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Got someone you want to try before you play here? Well here is the post for it! Feel free to use anything that fits in the setting of Drift Fleet, or you may use a prompt from this month's events! Want to play bumper shuttles? Want to go wild in a med bay? Have at it!

Threads from the Test-Drive may be made game "canon" but may not count toward AC!

June Events - June Bugs!

The Fleet has encountered a large alien ship like so:

On this ship are a bunch of bugs, also like so!

More information from this month's event post:

The mysterious ship is crippled, but still suitable for life. Most lights and other non-vital systems are shut off, due to the ship idling on emergency power. And as the first crews begin to disembark, they are almost immediately met with nearby life-forms springing on them from the darkness--attacking without hesitation or any reaction to communication attempts. It promises to be a surprising battle, but a short one, as the few in the entry hold can be quickly defeated. There are more, but they don't immediately swarm from other parts of the ship to help.

The creatures are about three feet tall, covered in a fierce red-orange exoskeleton, and look very much like oversized, alien insects. The creatures that immediately attack do so without restraint, and those that do not (see the What's Going On section below) go about their tasks blindly, only reacting to stimulus if they are somehow hindered from what they are doing. When they are bothered or blocked in this way, they then attack. No efforts at communication are returned--either verbally or mentally/supernaturally. Whether violent or nonviolent, these 'bugs' are much like mindless animals or programmed robots in their demeanor.

Will your new character be among those caught in the fight? Will they be trying to stabilize the ship?  Have fun!

The worlds are watching! Thank you, and we hope to see you around the fleet  soon!

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