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Hullo! My name is Kate, I'm totally new and bringing in Anduin Lothar from the Warcraft film.

(it was super tempting to use this one)

Lothar is commander of the Stormwind army and looks every inch of it to be honest. Unlike Khadgar, Lothar is not a magic type and relies more on armour and weaponry than flinging spells. Basically a warrior class. Lothar is not one to trust right off the bat and can come across as a bit abrasive, but he just says what he thinks needs to be said. If you're a friend, he'll just tease and torment you with a bro punch to the arm. I could ramble all day, but it's best to say that his app can be found here. He'll be on the SS Caprine and I am super excited to be jumping in. My plurk is [plurk.com profile] enabled and my discord is kate#2465.
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Hello everyone! Rachel here, back at it again with a new character; another Lavellan to add to the dragon age mix!

This is Leilani Lavellan! She's a super duper Dalish elf that loves her people but kind of feels a bit awkward about it since her boyfriend told her half the things she thought were true were actually lies, awkward. He also took her face tattoos and then broke up with her, so that's even more awkward for anyone expecting a Dalish with tattoos! She's coming in from the end of Trespasser but before the very end, so she still has a super cool Anchor popping on her hand and causing all kinds of problems.

As always, you can find me at [plurk.com profile] aziraphale on plurk for any plotting and pinging and I look forward to flinging her at you!
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rip hugh hefner but from his ashes a successor is borne

Too soon????

Hello, hello. I was here approx 6,000 years ago with Howard & now we are BaCK. Please add me on Plurk so we can plot and chat and things!! My name is Ca and I'm super pumped to be here again! I am down for any and all shenanigans don't be shy okok. Howard will be remembering his past jaunt here and have the same augment (Pilot) so he'll be pretty blase about the whole thing.

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AYYYY YO I'm Egg I play Sorey ([personal profile] monolike), Aizawa ([personal profile] expellerhead) and Cloud ([personal profile] moseyin) bringing in my FOURTH!!! Because I hate to sleep apparently!!!!!!!!!!

This is Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil of the MCU/Netflix variety. He's more or less aware-ish of the Avengers due to the Incident in New York, but hasn't interacted with any of them personally. Right now he's from end of season 1 so he doesn't know any of the other Defenders yet, either! HE'S JUST STARTED OUT, A WEE NEW SUPERHERO

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+1 mage

Hello, everyone! This is Frames (player of Bucky Barnes and Carl Grimes) bringing in a third character!

This is Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age Inquisition. He's a mage from a powerful family, who left his homeland because shit got crazy and joined the Inquisition in the fight against an even crazier darkspawn. He's snarky, full of wit, and has an opinion about almost everything. Coming into the Fleet, he's taken from before his final personal quest The Magister's Birthright. Questions or anything at all can be brought to my attention via this inbox or at [plurk.com profile] skorozima.
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+1 Grumpy spirit

Hello Fleet! I'm Smurf, and I'm a fresh member coming in with Justice.

Justice here is a literal spirit of justice, so that means he has a stick up his ass and he's awkward as hell. He will nag you about doing the right thing and ask questions about everything mortal-related. Have fun with that!

He's coming from a canon point where he's been possessing a literal rotting corpse, but for the sake of not forcing him to possess a new corpse every few weeks, he's leaving behind the corpse and existing without possession in the game. Unfortunately, he's gotten comfortable looking like a corpse, so he still looks pretty dead. Hey, at least no one has to deal with the smell anymore.

A lot of his powers can get info mod-y, so here is a permissions post for you to let me know what you're chill with and what you're not. If you'd like to plot with me, go ahead and friend me at [plurk.com profile] smurfsmuggler. I'm pumped to play with you all!
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+1 reyvateil antagonist

Well hello, dear Fleet! It's Maggie, comin' at you with another character!

Meet "Jacqli" from the Ar Tonelico series!! She's a short, song-magic-powered nuke of a person, with a mean streak a mile wide. She's blunt, she doesn't like humans, and she thinks a lot of things are just plain dumb. ... Including clothes. ........ I'm really really sorry to anyone she ends up on a ship with. fsdklfjsl

no i'm not

She's coming from almost the very end of the 2nd game, meaning she's slightly less of a pill?? Slightly. She's also a CRAU from RealityShifted. Only really huge thing to mention in that regard is that she died in that game, and as a consequence, her blood has been replaced with a black substance with glittery-gold particles in it, like stardust in oily void. ... No, I'm not kidding. Make her bleed and find out for yourself! :Db

Looking forward to throwing her at all y'all!! Hit me up on [plurk.com profile] reveris if you wanna plot, or just talk! ♥
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+ 1 Bara Magical Moron

 Hey, Flooters! Mako here with my third character, Snow Villiers from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. So, for those that don't know, Snow used to be a nice guy with an easy smile and poor impulse control. Now, he's taken to listening to My Chemical Romance and hates life. I mean, his reasoning is pretty legit, but after 500 years of not aging and being in pain, I think his stance is pretty logical. For him, anyway.

So, if anyone wants to avoid spoilers for the XIII trilogy, let me know. He does have a permissions post here that has some videos of him in the last game for those of you who don't know.

Um, I can be reached on plurk at [plurk.com profile] makochan for plotting and things. Feel free to add me if you haven't already.
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oops, I sure elf'd that up

Hi guys! Saffy here with a completely unsurprising app. I've been wanting to play this guy for 2 years but I couldn't because I was already playing a similar character... lmao. This is Alphinaud Leveilleur (pronounced Alphy No) from Final Fantasy XIV, a.k.a. the MMO that failed hard and rose again. His twin sister has been here before but I'm not sure anyone remembers her; if so, your character is free to notice that they look exactly alike.

It's worth noting that as a major NPC he plays a very big part of the player character's story; this Alphinaud will be remembering the standard gold farmer male Hyur NPC as his Warrior of Light so no one feels left out. This may change, we'll see!

His canon point is the end of the first expansion, Heavensward. A lot of sadness happens in the story quests, so please let me know if you'd rather not be spoiled. Though until he makes friends I think he won't be talking about what happened much.

Lastly, his augment is Lab Support because he actually does a lot of healing later on in his canon.

As always, you can add me on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] fonfabre for plotting!
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+ 1 angry red cat lady

Hello Driftfleet!

I'm Jayne, your local Eleanor player, and I'm finally bringing in a second character. This time around, it's an OC!

Her name is Rose (actually, that's not her real name, but that's not important), and she comes from the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Back home, she's what's referred to as a "Warrior of Light," which is basically a code name given to people who find time to kill gods in between fetch quests. She's also a white mage, which means she can heal pretty well, even if she has awful bedside manner. And she's a cat person! The ears and tail are very noticeable.

Rose's main emotions tend to be anger and sarcasm. She can be a very good friend once someone gets to know her, but she's a royal pain until then. That being said, even though she's a reluctant hero, she's still technically a hero, so she can be counted on to do the right thing. Probably?

I'm super stoked to have her here and play with y'all! If anybody wants a more comprehensive overview, her application is over here and there's a (loose) visual reference post up here! My plurk is over at [plurk.com profile] bronnichiwa for anybody who wants to plot.

Here's to good CR! o7
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+1 thief

HI FLEETERS! I'm Lyan, I used to hang around these parts with a nerdy loser with a punny name. I'm so excited to be back here! There's no place like home <3

This time, I bring you something different~ Parker from Leverage (end of season 1, if you're familiar). She's a thief (but she mostly uses her powers for good now!) with little to no social skills or tact, and about as much impulse control.

She's got a Pilot Augment and used to be a getaway driver, so whichever ship she ends up in - I recommend stocking up on antiemetics...

If you wanna plot or chat or whatever, feel free to add me on [plurk.com profile] lyan142 o/
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Add a dash of salty priest

 Hi! I'm Sage! I'm here with one Wolfwood from Trigun! Wolfwood's a guy who's a little rough around the edges (read: a lot), and just got out of a stint of death by way of magical transportation to the fleet! He's pretty sociable, and will be glad to be a helping hand or to lend an ear if you need. He's also pretty good with firearms. 

I'm happy to be here, and excited to get started! If you need to get a hold of me, I'm Curiouslyhigh on Skype, and Curiously High#0126 on Discord.

I'm looking forward to playing with all of you wonderful people! 
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sails back in

hello drift fleet! my name is eli and i'm super excited to be back. i was here around a month ago and i'm sailing back in with the same character, natalie goodman from next to normal! she's a snarky girl with a heart of gold (?) and a Tragic Backstory, along with some previous game history from [community profile] kyriakos. she'll be going by opal here due to that aforementioned game history!

if you're so inclined, you can add me at [plurk.com profile] becoming! she'll be on the wonderduck. i'm glad to be back and i look forward to playing with you all again!
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+1 rock girl

Hi Drift Fleet!

I'm Chelley, though some of you may know me as Theta. I'm new to the game and bringing Shay from Voltron: Legendary Defender, a very curious and rather naive rock girl who was recently liberated from a lifetime of slavery. She's very friendly, if a bit easily spooked, and will be extremely curious about her new situation as she has never left her homeworld before. She's been assigned to the SS Blue Fish.

I've been given mod permission to give her a bit of...essentially stonesense, where she can use a sort of echolocation through vibrations on solid organic things, like rock formations or the ground. Obviously in space this won't help her much, but it could be pretty useful on planets if anyone's looking for...idk, a mine shaft. Or a snipe den. She also has a lab augment.

Anyway, really looking forward to playing here! If you have any questions about permissions and such, please ask. I'm open to most anything. Thanks guys!

EDIT BECAUSE I FORGOT TO ADD! Feel free to add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] scripturient!
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+1 former computer

heyo, driftfleet!! i'm lyn, i'm fresh meat invited here by the lovely tad, and i'm bringing y'all gideon from the dctv universe. specifically from legends of tomorrow.

for those not in the know, gideon is (usually) an ai connected to a ship called the waverider. she's a snarky floating head with an english accent most of the time, but there was one point in canon where we got to see her with a physical body! and she's coming to the game from a psl where she's also had a chance to get a physical body and had a few days to start getting used to it because that makes everything more fun.

i'm super thrilled to be here and getting a chance to play with y'all! if any of you want to plot or chat or whatever, i'm most easily reached on plurk ([plurk.com profile] chanterie) and discord! (chanterie#3878)
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+1 Psychic Hunter from Supernatural

 Hey all!  I'm excited to be here.  My name's Rowan and I'm bringing you Merlan Margaret O'Keefe an original character from the show Supernatural.  She's heard of the Winchester boys and the whole crazy goings on in mostly America but she's been dealing with getting her degrees and Hunting things not abiding by the 'be fuckin nice or die' rule in Australia.  She's also pretty psychic, which can come in handy in her line of work.  If/when psychic stuff is going down, holla at me via the below and we'll talk it through. I <3 communication.  

I'm super excited that I get to participate in Calibrations with you guys, even if it's late in the show.  From what I've seen, it looks awesome.  

She's coming right in with a Security augment, which will make her pretty pleased.

Anyway, you can find me at [plurk.com profile] lightbirbs  and my Discord is: lightbirbs#9612 - feel free to hit me up on either as I love meeting new folks!

Note: ...I really need to put my glasses on when I'm typing. 
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Hello everyone! I'm Trix and I'm brand new here and very excited. I'm bringing in Rick Grimes (the walking dead) and he's none too pleased about being somewhere he doesn't know all the details about. He'll be trying to explore and gather information about everything. I'm bringing him in from season 7, episode 8. Bring on all the complication. Rick is a natural leader type and tries to do everything he can to protect those he cares about. He might not look like much but he's more resourceful than he appears.

I have a plurk for plotting here: [plurk.com profile] snowflakecrowns but (pm) also works.

I cannot wait to thread and do all the things with everyone.
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+ 1 Dragon Queen

Riddle here (player of Maedhros) with my thirdsecond character! This is Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. She will be taken from Season Six of the show and you can find her permissions here. If you have any other comments/concerns/questions, I can be found on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] tiger_eyes!
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Hello, hello! I'm Jude and I'm brand new to the game! I'll be bringing in Alisha Diphda from one of the newer Tales of games, Tales of Zestiria! She doubles as both a Princess and a Knight, and is definitely the type to be proactive and do what she can for the sake of other people. She's a bit too serious for her own good, has a weakness for cute things, and tends to be a bit naive... She's got a good heart and is generally kind, but she can definitely pack a punch if needed.

My plurk is here for anyone who would like to get into contact with me/add me there. o7
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This is Egg with a third (Sorey, Aizawa), THIS DRAMA BOY RIGHT HERE

he's original game so he's less sadsack than the AC version, post game so he's more stable. I AM EAGER TO PLAY HIM AGAIN, it's been years so if i heck up please drop me a line and be like 'ay yo'