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Euphemia li Britannia ([personal profile] prettyimpulsive) wrote in [community profile] driftfleet_ooc2017-04-16 10:49 pm
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+1 pink-haired massacre princess

Hello! It's Haunt, bringing in my third character, Euphemia li Britannia of Code Geass. She is a sweet, young lady who will not immediately remember what was going on in her timeline when she arrives.

SPOILER/WARNING TIME: She was tragically and accidentally mind-controlled to "kill all the Japanese" and she was doing her very best to make that happen by starting a massacre. This is something she would never normally do. The memories are going to spill back in bit by bit through nightmares and gameplay if something brings it to the surface. Fear not, the augment is keeping the command tucked away. (But of course, if this is something you never want your character to know about or you don't want to see bracket info on, just let me know. It's not generally something she's directly chatty about, but I do like to provide internal thought context, so it does pop up occasionally.)

She's a princess. She sometimes meows at cats because of course she does. She is a strong believer in going to school. The hair color is totally natural. And she's going to be confused about all this, but also happy to meet everyone!

Add me at [ profile] hauntedreality if you haven't already! You can also find me at hauntedreality on AIM and hauntedreality#1618 on Discord.

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