May. 16th, 2017

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Hey guys, got two things.

First of all Sora will be heading back to his AU world. It's been a lot of fun playing him and I've enjoyed his CR, but I've been struggling with him for months. And since I'm trying to reduce my overall internet time, I figured it was time to just face the music and send him home. Sorry to all his CR, it was fun playing with you guys!

Allen Walker will be sticking around for now.

Secondly, I'm going to be stepping down as a full-time moderator and going to act as just a mod helper again. It's been an absolute pleasure being a mod and I love this game, but I can't deny that I've been delving too deep into moderation and using it as an excuse not to tackle stuff IRL - which hey, that's not at all healthy. Not only that, but I think its been showing in my overall performance/stress level.

Therefore, Maggie and Saffy will continue to act as head mods. Meanwhile, I'll be stepping back and acting as a mod helper that'll basically take one weekend a month to fix up any coding/HTML, list issues, and/or minor odd jobs that tend to pop up. This might change in the future, but for now I think regulating my time would be best.

Love to you all. You aren't rid of me yet.
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Hello fellow fleeters! I'm making this post to talk about the information about Atroma that everyone found during the heist. I know it's usual that, after plots like this, someone makes a post where characters shares findings. But since everyone was in the same room, I thought we could skip that step?

I thought it'd be cool if we handwaved a talk where they all agreed to put the info they found together on a document to share with the rest of the fleet, and put that finish document on a post for IC discussion if the people that didn't go are interested. That way is easier for a quick read and theorizing instead of lots of mini threads with the bits of information from each person. OOCly I don't mind putting it all together on a pastebin after the mods are done answering - ICly it'd probably be the best to say a character with communication augment or computer skills from home made it.

So yeah, let me know if you're all cool with that! Or maybe you have other ideas? I'm all ears! Let's go all resistance on this shit.

eta: WELP THAT HAPPENED go figure. Unless anyone is against, copy for the Iskaulit is a go. Also, forgot to add: if you have any info from the Interceptors, that could be shared too!