stormfist: (and i miss you in the june gloom too)
Jayden Price ([personal profile] stormfist) wrote in [community profile] driftfleet_ooc2017-01-06 09:39 pm
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eyes up, Guardian

... What? They do. ♥

Hiiii it's Maggie! I'm bringing you an OC from Destiny - Jayden Price! She's a Titan, which means she likes punching things. And she's very good at it! She's also a hard-ass on the surface but a softie deep down. And she tends to be a sasspot if displeased. Good times.

She's from post Rise of Iron - life as a Guardian just keeps on keepin' on, after all.

She's been sorted onto the Pathstone I see, so HELLO SHIPMATES. o/

I can be found on plurk at [ profile] reveris. I can be reached pretty easily, so if you need anything at all or just wanna plot, hit me up.

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