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I feel really sad about this, but I just don't have the mental juice to keep up with the game and give it the attention it deserves. So I'm going to drop Wrath for now, which takes me out of the game entirely.

It's been a pleasure threading with you all, and I'm going to miss the fleet. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing.

Wrath isn't much of a letter writer, but she's going to leave a few items for people:
1) Kurt gets the laser sword
2) Erik gets her painting stuff, including the digital painting frame
3) Winter gets her yarn collection, which involves a lot of sparkly yarn. And the rest of her knives.
4) The chess set she picked up goes to Charles
5) Theon gets a pair of fingerless hand warmers she was making for him. They're very soft and actually in a dignified color, believe it or not.
6) Her deck of cards goes to Beverly as well as selected items from her naughty toy collection
7) If at all possible (and if players want him), I'd love for Officer Snuggles to stay on the Windrose

I'll be happy to stay in touch with anyone who still wants me on plurk! :)
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Yes, absolutely staying on the Windrose. They will take the best care of him. /hugs
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♥ I will miss you and Wrath!
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Oh man, Winter's going to miss Wrath so much D:

But you absolutely have to do what you need to, you have a lot on your plate! <3
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Theon is really actually going to miss her. He'll probably wear the hand warmers daily, alright.

Come back to us if you ever have the time!