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+ one russian national treasure

Hullo Drift Fleet!

My name is Mel. I was here a looong time ago with a couple of characters (Felix from Dragon Age and Adam from Good Omens), but I had to drop for some RL issues that were happening. Those issues have been resolved and now I am back with a new character, Victor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! On Ice. Here to bring his own particular brand of Extra (tm) to the show.

Feel free to friend me on plurk. I'm [ profile] theangstmonkey. I look forward to tossing this drama queen world ice skating champion at you all.

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victor!!! yes, good. fantastic! I'm so excited.

(Also hi, welcome back! I'm Ilana, I actually play a different dude named Felix, and Sayid Jarrah from Lost c: )
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Different Felix! So now there are two Felixes again.
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Okay well if you've watched BSG and you like Felix, I have to friend you, it's the rules.
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It's absolutely intense....I actually binged it in maybe a month or two because I came to it late.

The writers did a fantastic job with him, yes (and also Alessandro Juliani is SO VERY GOOD).
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Welcome back, Mel! I'm Zi and I play an AU Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries as well as Iris West ([personal profile] eloquentness) from The Flash.

NGL I am so stoked to see Victor here! Just in time to show everyone some skating-turned-dance moves too c:
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Impeccable timing!! I hope he certainly steal the show (and maybe then some, if he's all about a heist).
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Welcome back to the game!

I'm Kaze and I play this old Japanese samurai (Okita Souji) and an actual Japanese sword (Doudanuki Masakuni). I hope you have fun with Victor here!
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Hey there~! I'm Riddle and I just have Maedhros from The Silmarillion here. I've added you on Plurk; hope that's okay? ♥
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Welcome back! I'm Haunt. I haven't seen that anime, but I keep hearing people mentioning it on plurk, so it will be good to see a character in action!
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I'm not afraid of a little hype! But I do have a backlog of shows. So much TV these days!
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Omg yes good I'm glad Victor is here! He's so gonna enjoy all eyes being on him hehehe!!

I'm Haru! I play Chuuya Nakahara from Bungou Stray Dogs. I'm sure Chuuya will find Victor annoying, but who cares what Chuuya thinks?! Because I'm all about this CR happening!!!
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Hellooooo! I just got accepted here so yay?

I am poshu, I'm brand new here and I am super stoked about having a Victor already here.