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IMPORTANT: Crew Size Poll Results & What Comes Next

Hey guys! Last week we made a post asking for your opinion about what should be done with the crew sizes. About 40 players responded, so now we're here to discuss the results and what to do next.

The Results
First off, let's just have a quick view of the polls:

Poll Results: 1. Leave it as is - 11 (27.5% of vote), 2. Retire Ships with Low Numbers and Shuffle Crew - 9 (23.1% of vote), 3. Fuse two ships with low numbers together - 31 (79.5% of the vote), 4. Other (state in the comments) - 2 (5.1% of the vote)

And here is how the votes broke down based on how people voted:

Overwhelmlingly, there was strong support for ship fusion, with some support for other options, and no alternative options suggested. Some common concerns raised over small ships that didn't want to change, that people would be forced to give up their ships, and about losing any upgrades and/or personal customizations that the ship.

So looking from the results and the comments we received from the results, we've derived three main conclusions as to what to do.

1. We will be commencing with Ship Fusions (more on that later).

2. Ship Fusions will be entirely Opt-In, so ship crews not interested in changing their ship can remain as is.

3. If Ship Fusions are not effective enough and we still have ships that are struggling with low crew numbers/high turnover, then we will discuss retiring some ships as a plan B.

Next Step: Ship Fusions
So over the weekend and into the next week, the mods will be getting together to discuss how to go about Ship Fusions and hammering out those details. We hope to have a concrete plan of action by next weekend.

In the meantime, we're going to ask you guys again for your opinions, just so we can get a clearer sense of what these ship fusions should look like.

The following topics we're looking for input on:

Ship Aesthetic: The fused-ship could look like an incredibly streamlined version of the two, or a less cohesive blend of the two, or basically like two ships duct taped together. We will note that the ships appearance will not affect the ship's performance, upgrades, or capabilities. This is purely about how it looks.

Non-Augment-Related Amenities: Meaning the Kitchen, Bunks, Bathrooms, Cargo Bay, Shuttles, Bridge, etc. What should they look like? Should the new kitchen be a mix of the two old kitchens? Should it be a mix and match look- like they have the Golden's old kitchen and the Blue Fish's bathroom? In regards to the idea that the ship would get two of each amentity, we're not opposed to it but would like to make sure it's limited in some way to ensure fairness among the ships.

Upgrades: How should upgrades be passed onto the new fused ship? Should we take the highest upgrade purchased and pass it on? The lowest? A mix-and-match? Reset them entirely?? We'd love to know your thoughts.

Ship Fusion Eligbility: Should all ships have the option of fusing ships, or only those with small crews?

Augments Ship Stations and Crew Capacity will be left up to the mods to decide, so we can make sure to tailor them in a way that ensures fused ships aren't given an unfair advantage over non-fused ships. Though if you do have any comments regarding these topics, feel free to do so in the comments.

Poll #17982 Drift Fleet Ship Fusions Feedback
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 34

Would YOU be willing to take part in a Ship Fusion? (note: this isn't a sign up, it's just gauging interest)

24 (70.6%)

3 (8.8%)

Not sure.
5 (14.7%)

Not now, but maybe later.
2 (5.9%)

Which ships do you have characters on?

If you're willing to do a Ship Fusion, which of your ships would you consider it for? If not, put N/A.

How should a fused ship look? (Note: will not affect performance/capabilities)

Streamlined: Ships are fused together seamlessly to form a new ship.
8 (23.5%)

Mismatched: Fused Ship looks like it was put together from parts of the two distinctly different ships, but is still looks like one cohesive ship.
18 (52.9%)

DIY Fusion: Fused Ship looks like two ships were forcefully smashed or taped together.
5 (14.7%)

Other (state in the comments!)
3 (8.8%)

How should the amenities NOT related to Augments look/work? (ex: kitchen, bunks, baths, cargo bay, etc)

Hybrid: Amenities are fused together to form something that is a blend of both ships.
12 (35.3%)

Mismatched: Fused Ship would have Ship A's kitchen, Ship B's cargo bay, etc.
13 (38.2%)

Both: Original amenities from old ship are both present and available, but come with a cost to ensure fairness.
6 (17.6%)

Other (state in the comments!)
3 (8.8%)

How should Ship Upgrades be transferred?

Highest Upgrade Rank from old ships is passed on.
28 (82.4%)

Lowest Upgrade Rank from old ships is passed on.
0 (0.0%)

Passed on Upgrade Rank decided via coin-flip.
1 (2.9%)

Upgrades are reset entirely.
2 (5.9%)

Other (state in the comments!)
3 (8.8%)

Which ships should be eligible for Ship Fusions?

All ships
9 (26.5%)

Only ships with small crew numbers (~6 or less)
23 (67.6%)

Other (state in comments)
2 (5.9%)

This poll will be open through the weekend until Monday, 2/13 and is mostly meant to give us a good idea of the direction to take with fusions.

And as always if you have any questions or comments regarding any of this, feel free to leave a comment below!

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