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Hello all!

I'm Ten, new to Drift Fleet and expanding your Tales of Berseria cast with...

Rokurou is a daemon who enjoys fighting, drinking, fighting, getting into dumb competitions, and fighting. ... That's about it, really. I apologize now to his crew.

My plurk is [plurk.com profile] scarletsteps and my Discord is Ten#4422 if you wanna hit me up.

I'm really excited to be here and looking forward to playing with everyone!
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Hey Fleet! It's Vappa here, and after more than a year I'm bringing in my second character, Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Zelda is the princess of Hyrule, which carries a lot of duty and expectation with it because of legends and Zelda takes that charge very seriously. But she is also a huge nerd who loves to research ancient tech and the benefits of licking frogs. She'll be very hype to get her own communicator and run around poking space technology!! I'm bringing her in from the end of the game (that massive, massive game) and she has a Lab Support augment.

You can add me at [plurk.com profile] dudemeister if you like, and looking forward to getting started with her!
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Some of you know me, some of you don't and some of us haven't played together in a while but HELLO. I am Emily and I am bringing this hot mess of issues also known as Barry Allen from DCTV's The Flash!

For those of you who aren't familiar Barry is a CSI who was struck by lightning on the night of a particle accelerator explosion and became the fastest man alive, and he decided to fight crime! Or at least, take a more proactive role, at least. His altergo is the aforementioned Flash and he's got a whole host of superspeed related powers, some of which are getting nerfed by the augments because you know what Barry Allen doesn't need to do any more of?

Time travel.

That being said, he's coming in from the S3 midseason finale, which means he's slightly spoilery, and if you'd like me to avoid dropping those, please let me know! Otherwise I'm going to try and get up his IC intro tomorrow.

I'm really excited to be here! And if you need to reach me for plotting purposes, there are three handy options:
AIM: iluvroadrunner6
Discord: iluvroadrunner6#1178
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] iluvroadrunner6

And that is all!
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Hello everyone, new person here!

I'm Zero, and I'm bringing in Jusis Albarea from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Basically, one of Fie's classmates.

Jusis is a noble, which is a big deal in the Erebonian classist as all hell system, but he's also part commoner which means he's not 'a pureblood' and that's also a big deal. Basically, he belongs nowhere, but he acts the part of a noble because he has ideas of how they should act to help everyone else. This makes him sound like a really cool dude, but... he's actually kind of an asshole.

His main front is passive aggressive sarcasm with a side of judging others because people used to always try to gain favor from him because of his position and that's something that never went away so...

Pro-tip, never ever get on his bad side. It will never ever be lived down. Otherwise he's a pretty cool and smart dude that usually keeps to himself. Approach with caution, etc etc, expect to be insulted by him one way or another...

Feel free to add me at [plurk.com profile] aidios! I look forward to playing with you all.
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Hello, Flooters! It's Mako again, bringing in my second character, the tiny and adorable Edna from Tales of Zestiria.

If anyone is unfamiliar, take a look at this gif:

Um, for those who don't know, she's related to that big dumb Earth Seraph named Eizen and she's older than a great deal of the others. If you piss her off, this will be your fate:

or this:

So, I apologize for her in advance. As is the case with the other Seraph/Malak aboard the Fleet, only those with really high spiritual resonance can see her, but for the sake of the game she'll be able to be heard over the comm devices. Please feel free to hop over to her Permissions Page and OPT IN to being able to see her.

Otherwise, I look forward to playing with everyone some more. I can, as always, be reached on plurk at [plurk.com profile] makochan or Discord at makotosagara#9497.
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S'up Flooters? Ziya (Stefan's player) here with my second character, Iris West from the Flash and the wider DCTV universe. ♥

She's an American journalist who not only makes a mean cup of coffee but pulls you aside to ask how you're doing if she thinks you don't look too well. She's also a truth seeker and almost reckless pursuer in that regard, so don't mind her relentlessly putting herself out there to get that scoop!!

Her canonpoint is specifically 2x22, and as always, you can reach me either through journal PMs or on Discord (guardblade#0057). I can't wait to hit the ground running!

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Hello Driftfleet!

I'm Jayne, and today I'm bringing you Eleanor Hume from Tales of Berseria! She's a very straightforward person, and her hobbies include helping people and giving everything she does her all. Also, she can't tell a lie to save her life, and she might as well have a giant trolling target painted on her forehead. Please be kind.

My plurk's over at [plurk.com profile] bronnichiwa for anybody who wants to plot. This is my first time in "The Fleet," so to speak, so I'm looking forward to playing with everyone!

+1 Doggo

Apr. 26th, 2017 11:02 pm
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Good evening, Drift Fleet! My name's Prof- a fresh face to these parts of space- and after spending so long tuning in I've decided to step onto the stage!... er... bridge?

Anyway! I'm bringing you Red Savarin from the 2010 DS game Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. He's a hard-working, headstrong, soft-hearted cross between your average shonen protagonist and your neighbor's yappy corgi. He works hard for the money but works even harder for the cameras and the cheers, and he'll be putting his piloting skills to good use. Or at least for a good show.

You can feel free to add me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] Metafive, whether you want to plot or just have some coffee talk. I look forward to playing with you all!

Besides, a cute dog on set is always good for ratings, right?
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Hello! I am DeadTea and I am totally new here!

And I've got Prompto Argentum from Final Fantasy XV. He's an excitable, happy young man with an obsession for chocobos and shooting things (mostly with a camera).

I'm still putting his journal together, but my plurk is [plurk.com profile] deadtea.

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Hiya flooters! This is Emily (formerly Max Caulfield, etc) making her grand comeback!

Introducing Nono, also known as Buster Machine No. 7. She's coming post-canon from a small series called Diebuster, AKA proto-Gurren Lagann. All you need to know is that she's basically a giant mecha, except human-sized and human-shaped and way too cheerful.

If u need to contact me or wanna be friends I'm on plurk at [plurk.com profile] deerleisure hit me up i'm lonely
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Hello, hello! I'm new to the fleet! I'm Haru, and I'm bringing you Chuuya Nakahara, from Bungo Stray Dogs!

Chuuya is an ability user who loves wine and hats. He has the ability to manipulate gravity, and can do cool things with it like stand on the ceiling (without his hat falling off!!), make craters with his kicks, float in the air temporarily, and stop bullets from hitting him. If he can touch it, he can do something with it, is how it works in a nutshell! He was in the mafia, meaning he's done a lot of killing, and has seen enough dead bodies to last him a lifetime. He's really confident in himself and his abilities, just don't call him short (please do it anyway ;D). He doesn't like that, even if it's true!

There are posts for both HMD and permissions (working on it) easily accessible on this account if you need it. As for me, you can reach me by PM or plurk at [plurk.com profile] hatsuharu. I have played with many of you before! \o/ Let's have some fun!
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Good morning, Floot! I am Ami, and I'm fresh meat. After peeking at the game for a while, I decided I'd put on my floaties and jump into the pool. I bring you...

This guy.

He is Shovel Knight, of his eponymous game available on multiple consoles. He goes from gathering treasure and slaying evil to providing security to whatever ship he is placed in when it's time for the shuffle. He's a kind-hearted, rather diminutive individual (I peg him at just over three feet high on a good day including the horns) who is stalwart in his knighthood and his creed of shovelry: Slash mercilessly and dig tirelessly! So he may come in handy on planet-side ventures.

Anyway, I'm available on my plurk ([plurk.com profile] MechaPony) and on Discord (RainbowDonut#5538) should you wish to make plans or just chat. Looking forward to having Shovel's ratings be the most perplexing numbers rollercoaster alive!
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Hello! It's Haunt, bringing in my third character, Euphemia li Britannia of Code Geass. She is a sweet, young lady who will not immediately remember what was going on in her timeline when she arrives.

SPOILER/WARNING TIME: She was tragically and accidentally mind-controlled to "kill all the Japanese" and she was doing her very best to make that happen by starting a massacre. This is something she would never normally do. The memories are going to spill back in bit by bit through nightmares and gameplay if something brings it to the surface. Fear not, the augment is keeping the command tucked away. (But of course, if this is something you never want your character to know about or you don't want to see bracket info on, just let me know. It's not generally something she's directly chatty about, but I do like to provide internal thought context, so it does pop up occasionally.)

She's a princess. She sometimes meows at cats because of course she does. She is a strong believer in going to school. The hair color is totally natural. And she's going to be confused about all this, but also happy to meet everyone!

Add me at [plurk.com profile] hauntedreality if you haven't already! You can also find me at hauntedreality on AIM and hauntedreality#1618 on Discord.
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Sup fleeters! Lyan here reporting for duty with another British agent for your collection because clearly those S.H.I.E.L.D. characters are an enduring British stronghold on American soil. Lance Hunter is a pissed off ex-S.A.S ex-mercenary recent (to his canon point) addition (though his mouth sometimes makes it seem like additions) to the team, coming to you from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x14, so - in a very crappy mood, apologies in advance, though, yes, he's always like that. 

His HMD is right through here and as always you can find me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] lyan142. Let's do stuff! :D
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Hello everyone! I'm Blank, a newcomer here at the Fleet! I'm here with Seymour Krelborn from the 1986 movie adaptation of the musical Little Shop of Horrors (there are way too many versions of this canon...) For those who are unfamiliar, Seymour is a kind of timidly worker at a flower shop who accidentally buys a plant one day that feasts on human flesh and forces him to kill for it.

He's genuinely a nice guy, really, it's just really easy to convince him to do things.

... And yeah, even without the murder, he has some emotional problems.

Anyway I'm excited to get to know you all! If you wanna plot, you can friend me at [plurk.com profile] blankblankity
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Hi Drift Fleet! My name is Tad, I’m newly returned cause technically I was here for a hot second a long while ago, and I am bringing one Rip Hunter of DCTV fame! He’s specifically from Legends of Tomorrow, and is a super serious former Time Master who once recruited a team of misfit superheroes and criminals to save history, except, y’know. They kind of end up messing it up just as much.

Good times.

Rip is actually being brought in from after his final scene in the season 2 finale, so if you’re looking to avoid spoilers please let me know! Also, since he’s from ~*~the future~*~ there’s a chance he may recognize the names of prominent historical figures from the world as he knows it. In that vein, I’d like to direct you to his permissions post here to avoid stepping on any toes. The good news, however, is that he’s pretty damn tight-lipped when it comes to telling people about things they shouldn’t know, like the what happens to them in the future.

The easiest way to contact me is via plurk at [plurk.com profile] tadity! I am super thrilled to be here and looking forward to playing with you all.
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Sometimes, you just need a character who is a troll. Hi guys, this is Timmy bringing in YUUUUUUUUUUURIIII LOWELLLLLLLLLLL, the original Tales murder protag. He did it before it was cool okay. He looks like an edgelord, but he's actually more like your sassy tired mom friend who is trying to make sure you all live until thirty (after that, you're on your own)

I can be found at [personal profile] captainkink or discord with quixotically#8692. His stats are here
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Hey, all! Newbie here! I'm Sailor G, and I'm bringing in this impulsive Paladork to join your spacey reality show. Keith can get pretty intense at times (he has a fire affinity for a reason), but he's really a good guy deep down... just another color-coded bishounen protagonist. He's coming in from the end of S2, so spoilers abound, but the whole season's been available on Netflix (and some other platforms /cough/) since January. Both seasons are short! I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I can be found on plurk at [plurk.com profile] duches77, and on DW at [personal profile] sailorgundam06. I look forward to joining you all!
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Hey folks!

I'm Zoki, new to the game. This is Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers---but as he's depowered until his morpher is found, he's really just a very nerdy teenager with precious little attitude. He's an engineering augment, though he'll undoubtedly try in vain to learn the other roles. Sure, he hates the whole being treated as a cosmic plaything business, but this is still an exciting educational opportunity!

You can read more about him in the application if you'd like, and I can be reached by PM here or at [plurk.com profile] kharamagic. Thank you, and I can't wait to get started!
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The easiest way to introduce Signy Mallory to you is to tell you that her own (now former) commanding officer called her “a bloody-handed tyrant” and she agreed with him. She once ordered one unit of her ship to fire on another because “Norway has its standards”.

I’m Snow (feel free to add me on plurk if you haven’t: [plurk.com profile] snowishness) and I play Kai Gracen here already. I’m bringing you my second character. Signy comes from CJ Cherryh’s Alliance-Union Universe . She’s the Captain of the Norway (and a thorn in Union’s side). Her crew pretty much adores her, but as far as everyone else is concerned they must be crazy to do so.

She’s used to her word being the law of her ship and any civilian encounters she has, so it’s going to be grand fun for anyone on the ship she ends up on, in addition to the adjusting that she herself is going to have to do. Signy looks 36 other than the silver-gray hair, but she’s actually 49 with some sci-fi aging decrease.