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A couple days have passed, and there are still no clear signs of when (or even if) the Drift Fleet's passengers will get to leave this strange wing of the Marsiva. Calibrations continue during the "night" cycles, for those who can remember the experiences.

But one more strange thing starts happening during their stay! It's entirely opt-in, but if anyone wants a little more for their characters to investigate and chew on, it's here to be discovered!

Those who were a part of calibrations last year might remember some of these discoveries - if they remember anything at all about them… but this year, there are more surprises to find! So even if you remember this plot from last time, give it another read-through, there’s still something new for everyone!

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Here we are again, dear Flooters. After many adventures across many, many more systems than ever before, this Cycle of the hit show Drift Fleet is shaping up to be one for the books! But as far as Atroma is concerned, not everything has gone entirely smoothly. There have been more rough patches and space-road bumps than they’d like, and they’re not about to let those go completely overlooked!

There’s also the matter of a special program everyone so very recently procured, and the need to protect some precious information…

And so, starting today (June 9th), passengers will suddenly find themselves no longer on their own ships. At least they’ll be somewhere very familiar - though, is that really a good thing…?

The Drift Fleet Calibrations II - Electric Boogaloo The Calibrationing

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Hello, everyone! Starting in two weeks, the Fleet will be going through an ordeal that will be familiar to some: Calibrations!! That’s right - characters are once again going to be dragged into their own psyches, and will get the opportunity to visit each other in the meanwhile!

This plot will begin on June 9th, after roughly a week and a half drift period (May 31st - June 9th). We wanted to give people plenty of time to brainstorm ideas for this heavily interactive plot!

For those of you new to us, or who would like a refresher, we have a handy guide / primer in this post! Just follow the cut below.

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More information about the rest of the event will be released closer to the starting date. If you have questions or want anything clarified about the Calibration rooms, go ahead and respond to the Questions comment below! You can also use the comments section of this post for plotting and interest-gathering, if you'd like!