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Newbie in town

Hey, everyone!

I am brand new to this game. My name is Poshu and I am bringing another ice skater to you all. Behold, renowned piggy/silver medalist Yuri Katsuki.

You can reach me at Poshueatspancake#9467 on discord or ping me on Yuri's account. I am super excited to play with everyone so feel free to approach this figure skating dork.
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Yahh!!!! Another ice skater!!

Hello I'm Haru! I play Chuuya from Bungo Stray Dogs. Happy to have Yuri here and can't wait to tag him! And it looks like we're on the same ship, woop woop!!
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If you thought Yurio was a tiny hot head, wait til you get a load of Chuuya!! ;)

http://driftfleet-ooc.dreamwidth.org/316930.html this shuffle post! it just went up like 25 minutes ago or so! \o/!! He's the only new passenger, yeah? :D
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Welcome! Looks like he's on the Twin Roses with Kitty! I'll add you to discord in case there is any ship plotting. Mine is hauntedreality#1618 (and I'm hauntedreality on plurk if you have that)
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I'm Linden and I play Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV. I'm on Discord too: drunkleardyn111#1019
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Have we threaded before? Your name sounds very similar :P
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Of course you are! Pfft, I knew you're from somewhere XD Sorry about the confusion.
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Hey Poshu! Welcome to the game! My name is Kaze and I play this sword loser from Kumamoto (Doudanuki Masakuni) and a samurai loser from Edo/Kyoto, Okita Souji. Okita knows of Yuri from Victor. I hope you have fun in the game!
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Yuri is practically a celebrity here already lol. And yes! Japan buddies! Although both Doudanuki and Okita have veeeeery different ideas about what Japan is like.
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Be ready, Yuri. Fame is coming for you like a giant Makkachin.
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I actually think there's a player-run restaurant that will have pork bowls on the menu lmfao.
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Yeah! Jarvis has a restaurant or should have it up and running soon. Okita requested miso soup because he's boring and old.
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Go on the Okita Souji diet - aka eat all the candy you want and not get fat because you're dying from tuberculosis!

...I really don't recommend it.
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HAHAHA SO WILL EVERYONE but mostly because he's trapped inside a small enclosed space, sharing breathing air, with a highly communicable disease. Thankfully Atroma basically locked it to him, so everyone is safe! Not that they know that.

This is exactly why he lies about his identity.
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Yeah probably. One day he'll cough up blood in front of someone like "oops" and there will be a minor panic until they realize "hahaha it's just him, that loser."
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Do a pair skate with Victor. He'll find it very impressive and try not to cough blood on your pretty outfits.
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They can probably figure something out eventually. I think someone was talking about doing a Holodeck, too, so honestly anything is possible!

And wow, don't tell his blood what to do! YOU'RE NOT HIS SUPERVISOR!!!! /bleeds everywhere!!!