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Wanda Maximoff ([personal profile] notmutantbutmiracle) wrote in [community profile] driftfleet_ooc2017-04-02 10:27 am
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Dropping from game; Farewell Flooters~ ;A;

It's with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Drift Fleet. It's something I've been thinking about over the past two months, as a variety of factors came into play, both in RP and my life, which have sapped a lot of my motivation to tag and participate to a degree I was satisfied with. My sincerest apologies to Wanda's castmates and all of her CR for her dropping.

Wanda is leaving behind some departing gifts:

- Steve and Peggy will be left two pendants, one was Pietro's and the other was Wanda's, both are lockets that open up to display a holographic photo of young Wanda and Pietro with their two parents
- Winn is being left a rather large bag of chocolate-covered Popcorn that Wanda had been preparing in secret for their next movie night
- Max is being left a fairly assuming metal ring, into it is roughly scratched the word "два" -- seemingly a craft project was working on as an upcoming birthday present for him
- Natasha is being left a series of scarves Wanda had picked up over her travels, each a differing shade of red
- Bucky is being left some hand-made glitter poppers; the colors inside being red, white and blue (perhaps ammunition Wanda was planning on retaliating with)
- Nami is being left Vision's camera that Wanda has held onto, a recent photo stored inside will be of the two of them smiling on their recent Waver venture
- Kitty is being left a few necklaces and rings, Wanda's favorite jewelry pieces she picked up while traveling the stars
- Charles and Erik are being left matching, simple string bracelets with lettered beads -- Charles' reads "Hope" and Erik's reads "ojciec" (the polish word for father)

Nearly two years ago, I app'd Wanda into the Drift Fleet and found an RP home that I truly fell in love with. I've gotten to thread with so many talented players and their wonderful characters. No matter how big or small, every tag, every thread I got to share with y'all has been a gift. I cannot thank everyone enough for treating me and welcoming me so warmly -- especially when I was joining the game at a time of some very important self-discovery. Getting to play Wanda here has been an absolute blessing. Words cannot fully express how truly grateful I am to all of you. Thank you all so much again, and I wish everyone the very, very best in the world.

Stay gold, you beautiful nerds.
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[personal profile] spacebro 2017-04-02 04:20 pm (UTC)(link)
So sad to hear that you're going. I'll miss playing with you and Kitty will definitely miss Wanda. She really liked talking to her. But the time always comes and I'm glad we got to play together!
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[personal profile] therewerefifty 2017-04-02 07:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Noooo :c Thank you for our great threads! I hope you come back one day, but that motivation thing's a bitch.

Nami will miss Wanda a lot, but be kind of glad-hopeful she at least ditched the place. (And possibly take up photography. Is it just a normal camera?)