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With so many settled asteroids, there are lots of traveling ships and trade routes to be found, and thus lots of goods to be stolen by a pirate. Most of it is the typical goods: money, food, trade goods, etc. However in the more lawless regions where stuff isn't as regulated, there may also be cargo ships full of illegal weapons, stolen goods, and even slaves (mostly people have been kidnapped and sold to slavery, as slavery is "technically" illegal in most of the Belt). In lawful regions, Isabela might have to worry about being chased by local law enforcement. In the lawless regions, there's less law enforcement- but you have to worry about ships that have armed themselves and other pirates.

If Isabela and any friends that occupancy her are zealous in how much they do piracy, they might start to get some fame around the system. Pirates are a popular subject matter in the Belt, so a new noteworthy pirate (and crew) might inspire artistic people to write songs or stories featuring them (or versions of them). How Isabela & company are depicted in these works depends on the type of acts they do as pirates. If they mostly steal from "bad" folks (slavers, warlords, corrupted politicians/businessmen), they'll be depicted as dashing heroes, ala a Robin Hood type. If they mostly steal from innocent folks, they'll be depicted more as the cunning villains. If it's a mix, the depiction will fall somewhere in between.

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