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Yes there are! Races and exhibitions aren't done on all asteroids due to space and/or safety laws, but you can still find a plenty of races on asteroids where there's room and looser laws.

As far as prizes and money go, the general rule of thumb that the more dangerous a race is, the bigger the payout. Winning a simple clean race on one of the more settled asteroids will get you a small sum of credits, or maybe a free meal.

But if you're looking to win big time, your best luck will be on Vingloria. In this asteroid, extreme ATV racing has really taken off as an alternative to musical entertainment (weirdly musicians don't like getting shot at, so many bands refuse to perform on Vingloria). Big races are often held by rich business owners and/or crimelords, and the prizes for winning are very handsome sums of money, easily enough to spend at least a week in the nicest suites Telluria has to offer.

Though we should note that the big prize might be because these races are less like NASCAR, and more like Mad Max: Fury Road in terms of brutality, dirty tricks, and explosions. So good luck and try not to die! :D

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