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Hello everyone, new person here!

I'm Zero, and I'm bringing in Jusis Albarea from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Basically, one of Fie's classmates.

Jusis is a noble, which is a big deal in the Erebonian classist as all hell system, but he's also part commoner which means he's not 'a pureblood' and that's also a big deal. Basically, he belongs nowhere, but he acts the part of a noble because he has ideas of how they should act to help everyone else. This makes him sound like a really cool dude, but... he's actually kind of an asshole.

His main front is passive aggressive sarcasm with a side of judging others because people used to always try to gain favor from him because of his position and that's something that never went away so...

Pro-tip, never ever get on his bad side. It will never ever be lived down. Otherwise he's a pretty cool and smart dude that usually keeps to himself. Approach with caution, etc etc, expect to be insulted by him one way or another...

Feel free to add me at [ profile] aidios! I look forward to playing with you all.
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Hey, Zero. Welcome to the game!
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hello person i have never seen before in my life
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the stupid voice shenanigans are coming.

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Oh, what augment did you go with? And same canon point as hers roughly?
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Yep yep. I figure it's been a month or two or three since Fie's seen her classmates from her canon point. Good times.
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Find your own fun, Jusis. Jeez.
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Hey Zero! Welcome aboard!!

I'm Ziya, and I play an AU Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] stefanged) from The Vampire Diaries as well as Iris West from DCTV. NGL, I've never played Jusis's game before but it has a rocking soundtrack so I really should get on that . . .

Anyhow, I hope you have fun here :>
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Welcome new person! I had to laugh when I saw your name was Zero since I play Euphemia li Britannia too.