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Drifting Rumors

As of the end of the day (4/01), the Marsiva will be leaving the Mahig system, tugging the Fleet right along with her. Traffic along this new route starts out moderate, but the further away from the planet the Marsiva travels, the fewer other ships can be seen. Still, the way is littered with the occasional typical way-station, should anyone feel the need to get out of the ship and stretch their legs.

While drifting. things might get a little... interesting. It seems like fans of the Drift Fleet have been extra chatty lately, and Sponsors from all over want to show you their thanks - with extra special sponsor drops! Though, some of these drops seem pretty strange. Just what exactly are the fans saying about all of you to inspire this...?

Spreading Rumors.
Starting today, in honor of April Fools, some members of the fleet might find strange messages posted about them in any number of ways. These messages could be up on the network for the entire fleet to see, or they might be written on a note and put on your ship’s fridge, or they might even be found etched on the bathroom stall in the Space Bar. Players can be as creative as they’d like with how these messages pop up.

All of these seem to follow the same sort of theme: rumors from the fanbase. All of them seem to involve some sort of speculation about someone in the fleet that was possibly made up by a fan of the show. Some of them could be accurate rumors (ex: “Steve Rogers is Captain America”), or half-true, or completely ridiculous and/or false (ex: “Jarvis is Captain America and Steve is a front”).

Players can make up any sort of rumors for their character to find about themselves. The more ridiculous, the better! If you’re looking for ideas, the fan theory meme we posted last week might help out. Though we do have a couple of guidelines:

  • Rumors can’t reveal canon knowledge that anyone in the cast would have no way of knowing.
  • If the rumor involve other people, permission must by obtained by those players. If the rumor is shippy in nature and the character is in a romantic ship, permission must be obtained from the (romantic) shipmate as well.
  • Since this is supposed to be a fun event, we ask that you avoid any rumors that involve death or killing.

    Players do not need to obtain mod permission for rumors, but we may contact you if a rumor violates any of these three guidelines.

    Sponsor Drops.
    In addition to these fun rumors popping up, some passengers may also be receiving sponsor drops to go along with it! In the cargo bay of their ship, they’ll find a sponsor drop with a copy of the rumor attached. The sponsor drop itself will have something to do with the rumor in question. For example, if there’s a rumor going around that Stefan’s hair is insured for 10,000 credits, he might get a crate full of premium shampoo to help protect those lucious locks.

    The guidelines for drops:
  • While passengers may have multiple rumors about them circulating, they can only receive one sponsor drop related to this event.
  • The drop may not contain any weapons, anything living (including seeds), or items from home.
  • As always, sponsor drops often come in bulk.

    Sponsor drops don’t necessarily require mod permission, but feel free to check with us if you’re not sure!

    This event will last for the duration of the drift period: two weeks, ending on 4/15. It is also entirely optional. If you do not wish for your character to have a rumor about them or receive misguided sponsor drops for any reason, they can receive nothing at all or perhaps just a supply of everyone's favorite sugar-soaked breakfast cereal: Floot Loops!

    You may use this post to share rumor ideas and plot things with each other however you like. Please remember, if you plan to involve anyone else in your rumor and subsequent sponsor drop, be sure to ask the player's permission.

    Enjoy the rumor mill prize dump, Fleeters!

    Scheduling Note.
    We’d like to thank Ziya for the suggestion of the April Fool’s rumor plot! We love this plot a great deal, and hope you liked what we’ve done with it!

    The fleet will remain in drift from 4/01 until 4/15. This is a longer drift time than usual because we wanted to give players a chance to breathe, catch-up, and play out their own plots. There will be a new system introduced on the 15th, but we have no mod-run game events planned until May.

    And as always, if there’s any questions about anything above, you can ask in the QUESTIONS section in the comments.

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