Mar. 31st, 2016

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Hello, Drift Fleet! Sorry again about the delay--for those who didn't see, the mods were sidelined by their new dog and a sudden family emergency. Here's the Shuffle that should have gone up last weekend. It is up to you guys whether you want to assume they've been on their ships all week, or if you want to play it off like they were literally Shuffled in late.

New Passengers:
Sora Niniji (AU) --> SS Golden
Poe Dameron --> SS Golden
Susan Pevensie --> SS Heron

Blake -X- SS Golden
Alisaie Leveilleur -X- SS Huntress
Elecman.EXE -X- SS Caprine
Leia -X- SS Bishop
Fiona Gallagher -X- SS Three Twins
Luke Skywalker -X- SS Blameless
Nomi Sunrider -X- SS Heron
Celeste Blackwell -X- SS Golden
Tony Stark -X- SS Starstruck

Dune/Leto Atreides II = SS Golden --> SS Blameless
Kurt Wagner = SS Huntress --> SS Vanquish

New Ranking Officers:
Nova/Katniss Everdeen --> SS First Breath (First Mate)
Azula --> SS Blameless (First Mate -> Captain)
Miranda Lawson --> SS Blameless (Captain)

Resigning Ranking Officers:
Kurt Wagner --> SS Huntress (Atroma Shenanigans)

Current Crew Roster
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Got someone you want to try out before you app? Well this is the post for it! Feel free to use anything that fits in the setting of Drift Fleet! Want to play bumper shuttles? Want to go wild in a med bay? Play around with the current plot? Have at it!

Threads from the Test-Drive may be made game "canon" but DO NOT count toward AC!

FOR NEW PLAYERS: You DO NOT NEED an invite to participate in the TEST DRIVE! If you decide to APP into the game, ONLY THEN will you need an invite from a current player! Applications for new players open April 1st.

Helpful Info for Ideas!:
  • April's Star System
  • Game Details

    From now on, Test Drives will be posted SEASONALLY (or every three months!). So the next one will be posted in the summer!
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    10 Things to 10 People Meme

    1. Have your character write ten anonymous notes to ten different people.
    - They can be to anyone, in-game or long gone or never here at all.
    - They can be as short as "I love you" or as long as a letter.
    - They can be secrets your character would never tell, or things they'd never say. Assume some sort of truth device is in play if you need to.

    2. Post them in one comment, numbered one to ten. Don't mention any names!

    3. Other characters reply as though they've come across the list, guessing who each note is meant for! Shenanigans ensue. OR just comment OOCly. Whatever you feel like!

    4. HAVE FUN

    ( taken from here and edited )

    EDIT: eyyy use hovertext over the numbers for solutions if you want!! What a good idea.