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+1 thief

HI FLEETERS! I'm Lyan, I used to hang around these parts with a nerdy loser with a punny name. I'm so excited to be back here! There's no place like home <3

This time, I bring you something different~ Parker from Leverage (end of season 1, if you're familiar). She's a thief (but she mostly uses her powers for good now!) with little to no social skills or tact, and about as much impulse control.

She's got a Pilot Augment and used to be a getaway driver, so whichever ship she ends up in - I recommend stocking up on antiemetics...

If you wanna plot or chat or whatever, feel free to add me on [ profile] lyan142 o/
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Add a dash of salty priest

 Hi! I'm Sage! I'm here with one Wolfwood from Trigun! Wolfwood's a guy who's a little rough around the edges (read: a lot), and just got out of a stint of death by way of magical transportation to the fleet! He's pretty sociable, and will be glad to be a helping hand or to lend an ear if you need. He's also pretty good with firearms. 

I'm happy to be here, and excited to get started! If you need to get a hold of me, I'm Curiouslyhigh on Skype, and Curiously High#0126 on Discord.

I'm looking forward to playing with all of you wonderful people! 
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sails back in

hello drift fleet! my name is eli and i'm super excited to be back. i was here around a month ago and i'm sailing back in with the same character, natalie goodman from next to normal! she's a snarky girl with a heart of gold (?) and a Tragic Backstory, along with some previous game history from [community profile] kyriakos. she'll be going by opal here due to that aforementioned game history!

if you're so inclined, you can add me at [ profile] becoming! she'll be on the wonderduck. i'm glad to be back and i look forward to playing with you all again!
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+1 rock girl

Hi Drift Fleet!

I'm Chelley, though some of you may know me as Theta. I'm new to the game and bringing Shay from Voltron: Legendary Defender, a very curious and rather naive rock girl who was recently liberated from a lifetime of slavery. She's very friendly, if a bit easily spooked, and will be extremely curious about her new situation as she has never left her homeworld before. She's been assigned to the SS Blue Fish.

I've been given mod permission to give her a bit of...essentially stonesense, where she can use a sort of echolocation through vibrations on solid organic things, like rock formations or the ground. Obviously in space this won't help her much, but it could be pretty useful on planets if anyone's looking for...idk, a mine shaft. Or a snipe den. She also has a lab augment.

Anyway, really looking forward to playing here! If you have any questions about permissions and such, please ask. I'm open to most anything. Thanks guys!

EDIT BECAUSE I FORGOT TO ADD! Feel free to add me on plurk at [ profile] scripturient!
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+1 former computer

heyo, driftfleet!! i'm lyn, i'm fresh meat invited here by the lovely tad, and i'm bringing y'all gideon from the dctv universe. specifically from legends of tomorrow.

for those not in the know, gideon is (usually) an ai connected to a ship called the waverider. she's a snarky floating head with an english accent most of the time, but there was one point in canon where we got to see her with a physical body! and she's coming to the game from a psl where she's also had a chance to get a physical body and had a few days to start getting used to it because that makes everything more fun.

i'm super thrilled to be here and getting a chance to play with y'all! if any of you want to plot or chat or whatever, i'm most easily reached on plurk ([ profile] chanterie) and discord! (chanterie#3878)
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+1 Psychic Hunter from Supernatural

 Hey all!  I'm excited to be here.  My name's Rowan and I'm bringing you Merlan Margaret O'Keefe an original character from the show Supernatural.  She's heard of the Winchester boys and the whole crazy goings on in mostly America but she's been dealing with getting her degrees and Hunting things not abiding by the 'be fuckin nice or die' rule in Australia.  She's also pretty psychic, which can come in handy in her line of work.  If/when psychic stuff is going down, holla at me via the below and we'll talk it through. I <3 communication.  

I'm super excited that I get to participate in Calibrations with you guys, even if it's late in the show.  From what I've seen, it looks awesome.  

She's coming right in with a Security augment, which will make her pretty pleased.

Anyway, you can find me at [ profile] lightbirbs  and my Discord is: lightbirbs#9612 - feel free to hit me up on either as I love meeting new folks!

Note: ...I really need to put my glasses on when I'm typing. 
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Hello! I'm Bea and I was here a few years ago. This is Jill and you may know her from hot mess monster mash in a mansion or fighting her way out of a zombie-infested city while wearing a tubetop and miniskirt in the late 90s, but she is specifically from just after RE5 in 2010. She's fresh out of rehab and ready to rumble!

I have her intro and some other options up here, if you're so inclined. If there's anything specific you'd like to do, you can add/message me at [ profile] haddonfield, PM me, or ask for Steam and Tumblr!
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(no subject)

Hello everyone! I'm Trix and I'm brand new here and very excited. I'm bringing in Rick Grimes (the walking dead) and he's none too pleased about being somewhere he doesn't know all the details about. He'll be trying to explore and gather information about everything. I'm bringing him in from season 7, episode 8. Bring on all the complication. Rick is a natural leader type and tries to do everything he can to protect those he cares about. He might not look like much but he's more resourceful than he appears.

I have a plurk for plotting here: [ profile] snowflakecrowns but (pm) also works.

I cannot wait to thread and do all the things with everyone.
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+ 1 Dragon Queen

Riddle here (player of Maedhros) with my thirdsecond character! This is Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. She will be taken from Season Six of the show and you can find her permissions here. If you have any other comments/concerns/questions, I can be found on Plurk at [ profile] tiger_eyes!
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(no subject)

Hello, hello! I'm Jude and I'm brand new to the game! I'll be bringing in Alisha Diphda from one of the newer Tales of games, Tales of Zestiria! She doubles as both a Princess and a Knight, and is definitely the type to be proactive and do what she can for the sake of other people. She's a bit too serious for her own good, has a weakness for cute things, and tends to be a bit naive... She's got a good heart and is generally kind, but she can definitely pack a punch if needed.

My plurk is here for anyone who would like to get into contact with me/add me there. o7
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(no subject)

This is Egg with a third (Sorey, Aizawa), THIS DRAMA BOY RIGHT HERE

he's original game so he's less sadsack than the AC version, post game so he's more stable. I AM EAGER TO PLAY HIM AGAIN, it's been years so if i heck up please drop me a line and be like 'ay yo'

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Greetings and Salutations.

This is your Neighborhood Friendly Wren here, with her second character GASP, Cogsworth from the animated Beauty and the Beast. He's a ... well. He's a fussy clock, who used to be a fussy man, but now is a fussy clock. Don't worry, you'll soon find him organizing your sock drawers soon enough. He's been assigned over to SS Paisley for a bit, but don't be surprised if he's emotionally blackmailed into going to be with his best friend (or something like it) Lumiere.

As always, hit me up at Plurk @ Onestarkwren with any questions, or drop a line here!
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(no subject)

Hello all. I'm Autumn and I'm bringing this ray of sunshine to the game:

His name's Daryl and he's from The Walking Dead. His canon point is 7x04, where he's dressed in the world's worst sweat suit and being forced to serve the world's biggest a-hole on threat of death (of his friends and family).

At least he'll be happy to get a shower and into one of those jumpsuits the ship provides right after. Bright side! :)
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(no subject)

Hello all!

I'm Ten, new to Drift Fleet and expanding your Tales of Berseria cast with...

Rokurou is a daemon who enjoys fighting, drinking, fighting, getting into dumb competitions, and fighting. ... That's about it, really. I apologize now to his crew.

My plurk is [ profile] scarletsteps and my Discord is Ten#4422 if you wanna hit me up.

I'm really excited to be here and looking forward to playing with everyone!
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ocarina fanfare

Hey Fleet! It's Vappa here, and after more than a year I'm bringing in my second character, Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Zelda is the princess of Hyrule, which carries a lot of duty and expectation with it because of legends and Zelda takes that charge very seriously. But she is also a huge nerd who loves to research ancient tech and the benefits of licking frogs. She'll be very hype to get her own communicator and run around poking space technology!! I'm bringing her in from the end of the game (that massive, massive game) and she has a Lab Support augment.

You can add me at [ profile] dudemeister if you like, and looking forward to getting started with her!
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+1 super friend


Some of you know me, some of you don't and some of us haven't played together in a while but HELLO. I am Emily and I am bringing this hot mess of issues also known as Barry Allen from DCTV's The Flash!

For those of you who aren't familiar Barry is a CSI who was struck by lightning on the night of a particle accelerator explosion and became the fastest man alive, and he decided to fight crime! Or at least, take a more proactive role, at least. His altergo is the aforementioned Flash and he's got a whole host of superspeed related powers, some of which are getting nerfed by the augments because you know what Barry Allen doesn't need to do any more of?

Time travel.

That being said, he's coming in from the S3 midseason finale, which means he's slightly spoilery, and if you'd like me to avoid dropping those, please let me know! Otherwise I'm going to try and get up his IC intro tomorrow.

I'm really excited to be here! And if you need to reach me for plotting purposes, there are three handy options:
AIM: iluvroadrunner6
Discord: iluvroadrunner6#1178
Plurk: [ profile] iluvroadrunner6

And that is all!
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+1 member of class vii

Hello everyone, new person here!

I'm Zero, and I'm bringing in Jusis Albarea from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Basically, one of Fie's classmates.

Jusis is a noble, which is a big deal in the Erebonian classist as all hell system, but he's also part commoner which means he's not 'a pureblood' and that's also a big deal. Basically, he belongs nowhere, but he acts the part of a noble because he has ideas of how they should act to help everyone else. This makes him sound like a really cool dude, but... he's actually kind of an asshole.

His main front is passive aggressive sarcasm with a side of judging others because people used to always try to gain favor from him because of his position and that's something that never went away so...

Pro-tip, never ever get on his bad side. It will never ever be lived down. Otherwise he's a pretty cool and smart dude that usually keeps to himself. Approach with caution, etc etc, expect to be insulted by him one way or another...

Feel free to add me at [ profile] aidios! I look forward to playing with you all.
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+1 Tiny Parasol-Wielding Terror

Hello, Flooters! It's Mako again, bringing in my second character, the tiny and adorable Edna from Tales of Zestiria.

If anyone is unfamiliar, take a look at this gif:

Um, for those who don't know, she's related to that big dumb Earth Seraph named Eizen and she's older than a great deal of the others. If you piss her off, this will be your fate:

or this:

So, I apologize for her in advance. As is the case with the other Seraph/Malak aboard the Fleet, only those with really high spiritual resonance can see her, but for the sake of the game she'll be able to be heard over the comm devices. Please feel free to hop over to her Permissions Page and OPT IN to being able to see her.

Otherwise, I look forward to playing with everyone some more. I can, as always, be reached on plurk at [ profile] makochan or Discord at makotosagara#9497.
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+1 journalist

S'up Flooters? Ziya (Stefan's player) here with my second character, Iris West from the Flash and the wider DCTV universe. ♥

She's an American journalist who not only makes a mean cup of coffee but pulls you aside to ask how you're doing if she thinks you don't look too well. She's also a truth seeker and almost reckless pursuer in that regard, so don't mind her relentlessly putting herself out there to get that scoop!!

Her canonpoint is specifically 2x22, and as always, you can reach me either through journal PMs or on Discord (guardblade#0057). I can't wait to hit the ground running!

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+ 1 Crybaby Space Cadet

Hello Driftfleet!

I'm Jayne, and today I'm bringing you Eleanor Hume from Tales of Berseria! She's a very straightforward person, and her hobbies include helping people and giving everything she does her all. Also, she can't tell a lie to save her life, and she might as well have a giant trolling target painted on her forehead. Please be kind.

My plurk's over at [ profile] bronnichiwa for anybody who wants to plot. This is my first time in "The Fleet," so to speak, so I'm looking forward to playing with everyone!