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Drift Time & Other Announcements!

Grab your supplies and do one last lap around the ring. By the end of the day today (3/01), the Marsiva will be heading out of the system into parts unknown. The path they are following seems to be an established travel route, as there’s a decent amount of ship traffic along the way from Co’kal, Daisoe, and human ships.

After a very long time, we now have a permanent information page for our way-stations! Starting today, the information here is what will be offered at a typical way-station along the fleet’s path. And in addition to the old features, these way-stations have some newer features not seen before, such more vending machine options. Go ahead and check them out!

For reference, the way-stations page will be found under the Extras section.

The Interceptors & The End of the Glitches.
As the fleet begins to move out of a the system, the ships that turned on those devices at the beginning of the month will be receiving a message. It’s impossible to trace where this message came from, and there’s no way to know for certain that they are who they say they are. At least for now. But it’s still very possible that your characters have made contact with the other fleet.

Once the message is received and passengers turn off their bugging devices, the glitches will start coming to an end. They may stop immediately, or taper off within the new few days. Regular augment glitches will continue, but for now it looks like passengers got some relief.

The following ships turned on devices: Blameless, Bloodsport, Blue Fish, Heron, Paisley, Red Fish, Starstruck, Twin Roses, Vanquish.

If your ship didn’t turn on a device, they won’t be receiving the message, but other characters are free to relay the information to them.

The Interceptors won’t be responding right now, but anyone who wishes to send back messages can do so! We’ve set up an IC Inbox for the Interceptor fleet so passengers can submit messages to them as they like, which can be found in the Extras section too. ICly this would be done by turning on the devices long enough to transmit a message, before turning it back off again.

But be warned. Atroma is attempting to find a way into that feed. The more the device on a ship is turned on, the more time Atroma has to hack in….

Rules Update.
On a more serious note, over the past few months it’s come to our attention that a few of our rules needed a bit of updating and clarification, especially the ones centered around more sensitive topics. These updates to the rules do not affect most players in the game and most of them were already unspoken rules, but we wanted to give you a heads up for the sake of transparency.

The rule updates are as followed:
→ Instances of rape has been included in the list of things we don’t allow to be played out. Including rape in a character’s backstory or having conversations about it is fine, but we do not allow the actual action of rape to occur in-game as the topic can be extremely upsetting to players who aren't expecting it. In this case, rape is defined by sex that is unquestionably non-consensual. We know some cases can be a bit of a gray area, so please use your best judgement.

→ For other types of sexual acts, we do ask that before your character initiates any physical contact of a sexual nature, you obtain the other player's permission first. Permission doesn't need formal, just a quick check over plurk/discord/pm/etc is fine, and you don't need to contact the mods about it (though do contact us if someone doesn't get your permission). Just please exercise good sense and consideration for other players.

→ Finally, for a long time we have had genderswaps listed as an option for an augment malfunction. We understand that genderswaps are an old tradition in DWRP, and there are many good reasons why a player may wish to play one out. On the other hand, we also recognize they can be done in some ways that exhibit poor taste or judgement which may potentially alienate other players, even if that’s not the intent. This has always been the case, but admittedly, it took the past few years of shifting attitudes towards gender issues to highlight this fact for us.

Since Drift Fleet always aims to be an open and inclusive community, we felt it’d be best to aim for a compromise. From now on, any genderswapped augment malfunctions needs to obtain mod permission first. Most likely, we’d be looking at the player’s intent and their overall plan for the glitch.

This does not apply to characters who have the ability to switch genders (shapeshifting, avatars), or apping as a genderswapped AU character. This applies solely to augment malfunctions.

Scheduling Note.
The fleet will be in drift until 3/04, so not quite a full week. There will be an event in the next month (not related to the Interceptors), but it’ll be entirely opt-in and there’ll be plenty of other stuff for people to do too.

And as always, if you have any questions about anything above, feel free to ask them in the QUESTIONS section of the comments.

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