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HELLO FRIENDS my name is Megan, and I have some kinda bird dude from that series of movies about a bunch of superheroes who lead really fucked up lives. He's coming at you post-Civil War, which means everything in his life is totally great, if by totally great you mean actually a fugitive from the law in a hundred-odd countries, thank you Steve Rogers.

Anyway, you can contact me via PM or on plurk at [ profile] sparklepwny or cosmogyrals#1013 on discord. Can't wait to start playing with you guys!
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Hi Megan! I'm Autumn. I just joined the game with Daryl Dixon and I love Sam Wilson. He's the best.
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hell yes.

welcome to the game! you already know me! but i play peggy (duh) and kate bishop (hi cap!) and also sansa stark.
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Yes, good. Hello, I am Saro, and I am excited to see Sam! Adding you on plurk.
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Hi! Welcome! I'm Haunt.
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Aaaaah so happy to see Sam! Hello, Megan! I'm TF and I play Shiro from Voltron Legendary Defender. Welcome to the game!
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I'm so happy.
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Hello, Megan ^-^

I'm Linden and I play this hobo trash semi-immortal dude Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV. I have Plurk and Discord, so will be adding you, as I really love Sam. How can you not love those wings?
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HEY THERE, I am new too. Good to have you, I am excited about sam!

I play Yuri from Yuri on Ice so a little gay figure skater. I LOVE SAM OMG I want to play with him.