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-2 Thedosian mages

As some of you may have seen us mention on plurk, Reiko and I have decided to bow out of Drift Fleet and RP games as a whole for a long-needed break. This means both Anders here and Adalwolfe Hawke ([personal profile] wolfehawke) will be heading back to the Fun-filled utopia that is Thedas.

We've both been in games a long time and we can easily agree this one is a great game to leave off with, we've had a lot of fun and we want to thank all of you for playing with us and our mages for the last 10/11 months; both of these boys would have been happy staying in the fleet for a lot longer.

They didn't have a whole bunch to their names to leave behind, both Ser-Pounce-A-Lot and Ser-Drools-A-Lot will be leaving the fleet as well, so the items left in the Twin Roses' captain's quarters will be what's left.

Free to a good home:
Handmade Wicked Grace deck
A manifesto guide on the types and necessary care for the various medicinal plants in the Twin Rose's hanger and on the Iskaulit
Hawke's dragon staff and Anders' nature-y staff, both good for magic users or as a walking stick
Various clothes they've picked up
Two quilts
A dragon onezie
A small collection of rocks some of them with googly eyes pasted on them
A small collection of paper umbrellas anyone who frequents Malum might recognize
A big bag of handmade mabari crunch (dog treats)
And a men's ring with a fire opal
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Vash will take what he's learned and make sure the plants are will taken care of.

Take care you two and see you around plurk!
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Good luck you both!
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I'll miss you guuuys.