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-1 thief

Hey guys, long story short this ended up being very bad timing for me to attempt a return to rp-land, so I'm going to withdraw for the moment and try to come back when life settles down....thanks so much to everyone who welcomed me and played with Parker <3 it's been a blast and I'm sorry to go, but hopefully it won't be for long ;; 

stay awesome <3 
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- 1 Hobo trashlord space troll

Sorry guys but I'm letting Ardyn go home back to Eos. My life has become more busier with my recent promotion and other such things, so....I'm going to have to drop this guy. I'll still have my grumpy, angry Klingon guy Worf, so thanks for playing!
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Hey guys!

I'm going to be dropping from the game, which is dropping Kai here as well as Signy Mallory. I've really enjoyed the time and cr I've had in this game, but I think it's time for me to go.

Thanks for making it as fun as you all did.
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Can you hear me, Major Clay?

Hey everyone!

I haven't quite finished my hiatus yet, but I think it's about time I bow out anyway. I've had a fantastic time here, and I couldn't think of a better game to play out Clay's story when I first got here, and I still can't think of a better place for him to be in the end! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to flesh out someone like him, and if it weren't for games like this, I wouldn't have had the chance to! I want to thank this game as well as everyone in it for that.

Unfortunately, I've just been out of the loop for a long time now, and it definitely showed. My computer dying a week ago or so gave me a good amount of time to think about my place here as well, and I feel like this is the best decision to make. Getting CR with all of you wonderful people has been a blast, though I wish I could've done more before leaving!

As for parting gifts, Clay leaves behind his maps and notes about all the planets and waystations he's visited to Sorey and Mikleo, all stacked neatly with a note indicating that it's for them. Apollo the red glowfish and Cosmos the small arctic fox are left in the Vanquish's care (please don't eat the fish). Sokka gets the one knife he took from Pearl's vast collection of weapons that he never used, with a note saying that he probably has a better use for it than he does. All his star charts will go to Nami with more detailed notes about how he made them.

With Clay out of the game, so am I. Cheers and love to all of you, and I hope you guys continue having a great time here. Happy Drifting, flooters!
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-1 Redneck

Sorry to do this after just joining a little over a month ago, but issues have work have made it so I have to cut down on what games I'm in for a couple months and with Drift Fleet being one of the newest, is the easiest for me to let go. The game and casts are great. Thank you for having me.

If anyone wants to grab Daryl's freebie blanket, they can - he does have holes cut into it with reminders of what he's found while exploring the Marvisa with the glitches happening. It's all in morse code, though, so unless you're familiar and lay it out flat, it's not going to make a lot of sense. Because of the limits of that, it's all quick notes about the panels and what the information covers with only a few more detailed things here and there and that he's written this down a couple times but couldn't remember the other times.
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-1 shield agent

So I've been sitting on this decision for a few days now and while I plan for it to be only temporary, it was still a hard one to make :c Work is a nightmare right now and it leaves me with little energy to do much more than pick at the occasional tag, unfortunately.

Which means I am going to be dropping Fitz for the time being. I will be back only things calm down, prooobably around August. So you have not seen the last of me!

In the meantime, Fitz will be going home to by terrorized by Hydra! Good times :D

Until next time!
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- 1 King withouth the North


I've decided to let Robb go home and be a corpse once again. Thanks for all the amazing cr, logs and fun! Seeker will be going to Kitty, Riona will have his sword. All off his other possessions will be divided between his close CR (fluffy cloak, leather breeches, cool stuff like that).

Once again thanks for everything <3

- Mari
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Minus one Wolf Mom

My dears, I regret to say that I'm dropping, and Cat is going home to.... well, either sleep with the fishes in the river, or terrorize Lannisters as Lady Stoneheart, depending on your canon of choice. It's been fun, and I'll miss ya'll. Hopefully, we will meet again someday.
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(no subject)

Hey all.

I've really enjoyed this game and the reception Jeyne received, especially from the crew. I've been dragging lately and struggling to think of ideas. I really don't want to hold a slot in the cast list when it might go to someone more active. It's better that Jeyne leave the Fleet after such a great story arc.

Thanks to all the wonderful cr partners I received in this game. She's leaving letters addressed to every member of the Blue Fish. I don't think she really has anything of value beyond her bow and herbal salves. Those can be distributed however you want.

Thank you again for all the memories.
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(no subject)

Hi, Fleet.

Unfortunately, it's time for Sansa Stark to go back home to Westeros. I've really enjoyed playing her here, but my activity has been dragging and I know I'm not giving her and her cr as much attention and dedication as my other two characters. And that hasn't been fair to anyone.

Rather than rush at the last minute for this month's activity check, I'm going to go ahead and rip off the band-aid.

I'll still be around with Peggy and Kate!
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(no subject)

I hate to add on to the drop train, but Jennifer Keller's going to be going home, too. :( This chapter of her journey is coming to an end; I've been feeling burnt out and directionless with the character, and she's lost a lot of significant CR, so I feel like it's best to bow out. Thanks for the good memories and the good CR I've had with her here.

Also, I'm stepping back to take a breather from the game in general, so Castle [personal profile] thebestseller, Alphonse [personal profile] sonofgold and Tina [personal profile] continuousgroaning are going to be in hypersleep til the end of the month. If there are any ongoing threads you want me to tag, please do let me know, but otherwise I'm only going to be cherrypicking.

Thanks, everyone!
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Hello, fleet. I'm incredibly sorry to do this only a day after dropping Misty; I thought maybe I could make it work still with just Beverly but I'm afraid I can't, so this will be the end of my run here at Drift Fleet. Many of you probably know this was my first game (well. first that lasted more than a week at any rate) and I cannot thank you all enough for being so welcoming to me and Beverly both. You're a wonderful, creative bunch and I'm glad I got to play with you.

For now, though, it's time for Beverly to go back home to the Enterprise.

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I'm dropping Euphie. I just didn't get the start I wanted to with her and it's going to get worse before it gets better and maybe that's a sign. I'm still here with Kitty and Mon-El.
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This was a hard decision for me but... Misty will be leaving as well. I loved having her here and she's grown so much and I have so many of you to thank for that.

She doesn't have too much in the way of stuff, but her boombox with Fleetwood Mac tapes will be going to Winter, her shamisen to Maglor, any potions she has left to Sam Winchester, and Makie... if you ever feel the need to go boho, there's a whole pile of clothes waiting for you.

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Yo everyone,

Jumping on the train, it would seem. I am letting both cisco ramon [personal profile] benames and nancy wheeler [personal profile] perfecting go.

Still around with steve rogers tho. You're not rid of me yet.
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[personal profile] winn2017-05-11 08:04 am
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 I have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this, that's how much I absolutely adore you guys and this game and all the CR we've created. Drift Fleet has been my home after long years of searching for somewhere to belong again, and it has been pure magic. Thank you, everyone, for coming together to create this little gem, and for letting me play with your incredible characters. You helped me improve my writing, my imagination, my science, and my personality and I'm so grateful for meeting all of you. I'm sorry for the many threads I'm dropping - if anyone needs ANYTHING concluded please don't hesitate to let me know! I don't want to leave anyone hanging <3 

Winn has...gosh so much stuff. Distribute the loot fairly you guys! he left recorded messages on an encoded file on the network for everyone he loves - the password will be found among his things. I'll post them in his journal later, check plurk for them. o/ (or you know, have whoever doesn't feel like using plurk amnesty link you to it!)

Lance has...nothing. Save for a leather jacket, given to Fitz. Sorry bud, don't die out there! 

With both of them gone, I am effectively - out of the game, so plurk amnesty, farewell, and thanks for all the fish <3 It's been an honor to drift with you. 
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(no subject)

I wish I didn't have to make this post, but all good things must come to an end - and so with utmost reluctance, I'm heading out. Flooters, you were an incredible and amazing playerbase, and I seriously couldn't have asked for two better years without you. ♥ Thank you for the laughs, the anguish, the joy, and everything in-between. I couldn't have asked for a better group of players to have embarked on this journey with.

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control have made it impossible for me to stay, and so I'm grabbing one last moment before I see y'all on the flipside. Stefan and Iris are both returning to their homeworlds; Stefan would have left the Interfaith Center to Sorey and Mikleo, as a joint present.

There would be trinkets and letters in his room for all of his CR; pplurk me at [ profile] guardblade to get a rough idea of what that might entail. Defriending amnesty obviously applies, but seriously. Y'all were some of the best players someone like me could've ever asked for.

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-1 existential crisis

ALRIGHT SO it’s been a long run, but Theon’s headed home. I think he’s gone about as far as he can go here, and it’s about time he goes back to the grey area that is “waiting for GRRM to write more so we can figure out if his life gets better or worse”.

He doesn’t have much of importance that he’s leaving behind, but you are all free to fight over his kraken-laden wardrobe. Robb gets his bow because the lil shit needs to improve his aim.

Thanks you guys for making it a great experience. He was a whole lot of fun to play here. I may be back eventually with someone new--or I'll suck it up and just bring him back, lbr.
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-2 Thedosian mages

As some of you may have seen us mention on plurk, Reiko and I have decided to bow out of Drift Fleet and RP games as a whole for a long-needed break. This means both Anders here and Adalwolfe Hawke ([personal profile] wolfehawke) will be heading back to the Fun-filled utopia that is Thedas.

We've both been in games a long time and we can easily agree this one is a great game to leave off with, we've had a lot of fun and we want to thank all of you for playing with us and our mages for the last 10/11 months; both of these boys would have been happy staying in the fleet for a lot longer.

They didn't have a whole bunch to their names to leave behind, both Ser-Pounce-A-Lot and Ser-Drools-A-Lot will be leaving the fleet as well, so the items left in the Twin Roses' captain's quarters will be what's left.

Free to a good home:
Handmade Wicked Grace deck
A manifesto guide on the types and necessary care for the various medicinal plants in the Twin Rose's hanger and on the Iskaulit
Hawke's dragon staff and Anders' nature-y staff, both good for magic users or as a walking stick
Various clothes they've picked up
Two quilts
A dragon onezie
A small collection of rocks some of them with googly eyes pasted on them
A small collection of paper umbrellas anyone who frequents Malum might recognize
A big bag of handmade mabari crunch (dog treats)
And a men's ring with a fire opal
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Dropping from game; Farewell Flooters~ ;A;

It's with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Drift Fleet. It's something I've been thinking about over the past two months, as a variety of factors came into play, both in RP and my life, which have sapped a lot of my motivation to tag and participate to a degree I was satisfied with. My sincerest apologies to Wanda's castmates and all of her CR for her dropping.

Wanda is leaving behind some departing gifts:

- Steve and Peggy will be left two pendants, one was Pietro's and the other was Wanda's, both are lockets that open up to display a holographic photo of young Wanda and Pietro with their two parents
- Winn is being left a rather large bag of chocolate-covered Popcorn that Wanda had been preparing in secret for their next movie night
- Max is being left a fairly assuming metal ring, into it is roughly scratched the word "два" -- seemingly a craft project was working on as an upcoming birthday present for him
- Natasha is being left a series of scarves Wanda had picked up over her travels, each a differing shade of red
- Bucky is being left some hand-made glitter poppers; the colors inside being red, white and blue (perhaps ammunition Wanda was planning on retaliating with)
- Nami is being left Vision's camera that Wanda has held onto, a recent photo stored inside will be of the two of them smiling on their recent Waver venture
- Kitty is being left a few necklaces and rings, Wanda's favorite jewelry pieces she picked up while traveling the stars
- Charles and Erik are being left matching, simple string bracelets with lettered beads -- Charles' reads "Hope" and Erik's reads "ojciec" (the polish word for father)

Nearly two years ago, I app'd Wanda into the Drift Fleet and found an RP home that I truly fell in love with. I've gotten to thread with so many talented players and their wonderful characters. No matter how big or small, every tag, every thread I got to share with y'all has been a gift. I cannot thank everyone enough for treating me and welcoming me so warmly -- especially when I was joining the game at a time of some very important self-discovery. Getting to play Wanda here has been an absolute blessing. Words cannot fully express how truly grateful I am to all of you. Thank you all so much again, and I wish everyone the very, very best in the world.

Stay gold, you beautiful nerds.