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Hello all. I'm Autumn and I'm bringing this ray of sunshine to the game:

His name's Daryl and he's from The Walking Dead. His canon point is 7x04, where he's dressed in the world's worst sweat suit and being forced to serve the world's biggest a-hole on threat of death (of his friends and family).

At least he'll be happy to get a shower and into one of those jumpsuits the ship provides right after. Bright side! :)
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Fancy seeing you here. Welcome to Drift Fleet!
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I'm glad you did!
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-hugs your face-

IM SO EXCITED!! Welcome!!
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Maggie icons have been hard for me to find in general, i feel ya xD
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Yes good.
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Welcome to the game, Autumn! I hope you have a great time here! I'm Kaze and I play this samurai loser and another sword loser named Doudanuki. Looking forward to seeing Daryl around♥
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Welcome to the game! I'm Haunt, playing Kitty Pryde and Mon-El.
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Mon-El is from the Supergirl tv series (just season 2). He's kind of...Superman-lite? At least in terms of abilities. Not so much the personality. And I play Kitty from Age of Apocalypse the darkest timeline but she has CRAU from another RP too.

And I have seen all of TVD though I haven't read the comics. Daryl is great!
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I am never going to stop being amazed that other people remember a 1995 comic book arc. <3 I'm still in shock I have a castmate.
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Me too!
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Welcome to the game! I'm KJ and I play Nami from One Piece, Makie from Blade of the Immortal, and Katie McCoy, a lying pooka OC. And also welcome to the Bloodsport!