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-1 existential crisis

ALRIGHT SO it’s been a long run, but Theon’s headed home. I think he’s gone about as far as he can go here, and it’s about time he goes back to the grey area that is “waiting for GRRM to write more so we can figure out if his life gets better or worse”.

He doesn’t have much of importance that he’s leaving behind, but you are all free to fight over his kraken-laden wardrobe. Robb gets his bow because the lil shit needs to improve his aim.

Thanks you guys for making it a great experience. He was a whole lot of fun to play here. I may be back eventually with someone new--or I'll suck it up and just bring him back, lbr.
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You play an excellent Theon! I'll miss yoooou.
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Excellent, in that case, I look forward to tagging you again!