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+1 disney pr-- daughter of the chief!

hello, drift fleet! this is eli bringing in a second character: the titular character from disney's moana. for those of you who haven't seen the film, she's an adventurous wayfinder with a passion for the ocean and a love of her people. she'll be coming from right after "how far i'll go", for anyone familiar with the movie! she's also coming into the game with a pilot augment, probably surprising nobody. her hmd is here for any future use!

i'm super excited to play her here, and i look forward to all kinds of cr! if you'd like to plan out anything or even just chat, you can add me at [ profile] becoming anytime. ♥
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I'm currently listening to this soundtrack on repeat so this is beautiful to me.
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/starts the wave

get it

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you're welcome

( ̄+ー ̄)
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I need to see this. I was playing songs from it for my niece all weekend. She loved it.
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Sokka's gonna love her.