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I wish I didn't have to make this post, but all good things must come to an end - and so with utmost reluctance, I'm heading out. Flooters, you were an incredible and amazing playerbase, and I seriously couldn't have asked for two better years without you. ♥ Thank you for the laughs, the anguish, the joy, and everything in-between. I couldn't have asked for a better group of players to have embarked on this journey with.

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control have made it impossible for me to stay, and so I'm grabbing one last moment before I see y'all on the flipside. Stefan and Iris are both returning to their homeworlds; Stefan would have left the Interfaith Center to Sorey and Mikleo, as a joint present.

There would be trinkets and letters in his room for all of his CR; pplurk me at [ profile] guardblade to get a rough idea of what that might entail. Defriending amnesty obviously applies, but seriously. Y'all were some of the best players someone like me could've ever asked for.

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I'm sorry we didn't thread more, but what we did was fun. I hope all turns out for the best for you.
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Aw, thank you! Take care and maybe we'll run into each other somewhere else sometime!
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Sorry we didn't get a chance to interact more. I've always enjoyed playing with your characters—here and before. I hope all is well!
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I'm sorry we didn't either! I think things will smooth over eventually, and I hope you and Lula keep having fun with Karamel (is that what they're called?? I genuinely don't know) ♥
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haha, it is! Oh, fandom ship names. Although the Young Justice ship names were the best. You need a decoder ring for some of those. I can't even remember what Artemis/Wally was. WallArt? Okay, that seems straight forward. But I think Zatana/Artemis were Secrets and maybe someone was Heist? Anyway! RP is an ever shrinking world. I'm sure I'll see you around again! Be well!
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♥ Our time playing together in this game is something I will always cherish. I'll miss you.
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Never. ♥
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/lays on and refuses to let go <3
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<3 <3 You know where to find me on plurk <3 <3 <3