I gave her a Cook augment since in canon she's spent her life helping around her father's hamburger restaurant- so be prepared for some delicious beef gel concoctions, yo. For those familiar with canon I'm taking her from after the season 5 episode "The Oeder Games", where her dad's just saved the town from dealing with a rent hike from their landlord.

As always I am available through PM or Plurk [ profile] shurimon if you have any questions or concerns!
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... What? They do. ♥

Hiiii it's Maggie! I'm bringing you an OC from Destiny - Jayden Price! She's a Titan, which means she likes punching things. And she's very good at it! She's also a hard-ass on the surface but a softie deep down. And she tends to be a sasspot if displeased. Good times.

She's from post Rise of Iron - life as a Guardian just keeps on keepin' on, after all.

She's been sorted onto the Pathstone I see, so HELLO SHIPMATES. o/

I can be found on plurk at [ profile] reveris. I can be reached pretty easily, so if you need anything at all or just wanna plot, hit me up.
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Hi! I'm Shannon and I have been looking at this game for almost a year now, trying to choose someone to app at your lovely game. Well I'm finally here with Leo Fitz from the TV show Agents of SHIELD.

Fitz is an engineering genius who just happens to be responsible for at least some of the tech that SHIELD uses though he rarely gets the credit he deserves!! Ahem anyway. He can be pretty awkward and has problems properly connecting with people sometimes, especially since he's here without Simmons who is the much better of the two being social and stuff. Which brings me to another point: He's gonna feel a little lost without Simmons for a while. Plus, his canon point is he and Simmons are separated and she might be in trouble because holy shit HYDRA has wormed its way into SHIELD and everything is Not Okay. Otherwise known as 1.17 Turn, Turn, Turn.

ANYWAY I am super excited to be here and to start doing things with you all :D And if you want, feel free to add me on plurk @ [ profile] black_angel_
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AY Egg here, I play Sorey from Tales of Zestiria and I'm here with my second, a lovely man who goes by Aizawa and is, honestly, too tired for all of this. He's a hero teacher who hails from My Hero Academia, which if you have not had the pleasure of reading, is incredible and about baby superheroes with incredible character and plot writing that I looooooove to pieces. I highly recommend it.

ANYWAY he's tired, stern, secretly Very Concerned over the people he likes- actually he's a lot like Star Trek's Bones, which is why I gave him the Lab Support augment because I like the 'cranky healers' trope.

He's also got a superpower that cancels out powers, so please swing by the post and lmk if there's issues! He has to activate it tho and he doesn't do it unless there's danger, so I can always ping ya if it ever comes up.

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Hiya! I'm Debs, and I was here about a year ago with a space idol named Nagisa Motomiya! Well, I'm back with another space idol named Freyja Wion from Macross Delta.

She's a very cheerful, bright girl that likes to sing and dance! And she has her own personal moodring on her head in the form of a heart-shaped rune. She's basically an alien but not really, too? Thanks Protoculture. Macross is all about weird sci-fi singing science. She's gonna be outfitted with a Counselor augment so that'll be fun, too. I'm really looking forward to playing with everyone!

You can catch me at [ profile] kyuupin if you'd like, too.
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Hi everyone! My name is Kaze and I'm a first time player here. I'm bringing you Okita Souji, the first unit captain of the Shinsengumi from the anime version of Peace Maker Kurogane. Souji is a very fun-loving, kind, caring individual who loves to joke and tease his friends and eat candy and take care of children. See Exhibit A:

But sometimes he's also this really cold, merciless, blood-lust filled guy who goes around being Stabby McStabbkins on people who just happen to be on the opposite side of history from him. And then he coughs up a lung and dies (eventually). See Exhibit B:

Isn't history fun, kids?

Anyway, you can add me at [ profile] wagashi, or hit me up via Journal PM. I'm still setting up his journal at the moment, but his basic information is all there. I look forward to playing with everyone!
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No really this guy is a literal pain in some guy's head in canon. But yes. HELLO ALL, Dolly here bringing you the one, the only: Handsome Jack from the Borderlands series. Specifically, Tales from the Borderlands, Episode 3. Which means that instead of an insane, murdering, psychopathic CEO who kept his daughter imprisoned and pumped from of lethal alien minerals, he is only an AI of an insane, murdering, psychopathic CEO who kept his daughter imprisoned and pumped from of lethal alien minerals!

Totally an improvement, I know.

Especially since he's going to be living in the Fleet's network as a Communications Officer which will totally not backfire in any way shape or form.

But yes since Jack sometimes has inspired ideas like killing people and then shoving robotic skeletons inside their bodies so he can wear them as a meat suit, I do have an opt-out/permissions post for him just in case! He probably won't be doing so much of that in the fleet on account of not having any robotic skeletons to shove inside bodies so he can wear them, but just in case.

If you wanna reach me just hit up [ profile] owlits :>b
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Hi all! This is Haunt (player of Kitty Pryde) bringing in Mon-El from Supergirl! He has powers similar, but not identical, to Kara's which are also affected by having the right suns around. He is still working on knowing Earth things so expect some confusion over terms that get bandied about on the fleet. Teach him well. He's friendly and likes to drink and I feel like this is a terrible intro but it's also 1am so this is what you get!

Add me on plurk if you haven't yet. [ profile] hauntedreality Also HauntedReality on AIM and hauntedreality#1618 on Discord.
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Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm new! I'm bringing you all this little mage boy who, if you haven't seen the Warcraft film, is actually kind of the same Khadgar as from the game WoW! Except he hasn't been cursed with old age, he was going to be the next Guardian, aaaaaaaaaaaand give him a book and he's gone. He'll be coming in from just after killing Medivh but before he finds out what happened with Llane and Garona.

He's definitely a little nerd, loves learning new things but he can get kind of stubborn. If you want to get a hold of me for anything, feel free to hit me up on plurk ([ profile] lenneths_wings)
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Hey, guys! My name's Autumn, and I'm bringing Jade back to Drift Fleet because I miss RP and you guys a lot. :c She's a silly Homestuck CRAU'ed from Asgard and who's keeping her previous memories from here! I'm around on plurk at [ profile] bokononist if anyone wants to do any sort of plotting or goofing around, but mostly I am just excited to be back!
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Hi, this is Kiwi, who plays CRAU Espio the Chameleon. Here's a quick intro for my second character before I fall asleep.

I'm bringing in Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder. He's a friendly, fairly relaxed person with a bit of a stubborn streak. You probably wouldn't want to pick a fight with him, because he can definitely fight back, but he's not about to go instigating any trouble... unless you piss off his split personality, but at this canon point that's unlikely.

Aoba's from after the Noiz Drama CD, so he's very much post-canon. While he's still facing a few problems, things are mostly pretty okay. There's a few unsolved mysteries and details about himself that he's unaware of (courtesy of not being from the true route) but he's fine with that. He's not going to be fine in Space (he could barely handle being on a plane!) but he'll try to make the best of it! Chances are he'll seek out someone to help him with his German while he's here, at the very least.

As a heads up, Aoba has mind control powers, and he can enter people's minds and poke around inside them. As a general rule, he won't do it without a very good reason, but awkwardly his mind control voice also happens to be his phone voice, so people may well find his voice strangely attractive and/or compelling when he broadcasts. He doesn't do it on purpose!

If you like, you can get hold of me on [ profile] snailyjayne.
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Rebecca here, player of Felix Harrowgate, adding a space wizard to my roster of an actual wizard.

This is Major Kaidan Alenko of a little game series called Mass Effect, and he'll be joining the fleet just in time for N7 day. For the uninitiated, Kaidan's a Marine in service of the Systems Alliance, which is military/navy for the entire Earth in the 22nd century. He's also a biotic, which is, jokes about space magic aside, basically a form of advanced telekinesis made possible in part by a cranial implant. He's one of the first of his kind and is very powerful, but it also comes with the comparatively minor side effects of migraines and occasional static shocks. Expect him to be making friends with his ship's doctor.

Kaidan is as likely to be uptight and opinionated as he is easy-going and kind. He's an awkward, introspective, loyal, generally nice person that can also kill you with his brain. Not that he will lightly. Kaidan has an almost herculean level of self-control on both his powers and his emotions.

For those who know him, he'll be coming to the fleet just prior to the Priority:Earth final mission and he'll have the Security augment so he can continue doing what he does best.
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Hello all!

I'm Snow and I'm brand new to Drift Fleet. I arrive with an urban fantasy protagonist, Kai Gracen from the Kai Gracen book series. His full name is Chimera because that's a totally normal thing to name a child if the child is a mix of sidhe and unsidhe and really more of a science experiment than a child.

A few important things about Kai:
- he hates elfin. yes, he knows he's one of them, but he still hates them
- he thinks of himself as a monster. not because of the elfin thing, but because of the sidhe/unsidhe thing.
- he's decidedly non-magical. in fact he's basically allergic to magic. there's iron dust in his blood and it means he reacts very badly to magic being cast on him or in his presence
- he has purple eyes and pointy ears
- he smells like cinnamon and oranges
- he has the security skillset which is great because he likes guns

Anyway, I look forward to throwing him into the game. He'll be stuck on the Marsiva for a bit, so I'll probably do an intro post from there.

I'm on plurk at [ profile] snowishness, so feel free to friend me there!