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I have a post about Bigby's insanely good sense of smell/ability to put that information to use about people.

I'd appreciate anyone who he lives with giving me some info, so that would be those on the Bloodsport. Or anyone else who wants to give me information.
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Hi everybody! I'm Theresa and I know a lot of you here which is pretty exciting. I'm bringing you Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty, a cartoon that either you've never heard of or you're obsessed with. There is no middle ground.

Rick is a near-sociopathic alcoholic who also happens to be the smartest human being in the galaxy. He's a huge asshole to everyone, even his own grandchildren, and is pretty desensitized to everything, since he's seen basically everything the universe has to offer. He's also stupidly genre savvy, so be prepared for him to call your guys out on all their dumb tropes.

Since Rick is pretty fucked up, I have an opt-out post here if you'd prefer I tone down some of his more """colorful""" attributes, or just not tag you altogether.

I'm over at [ profile] bloodmoney if you wanna chat, just let me know here if you're going to add me!

+1 bowlcut

Sep. 23rd, 2015 08:00 pm
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'SUP DRIFTERS. I'm Rae and I used to go here for a hot minute a few months back - you may remember me as the short-lived Chie Satonaka who gave the Paisley's crew a severe case of Mystery Food X. D:

Well, I'm back. Thanks for having me! And this time, I'm bringing a different Persona 4 character, the Protagonist. Now, this guy's a little different - and let me tell you how!

• He answers to Souji Seta, not Yu Narukami.
• His version of life ended up taking the Bad End path, so. He's kind of a murderer? Oops.
• He spent a few months in another game where alternate realities were kind of a constant thing, so. He has had some additional strange experiences.
• Anyone who knew the version/s of him who were previously around (I know there was at least one?) will be able to notice that he has two fairly pronounced scars (which were acquired at the previous game) - a slash mark on his left cheek, and a fairly serious-looking cut on the left side of his throat.
• He's coming in with a cook augment and I promise he is MUCH better at it than Chie.

I have lots of teal deer app notes about him and a bonus permissions/opt-out for anyone who'd rather not grimdark.

Otherwise, I am thrilled to be back and I look forward to plotting lots of fun things with you! I'm available on plurk at ventose or AIM at last laugh blues. Let's do the thing!!
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HELLO FLEET, it's anne, player of mal ([personal profile] deshabille) and caesar ([personal profile] mylegacy) bringing in my third character and first crau (!!!), abigail hobbs from nbc's hannibal, aka that show that's 50% aesthetic and 50% grisly ritual murder.

abigail is a young lady who was brainwashed by her cannibal dad, then brainwashed by another cannibal (guess who), then spent two years or so at [community profile] lastvoyages as an inmate (probably because of all the stabbing people she did) and came out of it a slightly better, less crazy person. (but not much.) and then she went home to kill hannibal lecter. #goodend

this is obviously a. really short summary, BUT if you would like to read more about her weird life and don't mind hannibal spoilers, everything is in her app! also all of her activity from last voyages is in her actual journal, since i played her there when it was still journal-based, so feel free to look at stuff if that tickles your fancy.

and another thing: i realize that this is drift fleet and not horrorgame mccannibalism, so if gore, violence, cannibalism, brainwashing, or torture bother you (. . . what a list), please let me know at her permissions post! zero hard feelings if you'd like to steer clear of those topics or simply not tag with abigail at all.

all that tl;dr aside, i am just beside myself excited to play her with y'all, and i promise it won't all be doom and gloom - she also knows how to cook! . . . real food! and waltz! and do very rudimentary veterinary care!
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Heeey guys! This is new-player Shika here. I'm not a new face to RP, so you might have seen me around back in the heyday of RP times, or around in your fellow players' plurks because I know a lot of y'all already. You can feel free to friend me at [ profile] deerleisure too!

I'll be bringing in fresh meat Maxine Caulfield from Life is Strange, a choice-based adventure game. (Just call her Max, though.) She's more or less a normal girl from the northwest with aspirations to be a professional photographer - until she gets caught up in mysteries and possible end of the world scenarios. And gains the power to rewind time - hit up her permissions post for more details on that and if you want to deal with that with your characters.

Anyway, she's still mostly just a nerd and hipster, and she'll be coming in with a personnel support augment so she can set up a photography studio aboard one of the spaceships, because that's totes what you guys need up in space amirite?

Looking forward to playing with you all!

+1 War Boy

Jul. 25th, 2015 10:41 pm
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HELLO, DRIFT FLEET! My name is Juniper, and I am super excited to be joining the game and the budding Mad Max: Fury Road crew with this little speed demon, Nux. He is coming in with a pilot augment, so uh... watch out, y'all -- stuff is about to get kamicrazy in this fleet.

You can find his app here if you want to do any reading -- he also has a permissions post, OOC contact/HMD, and IC inbox on his journal. And please feel free to add me/hit me up at [ profile] ricinbeens on plurk.

I'll be posting his IC intro tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting started here!
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Hello it's Dee again! This time, I'm bringing to you River Tam from Firefly! She can read minds, so I have a little permissions post for here over HERE! Please to fill it out!
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Hi! My name is Leah and I too am absolutely new here and have brought a book character from a book about a girl who dresses up like a boy so she can fight for the kingdom.

But, uh. A different one.

This guy I have with me here is George Cooper from Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness Quartet, which takes place in her Tortall universe. He's not the crossdressing badass in question, simply her bff who until very recently was the King of all the thieves in Tortall and has now ended up with a pardon from the actual King of Tortall and a future career in spymastering. He'll be trying to translate that to here, as I've stuck him in Communications, so get ready for twisty-spy-brain diplomacy, whichever ship ends up receiving him. He's a pretty friendly dude all the same, for a guy with an ear collection at home.

Everyone should add me at [ profile] maleabotor because I've been stalking you all in Lynn's plurks and I think you're all great.

ETA: NEARLY FORGOT George has a Permissions Post for the magical instinct power he has and I'd really appreciate anyone filling it out, especially if your character has a power themself.
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Hello hello everyone! This is Ash, and I'm doing a bit of a character swap here. Unfortunately Chopper will be heading home, and in his place I'm bringing you an OC who's way less of a cutie (but at least he's kind of a hunk): Oren!

His name's Nocta Oren (that's last name first) and he's a smooth talking manipulative jerk who's kind of emotionally unstable. Also the guy who stabbed Mattias (hi). His hideous app is in his journal if you're curious. Oh and by the way he's also currently acting as vessel for the god of envy right now, which means there's a PERMISSIONS POST right over there (please fill it out so I can tag you), but it basically means if you'd normally be jealous around him, it won't happen! Enkythos will eat it all up.

ANYWAY I hope to be a lot more of a presence with this switch, so hello again guys!
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hello drift fleet it's greer again (ew) with someTHING YOU NEED TO FILL OUT. Please and thanks, it's a permissions post for

~*The Falconer*~

He's from the Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch (specifically the Lies of Locke Lamora) and, in short, is a pretty powerful mage who takes on contracts in order to practice his magic. He comes from a society that kills other mages so they can properly highlander all the magic in the world and personally has hobbies that include bonding with familiars and looking down his nose at humans he hates. Which is pretty much everyone. He's a villain. Hello.

If you have any questions or concerns about Falconer, hit me up on plurk at [ profile] zhopa!
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So, this is TF unable to quit this place with my 4th character. This loser is Manolo Sánchez, a matador who would much rather be a mariachi, who has literally been blessed with a pure and courageous heart. He comes from the fantastic film, The Book of Life, where he is part of a wager between two ancient gods; to determine if he or his best friend will marry the woman they both love. His life has turned pretty crappy (and uh...ceased) because, who knew, trickster gods cheat. He has had to go make his way through the realms of the dead, facing a whole heap of trails and suffering in order to return to life, and to the aforementioned woman he loves.

Instead, he'll end up in the Fleet. He won't be happy about this. But, hey, at least he won't be dead any more, yay. He has a personnel augment and will be here to make your characters feel better about themselves, because seriously; he is the nicest fucking guy ever. Despite being from 1920, he also has a freakish ability to know songs that haven't been created yet. He doesn't know he's inadvertently doing mariachi cover versions of these songs, as far as he's considered, they're coming from his heart. It is totally okay to bust his bubble. Tell him who Radiohead are. I dare you.

If you want to know more, his info page is here and it's full of spoilers. He also carries a horrible trigger warning, so you might wanna check out his permissions post to be safe. As always, I can be found on [ profile] teeff

Oh. And he's made of wood. Yeah. That's a thing.

+ 1 plant

Mar. 4th, 2015 09:01 am
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Hello Drift Fleet, I am Samm, and I am bringing in a Guild Wars 2 OC named Asteffiel.

Anyway, Asteffiel is a sylvari, and straight from the wiki so I don't fumble a lot- "The sylvari are a young, inquisitive race of botanical humanoids. The first Sylvari sprouted from the Pale Tree in Arbor Bay, emerging in 1302 AE. The tree was planted by Ronan and raised by Ventari, who were attempting to escape the violence that engulfed Tyria." For reference, the current in-game year is 1328 AE, making them the "plant children" much more literally. Sylvari all wake from pods fully grown, and they have a low-level empathy connection to each other, due to their Dream of Dreams.

For the most part, I'll run with Asteffiel being a minor receiving-empath, meaning any sudden feelings might get picked up by the plantman. General and more detailed power/ ability permissions there. and non spoiler-y collection of all the wiki sylvari information (that I've found), some of the sylvari mechanics mentioned in the Ghosts of Ascalon novel, and headcanon mechanics built off them both.

On Asteffiel himself! He woke up late 1327 AE, ended up picking necromancer as his profession, dabbles in tailoring, was going to either help grow things around the Grove or be a mender (sylvari doctor), then made really bad friends. Fortunately his good friend made other good friends and they're no longer around all the crazy and cruel people, which means Asteffiel isn't soaking up all those thoughts all the time. Doesn't mean he's sane again, but at least he's less interested in knifing people and more interested in growing things. like cactus spines out of his face.

He ended up with the Lab Support Augment, which matches a little with his starter sylvari medicine knowledge, and his i'm a necromancer look how dead bodies work knowledge of flesh races. ... Wait did he say that second one?

... sob I TL:DR'd anyway. I'm on plurk at [ profile] radiantwingedone.
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Greetings, Drift Fleet. This is Rebecca and it's become pretty obvious I can't live without playing this jerk.

Some of you may remember him from his four year stay in Paradisa, but for the rest of you, his name is Felix Harrowgate from a book series called The Doctrine of Labyrinths. He's a super fabulous gentleman wizard with a rapier wit, which covers up the fact that he grew up on the streets and has the mother of all traumatic pasts. Not that canon was kind to him. Or his time in game, for that matter.


Anyway. He's a moody, melodramatic, self-centered ass, but he's also very charming and secretly a giant nerd. His history and personality is detailed in full on his journal, for the curious. I'm very excited to have him get to know everyone on the fleet. On that note, he is coming in with his game memories more or less intact, so please let me know if Felix is allowed to remember anyone he met in the castle. Secondly, since his character is somewhat trigger-laden, I've set up a tiny permissions post.

Oh, also he has the cook personnel augment, to play on the tiny amount of self-sufficiency he had to develop in game and which he will hate and probably won't actually do. Although it might make him a valuable commodity to have on ship, which he will like, because he loves attention.
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Hello everyone! This is DJ bringing in her third character, second OC! This one comes from a world where every single person has a single superpower, except for the really special ones who gain multiple and can hold even more. These people are called dealers and are essentially taken in by the government and brainwashed into agents and it's lovely. Except Aaron here ran away from all that and has been on the lamb every since because fuck that. When you can teleport and shapeshift and hide your identity on a whim, who's going to find you? That's right, nobody. NOBODY. Aaron does what Aaron wants. While on the run from the government answering to no one but themselves... well, that tends to lead to some, uh, issues of morality where just about anything is concerned.

Couple things of note! Since Aaron has the ability to take powers and put them other places and all that, there is a permissions post if anyone would like to get in on those shenanigans! This is kind of an addiction for Aaron so plz to be helping the poor dear out.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE that although it is unknown IC, Aaron is actually only twelve years old. There is a lot of fucked up, adult things that they do off-screen which might be mentioned but not played out and if you would prefer not to be tagged by Aaron, please let me know here, via PM or on my HMD. Wherever you'd like.
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It looks like I just can't quit you, Drift Fleet. This is Ren again and THIS time, instead of an inquisitor who wants to save the world, you get Cassandra Cain / Batgirl from DC Comics. She was raised by a super shitty father to be the world's best assassin, but after her first kill at age eight she ran away. Cut to nine years later when she ends up in Gotham, Barbara Gordon takes a shine to her and then suddenly, new Batgirl. She has a lot of weird quirks to her as a result of the whole has never lived around people before thing but deep down she's super sweet and just wants to be a good crime fighter.

She also likes to dodge bullets to show off.

As a child she was never taught to read or write or even speak so that her brain would instead learn to translate body movements into language, but now that she can speak it tends to be fairly stilted and she mixes up words. I have a permissions post here with the details and a section for filling out to avoid godmoding.

As always I'm at [ profile] blahblahRen for plotting and junk and I hope you're ready for your weird batgirl, Drift Fleet!

+2 "demons"

Feb. 2nd, 2015 09:14 pm
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So a pixie and a vampire walk into a bar. One says "ow" and the other says "you're a fucking idiot."

I MEAN, HI. THIS IS DJ who is still at [ profile] biomagnet and who still plays Chris Halliwell bringing you a SECOND CHARACTER. This one is an OC and his name is Jordan Leslie! In his world, peoples' psychological states are basically gigantic Venn diagrams between the positive (white) and negative (black). Most people have very healthy margins of grey in between. Those that do not are called demons and are generally slaves to their more erratic thought processes and personalities, as well as one side that tends to jump to the forefront most often. These so-called demons are the basis for pretty much every monster in myth going back through human history, and have several things that are like supernatural abilities to set them apart.

Jordan here is a pixie. No, he is not tiny and no he is not frail, but he thinks of everyone as a toy and loves things in just the perfectly balanced state of chaos. Pranks and shit like that. Generally getting attached in genuine emotional bonds to other people is very difficult for pixies due to their specific white/black balances. He's not here to make friends, he's here to collect nice things that might also include people.

His power is that to switch and merge the physical senses at will. If you don't want Jordan to do this, just let me know! He can also steal your sense of direction but that requires physical contact and probably more planning than it just... happening.

ALONG WITH JORDAN COMES HIS EVER-EXCELLENT GRUMPIRE BOYFRIEND: Alex Daniels! He is played by Hawk (over at [ profile] solutionbeta) and is an excellent person to be around, if by excellent person to be around you mean an angry ball of anger and rage and insults. He's black-dominant where Jordan is white, and feeds on emotions instead of blood. This means Alex is an always-on empath. Empathy permissions post is available for such nommings.

But really, I promise, they're both fantastic. It's gonna be awesome. LET US ALL HAVE FUN FOREVER GUYS.

edit; oh right. As far as augments go, Jordan is a civilian personal assistant and Alex is an engineer. Their IC intro post is up now, too!
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I'm Saffy, and I'm new here! I know a lot of you from previous games, because I'm like Troy McClure and I've been in everything.

I'm bringing in the worst possible therapist. Well, maybe not the worst. But he's definitely not someone on my top twenty I can tell you that.

Meet Joshua Kiryu, resident teenage asshole. He's secretly a godmode and a walking spoiler for the entirety of The World Ends With You. If you're in the middle of the game or would rather not be spoiled, or you just don't want to deal with this guy's sassy, obnoxious nature, I have an opt out post here. He's taken from the epilogue, so he's not as much of a jerk as he could be, but his Kingdom Hearts incarnation is still nicer by like twenty shades. That's an accomplishment.

We'll find out what ship he's on tomorrow. Even God can't help you. In fact, I'd say God is the problem here.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached on plurk @ [ profile] fonfabre and also AIM @ heroic bsod. I look forward to annoying playing with you guys!

ETA: People who are angels are particularly of interest to Joshua so please let me know if he can or can't sense that sort of thing. It slipped my mind!

ETA THE SECOND: Apparently in an incredible show of bad timing, I'm going to be staying somewhere new this holiday season which meaaaans I won't have reliable internet for ten days, starting the 26th and ending the 1st. I'm hoping we'll be back before then, but oh my god. I am so sorry.
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heeeeeyyyyyy there drift fleet, this is ezra, who is already here with that tiny skull-wearing oc named emblica ([personal profile] amarant), bringing in another character! this here is henry, the most cheerful war-loving dark mage you will ever meet, and he is from fire emblem: awakening (also known as chess with eugenics).

i'm bringing him pre-recruitment, and!!! probably more important, i do play from the japanese version, where his characterization is a lot less punny (and also more...consistent........), so if you're wondering where all the jokes about blood and gore have gone, uh.

a brief summary of changes, for those who are canon-familiar and are like "wait what is going on here" (warning for mentions of parental neglect and violence towards children, nothing surprising/unknown if you've played the game):

Read more... )

iiiii will intro him properly when i am not at work so for now please enjoy this video!

EDIT oh right shit here is his permissions post and here is my plurk if anyone wants to plot/chat/etc


Oct. 4th, 2014 06:23 pm
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uh sup hey i'm ezra though some of you might know me as jay and i (EDIT) actually finished this character's profile um here you go

tl;dr: this is emblica and she is actually a normal-looking 932-year-old (physically 14ish) girl under that weird skull she wears all the time. she is rad and has magic and is unfortunately not always stable because of shit gone wrong in her world but she will usually not try to eat you. ( ̄◇ ̄;) here is her permissions post.

you can reach me at birdbolts on plurk or aim and if you have any questions-- please ask! i will never try to eat you.

here's a picture that has nothing to do with her but it makes me laugh

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So I couldn't stick to just one character 8|;;; This is Dolly with another OC, Phoebus' Crow. He is the rudest bird ever (he is actually a crow) and his favourite thing ever is toying with people and watching their misery. Basically a huge douche who's only real joy in life is watching other people have none :Db Just your run-of-the-mill horrid bird-changing guy...only there's this Other Thing about him.

Phoebus' Crow is the belief-driven manifestation of Ovid's The Crow and Raven story. He's an immortal being known as a "Fairy Tale" who possesses an ability known as "Servitude." As long as he's twiddling his thumbs on his own Phoebus' Crow has no powers other than living fucking forever. BUT as soon as he contracts himself a Master he becomes able to carry out their every order without fail. Dude only has power when he serves someone else for it which kind of sucks for him, but he is a huuuuge manipulator of people and does this...a looot.....

His app is here and more info on his ability to serve people is here! He looks forward to being awful to everyone 8)

Oh right he's an engineer SPACE SHIELDS