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Short answer: Yes.

Longer Answer:

There are a number of smaller asteroids, particularly in the Vingloria region of the Belt, that are controlled by warlords/crimelords. These warlords are brutal, and have no qualms with exploiting the people unfortunate to have settled on that asteroid (or kidnap people from other asteroids if they need labor) as much as possible. People in the Belt are well aware that these places are bad news, but no one really does anything about it, because well, the warlords are dangerous enough that you'd have to be crazy to try.

Which is where you guys come in!

If the stranded shuttle of folks (it's up to you if the shuttle got stranded by accident or it was shot down on purpose)- get involved and take out the warlords and their forces? The locals would be extremely grateful. Don't be surprised if they make a statue of this brave lot, and even write songs (something like this) in their honor that get spread throughout the system during their visit.

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