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S'up Flooters? Ziya (Stefan's player) here with my second character, Iris West from the Flash and the wider DCTV universe. ♥

She's an American journalist who not only makes a mean cup of coffee but pulls you aside to ask how you're doing if she thinks you don't look too well. She's also a truth seeker and almost reckless pursuer in that regard, so don't mind her relentlessly putting herself out there to get that scoop!!

Her canonpoint is specifically 2x22, and as always, you can reach me either through journal PMs or on Discord (guardblade#0057). I can't wait to hit the ground running!

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come join team reporters'n'investigators with her and kara, iris. they do shots and braid hair and swap work stories.
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Hero support is where it's at!
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You'll be comfortable with her, Iris. It's like having a less broody, more female Barry around.
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Glad to see you apped her!
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Me too!