May. 4th, 2017

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Sup peeps, TF here. Just letting you know my tagging speed will go down for the next week or so - with there being zero tags at all monday-friday(at the earliest) as I'm off on holiday with my friends. I should still have net access, so I'll poke around on plurk every evening, but no tags from me.

Crowley, Fenris and LumiƩre are all on autopilot, but starting from today Sokka is going into hypersleep, and when he wakes up, he'll be canon-bumped to the end of the North and South comic trilogy. DON'T BLOW UP HIS SHIP WHILE HE'S SLEEPING, GUYS.
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Hello, dear Fleet! Feeling a little bit fancy lately? Want an excuse to get all dressed up and schmooze with the system's finest people? Just want some free food and booze? Well, we have a golden opportunity for you: A formal ball has been announced, invitations reaching all throughout the asteroids! And as welcome visitors to the system, you are of course cordially invited to attend as well!

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