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Two things~

1) I'm going into a-- mini hiatus? Slowatus? This week is Comicon so I'll be gone most of the day from Wednesday to Sunday. So tags will be scarce! Still, if you need me for anything, pm/pp me! Those I can always get to. o7

2) The document with the Atroma info is ready! As you can see, it's a googledoc that the mods kindly accepted to host in the game's account. I chose this option so everyone can edit it and we can all add info to it in the future! I tried to organize the information by topic and to delete all the repeated answers, but if you see I skipped something, feel free to correct it (same for typos). Every time characters can learn something it can be added there! Mods told me they'll add it to some info page later so the link will be at hand.
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Thank you very much, this is great! I've done a little editing and re-organizing already - would you mind terribly much if I reordered the questions entirely into sections? I'm thinking good categories would be, like, "Atroma in general", "The Fleet and technology", "The show", "Other", and "Unanswered", but I want to confirm before just unilaterally making big edits like that.
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Works for me! I'll have it organized shortly, it should be a little easier to sort through this way.
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This is great! Thanks for putting the work together to get this set up!
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Thanks for this. I forgot to comment on the original post, but feel free to take any information from Fie's answers, too. She would have shared what she learned.